Things to Do in Wuhan

Wuhan, known as the “Riverside City”, is located at the heart of Yangtze River. It is composed of three towns: Hankou, Hanyang and Wuchang. All of them have many historical and cultural sites.

No matter whether you come to Wuhan to take the Yangtze River Cruise (Wuhan-Chongqing Cruise, Yichang-Chongqing Cruise, or Shanghai-Chongqing Cruise) or prefer to have in-depth exploration in this riverside city, Wuhan has many to offer like Yellow Crane Tower, Hubei Provincial Museum, Guiyuan Temple…moreover, a side trip to Mount Wudang to experience the “Taichi” is also fantastic.

Wuhan Attraction Map

See Cherry Blossom in Wuhan University

No.1: See Cherry Blossom in Wuhan University

Type: Flowers

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hours

Wuhan University, with special architectural styles, magnificent and mansion looking, is acknowledged as one of the most beautiful universities in the world.

It also features spectacular natural surroundings with the scenic Luojia Hill in it and the beautiful East Lake by its side. Its 373 hectares campus is wooded and green, and has fragrant flowers everywhere all the year round. Every March and April, the cherry blossom in Wuhan University attracts a lot of people. When the cherry blossom withered, the petals fall onto the earth. It seems that the road is covered with a flower blanket.

Take Yangtze River Cruise

No.2: Take Yangtze River Cruise

Type: Cruise

Wuhan is an important port on the Yangtze. Taking the 4-day Chongqing - Wuhan cruise or the 6 days Wuhan - Chongqing cruise is the best way to explore the third longest river in the world in the most comfortable pace. You could not only take the cruise through Three Gorges and Three Gorges Dam but also have a nice land tour in Wuhan City.

For the Yangtze cruise between Chongqing and Wuhan are limited, please kindly contact your travel consultant to ensure you could take the cruise.

Recommended Wuhan Tours

Top 3 Wuhan tours chosen by most customers to explore Wuhan in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

Yellow Crane Tower

2 Days Essential Wuhan City Tour


Sanyou Cave

3 Days Best of Wuhan Tour from Yichang

Yichang / Wuhan

Hiking Experience in China Snow Town

6 Days In-depth Harbin Tour with China Snow Town & Yabuli Skiing

Harbin / China Snow Town / Yabuli Ski Resort / Harbin

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