Things to Do in Yichang

Though Yichang is often regarded as a port to board Yangtze River cruise, it is able to offer some picturesque natural & cultural sights in this region.

1) You could have a nice day tour in Yichang city like Yichang Museum, Chinese Sturgeon Museum and Sanyou Cave.

2) Around Yichang along Yangtze, there are dozens of natural sights worth a visit. Highlights are Three Gorges Dam, Gezhou Dam, Xiling Gorge etc.

Just open your eyes, open your mind, and enjoy the beauty of Yichang & Yangtze!

Yichang Attraction Map

Yichang Museum

No.1: Yichang Museum

Type: Museums

Recommended Length of Visit: 1-2 hours

Built in 1990, Yichang Museum is three-story building in the style of ancients. It has a collection of more than 30,000 pieces cultural relics, among which 17035 pieces was found by archaeologists in Yichang region and 95 pieces are belong to the first-class relic in China. The exquisite collections have been displayed in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Paris and other places.

Here, you could learn the history and culture like Changyang People’s fossils, Chengbeixi Culture, Daxi Culture etc. It is regarded as a must-see before or after your Yangtze River cruise tour.

Chinese Sturgeon Museum

No.2: Chinese Sturgeon Museum

Type: Museums

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hours

Chinese Sturgeon Museum is part of the Chinese Sturgeon Garden, an institution that is dedicated to the preservation of rare fishes living in the Yangtze River. Chinese Sturgeon, named a “national treasure”, is much like its mammalian counterpart, the giant panda. This museum displays all the life-cycle stages of the Chinese sturgeon, as well as 10 different species of sturgeon from all around the world.

In the Chinese Sturgeon Museum, besides Chinese Sturgeon, you can also see Russia sturgeon, American Paddlefish, Amur sturgeon, Hybrid sturgeon etc…

Sanyou Cave (Three Visitors Cave)

No.3: Sanyou Cave (Three Visitors Cave)

Type: Caverns/ Caves

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hours

Sanyou Cave, located 7 km northwest of Yichang, is a giant cave on the north peak of the Xiling Mountain. This famous scenic spot and histotical resort leans against the Three Gorges of Yangtze River’s Xiling Gorge. Sanyou Cave means “Cave of Three Travelers”. The three most famous poets during Tang Dynasty, Bai Juyi, Bai Xingjian and Yuan Zhen paid a visit to this cave and inspired by its unique scenery, they each wrote a poem on the cliff of the cave. And “Latter Three Visitors” are three famous writers Su Xun, Su Shi and Su Zhe.

Highlights at the sight are seeing the cave itself, appreciating the Yangtze scenery, walking up the path from the cave to the Zhixin Pavilion, and the ancient inscriptions. It is good to take a visit before or after your Yangtze River cruise.

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