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Overview of Shennv Stream

Shennv Stream (神女溪) is located at the south of Wu Gorge, about 20km from Wushan County. Originating from Guandu District of Wushan County, Shennv Stream is also called Beauty Stream by the locals. With an overall length of 15km, Shennv Stream has nearly 10km untraversed primordial gorges. After the water storage of Three Gorges, Shennv Stream started to unveil its true face to public. Serene scenery with quiet environment, rapid water flowing through narrow gorges, Shennv Stream still remains its primitive features. On the upstream of Shennv Stream, there is a small village with only dozens of families, where tourists can experience fascinating folk cultures.

Highlights of Shennv Stream

Gorgeous Natural Scenery

The mountain scenery in the scenic area of Shennv Stream is extremely stunning. Cuiping Peak, Feifeng Peak, Qiyun Peak, Shangsheng Peak, Jingtan Peak, Sleeping Beauty Peak and Palm Peak are scattered at the two banks of the stream. However, among them, Shangsheng, Qiyun and Jintan Peaks are hidden at the back of the mountains, so if you visit it in your Yangtze River cruise, you would not able to see those three peaks. During your cruising along the stream, sunlight is often blocked by the continuous peaks, and the cruise route is full of twists and surprise.

Cuiping Peak

Take the local small motor boat to drift along the west bank of the Goddess Stream, you would see the so large green screen there. This eye-pleasing emerald Cuiping Peak (翠屏峰) would indulge your interest about what really hide behind the screen. Just discover it if you want to know.

Feifeng Peak

Feifeng Peak (飞凤峰) or Flying Phoenix Peak is situated on the west bank of Shennv Stream, with a total height of about 740m. This majestic peak covers from the west and the east, just looking like a phoenix flying up in the sky and wanting to drink some water in Shennv Stream, so it got the name of Feifeng (Flying Phoenix) Peak.

Qiyun Peak

Qiyun Peak (起云峰) is located about 8km away from the east of Qingshi Town. Since there are constant misty clouds during four seasons in a year, it is named Qiyun (Rising Clouds) Peak, therefore, it gives you a nice place to enjoy the beautiful, light constantly changing clouds that rise from the lower to the upper part of the mountain.

Shangsheng Peak (Rising Peak)

Shangsheng Peak (上升峰) is situated on the east bank of Shennv Stream, which is about 780m high. When you visit there, you could find the peak look steep with one corner pointing up to the sky, like a bird flying up to the soft clouds. Since this peak appears like the wings of a giant eagle flying to the sky, people living there call it “Eagle Rock” as well.

Jingtan Peak

On the south side of Shennv Stream, Jingtan Peak (净坛峰) locates there with a total height of about 1,020m. It is the prettiest peak among all there. Looking up during the sunset, you would see it like a gorgeous fairy standing upon the multiple mountains and forests.

Sleeping Beauty Peak & Palm Peak

At the mouth of Shennv Stream locates the Sleeping Beauty Peak (睡美人峰). Since it looks like a sleeping beauty who lies on the side, it got such name. You could go and appreciate the beautiful mountain. The Palm Peak is also called Shouzhang Peak (手掌峰). When you look at it, the peak is just like the outstretched palm of the Buddha with the thumb toward the side part. Our nature is really amazing to form such giant palm and so fascinating view for us.

Different Types of Landscapes

In Shennv Stream this only one attraction, you would encounter with various kinds of landscapes of distinct characteristics, such as special views of natural geomorphology, mysterious astronomy, and water in the river.

Geomorphologic Landscape: geologic tectonic and crustal motion has caused complicated topography, beautiful mountains, peculiar and standing peaks in Shennv Stream.

Astronomical Landscape: Shennv Stream is located in subtropical humid zone, with distinct four seasons. Vertical distribution of climate caused by featured topography has formed various unique climatic landscapes.

Waterscape: water is the soul to natural scenery. The water in Shennv Stream is green and clear, winding among various peaks and reflecting the beauty the all lush forests, forming the most unique river scenery on Yangtze River.

Stunning Red Leaves in Autumn

From the late autumn to early winter (mid-November to early January), Three Gorges has been reddened by mountains of mountains red leaves. While Wushan has the largest and most beautiful red leaves. At present, Wushan has over 200 varieties of trees will turn to red in autumn; with different shapes and different red colors, which enables tourists to appreciate the most various beauties of the red leaves. Walking into Wushan is just like walking into a magnificent scroll of red foliage. Shennv Stream is one of the best places to watch red leaves in Wushan. Take the little cruising boat in Shennv Stream to enjoy a clear stream flowing into the serene gorges; on the two sides of the stream, standing peaks are covered by rosy-cloud-like red leaves, just like a long silk ribbon tying on the mountains.

Beautiful Scenery in Shennv Stream Beautiful Scenery in Shennv Stream
Shennv Stream - Shennv Peak Shennv Peak at Shennv Stream
Shennv Stream - Shennv Peak Peculiar Peak at Shennv Stream
Shennv Stream - Shennv Stream Boat Take a Motor Boat to Enjoy the Scenery
Shennv Stream View Savor the Tranquility on the Boat
Shennv Stream - Geomorphologic views Special Geomorphological View at Shennv Stream
Red Leaves in Shennv Stream Red Leaves in Shennv Stream


Shennv Stream is located at Wu Gorge, and tourists who take some Yangtze River Cruises will make an excursion to Shennv Stream. The cruise ship will pull over at Wushan Pier, then tourists can transfer to a small wooden boat to tour Shennv Stream. Since the stream is rather narrow, so the cruise ship can't sail in it. The small wooden boat is the only available boat in Shennv Stream.

Check which Yangtze Cruise ships visit Shennv Stream.

For other tourists, they need to get to Wushan Pier first, then transfer to the small wooden boat. There are several ways to get to Wushan Pier:

1. take a train from Chengdu to Wanzhou, about 2.5 hours, then transfer to a speed boat to Wushan Pier, about 3 hours.

2. take a long distance bus from Chongqing North Bus Station or Chongqing Chaotianmen Bus Station to Wanzhou, about 2.5 hours, then transfer to a speed boat to Wushan Pier, about 3 hours.

3. take speed boats at Chongqing Chaotianmen Pier and you will get to Wushan Pier in 10 hours.

From Wushan County, tourists can take a boat to Qingshi Town. Qingshi Town is the best place to see Shennv Peak, and it's also the confluence of Shennv Stream and Yangtze River. Tourists can take the small wooden boat from Qingshi Town.

Tips: the cruise boat in Shennv Stream will sail to a platform, where tourists can watch some local performances and purchase some specialties, then sail back to Wusha Pier. One way sailing time is about 1 hour, and the performance time is about half an hour.

Cruise Boat in Shennv Stream Cruise Boat in Shennv Stream
Shennv Stream - Yangtze River Cruises Take a Yangtze Cruise to Visit Shennv Stream

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Shennv Stream is spring and autumn, for the weather during this time is the most beautiful and cozy of the year. Spring is the best time to see flowery mountains in Shennv Stream, while late autumn to early winter has the stunning red leaves all over the mountains. Besides those seasons, summer, in fact, is also a good time to visit. Shennv Stream has narrower gorges than Three Gorges, and the temperature is lower than Three Gorges, so in summer, Shennv Stream is a good place to escape from summer heat.

Travel Tips:

When visiting Shennv Stream, if the weather is nice, such as no fog or mists, and sunny, you may see the suspended coffin hanging on the cliff. With the introduction of the local guide, you could discover the mysterious culture and folk charm at Shennv Stream.

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