Timely Donation and Infinite Care from Warm-hearted US Friend Guest

-- 3 China Trips of Ronald Customized by His New "God Daughter" in China


◆ Helpful Love Donation from Ron, Care from American People

◆ Fate between Ron and Me - From "Client & Consultant" to "Good Friends"

1. First Meet Ron in Chengdu - Solo China Trip (November, 2017)

2. Second Meet Ron in Xian - China Trip with Sons (June, 2018)

3. Third China Trip - Discover East China with Sons (January, 2020)

◆ Good Teachers & Helpful Friends

◆ Helpful Love Donation from Ron, Care from American People

It is everyone's common heart-felt wish that let our world be full of love. I am so lucky to feel the abundant love in our enormous globe in the unknown universe at a young age of 20s. I am Lyn, one travel expert in China Discovery based in Chengdu, China. I have met so many world travelers to help them with their China trip planning and achievement during my working years, but Mr. Ronald from California, USA really impressed me deeply not only because we have become very good friends (who also treats me as his "god daughter"), but more significantly due to his warm care about the world concern coronavirus outbreak identified in Wuhan City and spread in China. The Coronavirus (COVID-2019) was identified in December of 2019, however, Ron emailed me very quickly to assist in delivering his donation to the disaster area and help local people, particularly the brave medical team, through this influential crisis. Not only me but all our colleagues at China Discovery were strongly moved by Ron’s warm and timely care of the current situation in Wuhan and also American people’s true concern for all Chinese people from far away on the opposite side of the planet.

This is what Ron said on his touching Email:

"Hi Linzhi! I wanted to donate 500 dollars to the Chinese Red Cross to help relieve suffering in China from the coronovirus problem. I thought maybe I could go through you and China Discovery so I could pay with PayPal and then you forward the money to Red Cross or any organization that is helping people directly. That way I know the money got there. Maybe you cannot do that but I wanted to ask since I thought it would be nice to go through you and my friends at China Discovery to help people. there.

Like Da Yu says in my story "we must help each other regardless of what country". You can tell Hubei charity that donation is in memory of Alice xxxx who was Chinese-American but never forgot what culture she was from.

Paid! Tell me if there is any problem. Otherwise get the money to Hubei as soon as possible to help relieve suffering and help the courageous doctors and nurses fighting the virus! Hopefully this also lets my friends at China Discovery know that Americans care about the Chinese people."

We immediately transferred Ron’s donation to Hubei Charity Federation and let Ron know everything was OK with final payment split. This donation from another distant country will absolutely help local patients, doctors and nurses with the suffering of the Coronavirus disease. More importantly, Ron’s care encouraged our entire team and more Chinese people to be confident to go through this test of life. We know all people living on Earth are one warm family that we always help each other to go through various difficulties and build our wonderful world full of love!

Wuhan Fighting


◆ Fate between Ron and Me - From "Client & Consultant" to "Good Friends"

1. First Meet Ron in Chengdu - Solo China Trip (November, 2017)

(Travel Route: Beijing - Wudangshan - Chengdu - Tibet - Beijing)

I knew Ron from receiving his first inquiry in 2017. Having exchanged a few emails, I know Ron is very interested in Chinese culture, like Chinese poems and Taoism. Ron told me that he would travel solo and was eager to visit both Wudangshan in Hubei Province and the EBC in Tibet. So I made an itinerary of 14 days off the normal beaten path but suitable for his interest, needs and advanced age, and added Chengdu as a transit city to connect Wudangshan and Lhasa with better transfer and great experience.

Ron landed in Beijing and flied to Wudangshan to see in person his interested Taoist highlights. during our email chatting, I found Ron is really fond of Wudangshan, so I designed 2 days for him to explore that holy and famous Taoist Mountain to get close to those must-see sites including the Nanyan Temple, Purple Clouds Palace, Prince Slope, and also the symbolic Golden Palace for the charming panoramic view of the whole Wudangshan Mountain with beautiful mists. Besides, for Ron’s interests, our English-speaking guide took him to see a series of main Taoist temple and more architecture clusters with the vivid introduction of Wudangshan culture, history and stories and more interesting relative things about Taoism in China!

Visit to Wudangshan Mountain

Ronald Visited Wudangshan in December of 2017

Wudangshan in China

Wudangshan Natural View in Autumn Season

Before Ron traveling to Tibet, he transferred first to Chengdu with better and convenient transportation connection. In the base city of our company, I and my colleague Catherine met Ron for the first time and took him to visit the very popular Jinli Old Street for the traditional old constructions with strong Sichuan features to enjoy the past local life and buy some souvenirs of Chengdu and Sichuan features. Ron thought that this street was very nice and the exciting atmosphere with many locals frequenting the area was good, furthermore, it was excellent for shopping, and goods there are excellent at reasonable prices. I was glad that Ron liked my recommendation and arrangement and like the city I live. Not far away, we visited another old Taoist site, Qingyang Temple, which is a famous Taoist temple in downtown Chengdu and one of the best places to savor the quiet charm of this holy religion. The tea house inside Qingyang Temple is also full of life flavor and local characteristics with some local citizens, so it’s a nice place to experience the "laid-back" lifestyle in Chengdu.

To suit Ron’s high interests in Chinese culture and history, I arranged the world-hit Jinsha Site Museum during his day tour, so he could enjoy the over 3000-year old precious cultural relics and a series of magical and outstanding skills and culture of people in ancient Shu Kingdom. And Ron commented Jinsha Site Museum as "Fascinating look at ancient china and the first civilizations. Recent excavations of a 3,000-year-old community well laid-out and described." Besides, that, Ron had another cultural visit to Dufu Thatched Cottage to have more knowledge and experience of his favored Chinese poems. I feel really happy that he enjoyed his tour with the top tourist highlights and also excited to meet Ron personally and finally!

China Tour with Chengdu

Catherine and I Met Ron in Chengdu in December of 2017, Photo Took at Qingyao Temple

China Tour with Chengdu

Rona and I visited Chengdu Jinli Old Street in December of 2017

After the meeting, Ron traveled to Tibet the following day. There in Lhasa, he had a different cultural experience in those top not-missing attractions, including the world-known Potala Palace and old Barkhor Street with groups of Buddhist pilgrams praying in front of the Jokhang Temple with their devout belief. Besides, our local guide also took Ron to closely visit the Drepung Monastery which is the largest and one of the three greatest monasteries in the whole Tibet, watching the interesting Buddhist debate of local monks in Sera Monastery and feel the rich Buddhist atmosphere in Lhasa. For the rest part of Ron’s Tibet exploration, Ron traveled along the way to the Mount Everest. And on the middle way via Gyantse and Shigatse, Ron enjoyed the natural splendors and essences, including the Yamdrotso Lake looking like a shining jewelry, Karola Glacier that is the most accessible glacier site on the Tibetan Plateau, Palkor Monastery famous for the typical combined building with stupa and temple, and so forth.

Potala Palace

Holy Potala Palace in Lhasa City

Yamdrotso Lake

Beautiful Yamdrotso Lake

For the last and most important part, Ron was finally close to Mount Everest. He visited the EBC at 5200m above the sea at the close food of the Everest, enjoying the beautiful sunrise and experiencing standing at the foot of the highest mountain in the world. Watching the travel photo shared by Ron at below, I also want to explore the highest place on this planet very much in the close future!

China Tour with Mount Everest

Ronald from USA Visited Mount Everest Base Camp in December of 2017

After more visits to the popular sites along the way back to Lhasa, Ron completed his more than 10 days solo China trip and flied back to California from Beijing.

Ron shared me his travel photos and more experience during the 14 days solo China exploration after the trip.

"Hi Linzhi! I hope everything is well with you and Shuxin! I am fine. We had a great traditional tibetan dinner at a new restaurant in lhasa before we left for Shigatse. There was live entertainment, traditional tibetan band and singers. We ended up being interviewed by a tibetan television station. And of course I kidded the pretty tibetan waitresses. We leave for Mt Everest this morning. I admit I do miss our talks at the coffee and tea houses. Hopefully will talk to you soon. Say Hi to Shuxin! Ron"

"Dear Lyn, I wanted to express my deep appreciation for all your efforts to make my trip in China and Tibet a true adventure of a lifetime. You were not only a true professional in organizing my tour but also kind and patient with a client who wanted to get off the beaten track a little. All the tour guides were excellent. They knew their subjects well, spoke excellent English, and went out of their way after each tour to ensure I made my connections to the next hotel or flight/train (very important for an older guy like me who could easily have gotten on the wrong train and ended up in Outer Mongolia!). I also really appreciated how everyone was very personable and friendly. At the end of each tour I felt that besides seeing the tour sights I also knew each guide a little as a person. Your friendliness and constant attention during the tour made me feel after a few days like a family member was watching over me rather than just a conscientious employee. I think this human connection that you and the others provided during my tour was as important in helping me understand and appreciate China and the Chinese people as the tour sights themselves. Thanks again for a truly great experience! Ron, California"

Also, he shared his feeling of the trip and comments on our service on TripAdvisor as following:

"Adventure of a Life-Time thanks to Lyn Wong and China Discovery!"

"China Discovery's thorough trip descriptions first caught my eye on the Internet. An inquiry brought a prompt response from Ms. Lyn Wong. I was very fortunate because In Lyn I found a highly professional, considerate, and even kind trip planner who spoke excellent English (She told me it was her college major and it showed). My desired itinerary of Wu Dang Mountain, Chengdu, and Tibet was off the normal beaten path but once Lyn understood my interests she organized a great and efficient trip. I am a little older and was traveling solo but Lyn kept track of me constantly through out the trip. In fact, she showed so much consideration during the trip to ensure that everything was satisfactory that I honestly felt after a few days that a family member was watching over me. The guides during my trip (I had three with two others helping with transfers) were excellent. They knew their subjects, spoke excellent English, and at the same time were personable so that I felt I also knew them as people by the end of each tour. I would like to thank Lyn for her not only professional but truly considerate help with organizing an adventure of a lifetime! If I travel again to China it will be with China Discovery and my new friend Lyn."

2. Second Meet Ron in Xian - China Trip with Sons (June, 2018)

(Travel Route: Beijing - Luoyang - Xian)

Ron and I still keep in touch with each other through Email and WeChat after his first China trip, and in November of 2017, he emailed me to plan his second trip with his two sons and also the meet with me again.

"Hi Linzhi! I will discuss the trip with Alec and Eric more but I think you can start to plan a Beijing-Louyang-Xian 8-day tour in June. You show one on your website. But timing is important. The most important thing about this trip for me is to spend time with my two sons in China seeing their mother's culture AND being able to see my good friends and god-daughters again, you and Shuxin. Of course, particularly you. I want to time the trip so the last days in Xian include a weekend so you and Shuxin can come up and we can spend time with you and have our picnic. I like that tour since we take the high speed train instead of flying. But somehow two days are with you (we can skip some of the official tours to keep the trip at 8 days), if that is ok with you, before we fly home. I want the boys to meet you. If you decide you have a moment to talk Saturday morning (your time) then email me. This week is our Thanksgiving holiday and Eric will be home Thursday and Friday. We go to Alice's family gathering (tuan yuan) on Saturday (our time) and then Eric goes back to school on Sunday. If this weekend does not work out then we can work out another time for you to meet him. I think you will like him. In regard to the Learning Group I will send an email to your other address to suggest how we start improving yours and Shuxin's English and my Chinese. My tutor is excited to help me speak even more and better Chinese in June and I would love to help you speak and write perfect American English! We are determined to make you into a "California Girl" as well as a "China Girl". But now my excellent tour organizer can start putting this exciting trip together! Ni de hao peng you Ron"

In the 10 days trip, Ron took his two sons, Eric and Alec to discover the 3 major ancient capital cities, Beijing, Xian and Luoyang for a deep understanding of Chinese culture and history that that their dear mother came from. As a Chinese, I am also fascinating with the 5,000 years of brilliant cultural history of my country, so I helped Ron design his culture discovery covering the top cultural and historical attractions in those 3 excellent ancient capitals.

After their landing in Beijing and the two sons visited the must-see Forbidden City to savor the marvelous ancient royal architectures from 600 years ago, Temple of Heaven with fancy design for the sacrifice of royal family to the heaven, and iconic Tiananmen Square at the center of Beijing. Besides that, our professional local guide also took them three to hike on Mutianyu Great Wall to feel the magnificence of that one of the 8 miracles in the world. To let Ron and his sons know closely about the local life of Beijing citizens, our guide took them to discover Beijing Hutongs with the local featured rickshaw riding through the top popular lanes and roads lined by typical courtyard houses. Furthermore, they also appreciated the outstanding appearance of the Bird Nest and Water Cube where held the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.

Beijing forbidden City

Forbidden City in Beijing

Muitianyu Great Wall

Muitianyu Great Wall in Beijing

Luoyang was also once an influential capital city for more than 10 past dynasties in ancient China. Nearly everyone visited Luoyang would not omit Shaolin Temple for its Kung Fu Show. For Ron, this should also be included to see the great Kung Fu in China. Besides, they visited Longmen Grottoes that has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site for its most impressive collection of Chinese Buddhist art in those caves. Also, they visited Luoyang Old Town on that day to explore the profound old culture and felt traveling back to the old dynasties with the remaining ancient architectures and streets. Moreover, Ron and the sons enjoyed a short trip to the well-known White-House Temple to enjoy its rich Buddhist culture from 1,900 years ago and find why it is regarded as the cradle of Chinese Buddhism.

Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Show

Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Show

Longmen Grottoes

Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang, World Heritage Site

Followed by Luoyang, Ron and the sons took a high speed train to Xian, the great ancient capital for 13 ancient dynasties and famous for its universally famous Terracotta Warriors. So, for the first stop, they visited that terrific archaeological miracle to see those thousands-of-year old warriors and horses since Qin Dynasty. Back to Xian downtown, they walked on the well-preserved Xian Ancient City Wall to imagine the past prosperity in ancient years. Also, they strolled along the popular Muslim Quarter to see the amazing harmonious gathering of various group cultures there and also find some local snacks and interesting items.

Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Warriors in Xian

Actually, before the trip, Ron emailed me about the planning and how excited Eric and Alec were for the coming visiting to China:

"I could not remember the name of the temple last night but it is Da Cien Temple with the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. I think I would like to visit that site instead of the Beijing Olympic Park since I have read most of the "Journey to the West" and it would be interesting to see something connected with that story. It would also be a good finish to my own "journey to the west" with my sons to see my good friend and god-daughter again! …… Eric said last weekend that he is getting excited about going to China. Alec is also getting excited! Thanks for making our lives richer! Ni de hao peng you Ron"

Ron really likes "Pilgrimage to the West" that is one of China’s Four Great Class Novels and tells about the story of pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures from ancient China to ancient India. Like he mentioned on the Email, I arranged the visit of Da Ci En Temple with the famous Giant Wild Goose Pagoda during this tour for their further understanding of that novel and the spreading of Buddhism in China in the old times.

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian

And during their stay there, I took a high speed train from Chengdu to Xian, so we successfully met each other again, for the second time. Also, I met personally his two sunny sons before their departure to California.

Xian Tour

We Met Ron and His Two Sons in Xian

Ron and his two sons must had a great cultural trip, and he shared his experience on TripAdvisor as following:

"My second trip to China, this time with my grown sons, was again organized by China Discovery. Another perfect trip without the slightest problem which confirmed my resolution to use China Discovery (and Lyn Wang who organized both my trips)for all my future trips to that great country. I am the type that likes to get to lesser known sites along with the standard stops like the Great Wall, Longmen Grottoes, and Terracotta Warriors. In this case I wanted to see a not-very-well known ancient monument marking the place in Luoyang where Confucious met Lao zi (of Tao Te Ching fame) to discuss their philosophies. I also wanted to visit a very old Taoist temple called Lo Guan Tai outside of Xi'an. That was the site where Lao zi is reported to have written the Tao Te Ching at the insistence of the guardian of the Hanku Pass before going off to the West and enduring fame (you can see the connection of my special interests!). Lo Guan Tai is a set of beautiful temples,ancient gingko trees, and bamboo forests in a quiet setting (it was just us and the taoist monks!) witj stunning mountains as a background. China Discovery was immediately willing and able to arrange these special visits in between the standard tour stops (the guides loved being able to go someplace different for a change!). I think this is rare among tour companies who generally work to keep you on their standard fixed itineraries. Again the hotels and arrangements were very good and again I felt that Lyn was watching over us like a family member. Weather was hot for June but that is one thing no one can control (maybe the immortal Lao zi but he was not around on this trip!) Great trip with Lyn and China Discovery."

3. Third China Trip - Discover East China with Sons (January, 2020)

(Travel Route: Shanghai - Hangzhou - Shaoxing - Hangzhou - Huangshan - Jiujiang - Shanghai)

Among our usual communication, Ron sent me an Email to say Happy Birthday to me and would like to plan his trip in 2020:

"琳芝, 你好!生日快乐!I hope you had a great trip to Cambodia and that you have a great birthday! You will have to tell me about your trip sometime. While you were gone I thought about our 2020 trip to China and decided that it is too far to try to go to Chengdu in one week."

After several discussions, Ron finally took his two sons to visit the east part of China from Shanghai from end 2019 to early January of 2020.

I paid a visit to Shanghai in 2016, and that is really a fantastic metropolis attractive to anyone. Combining to Ron’s interests and the top must-sees in his interested destinations, I finally designed a 9-day itinerary covering Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Huangshan and Jiujiang for them to see the very modern, natural and literal beauty of China.

At the beginning, Ron and his sons rode a high speed train from Shanghai to first visit Hangzhou City where they had a very close look at the enchanting West Lake with some romantic stories and legends by the leisure sightseeing boat. And during their stay, they went to Lingyin Temple to see the 1,700 years old temple cluster and the featured Buddhist carvings and grottoes at the adjacent Feilai Peak. After the visiting, Ron was scheduled to visit Shaoxing to see Dayu Mausoleum where to have a good knowledge of Da Yu who was the founder of Xia, the first dynasty in China, and is also the hero of flood control. However, due to the maintenance of the scenic area, Ron failed to see the site in person that time. He gave his story book "The Great Yu comes to California" to the guide and hoped him deliver it to the scenic area! I was really touched by Ron and respect his deep love and research about Chinese culture and history as a non-Chinese.

West Lake

West Lake with Summer Lotus Flower in Hangzhou

After that, they traveled to Huangshan by bullet train from Hangzhou to explore the natural and culture heritages in the world favored destination. So far I have not visited Huangshan, but really long for seeing its ancient villages and magnificent Yellow Mountain in person very soon. And Ron with his sons first paid a visit to Hongcun and Xidi villages, which have been listed into World Heritage Sites with best examples of ancient Huizhou-style architectures, with lovely water, wandering paths and those delicate white and grey dwelling houses. Also, they visited Hu Kaiwen Ink-stick Factory and Tunxi Ancient Street to savor more local culture of Huangshan as a cultural and historic city. Furthermore, our local guide took them to the top 1 attraction, Yellow Mountain on their second arrival day to see the awesome strange rocks & peaks, beautiful pine trees, fantastic sunrise, mists, sea of clouds and more wowed natural wonders. The several hours’ hiking may be some effort, but really worthy for the precious landscape.

Huangshan Tour

Ron and His Sons Visited Hongcun Village in Huangshan in January of 2020, Tour Customized by Lyn

Huangshan Tour

Ron and His Sons Visited Xidi Village in Huangshan in January of 2020, Tour Customized by Lyn

Huangshan Tour

Winter View of Yellow Mountain in Huangshan

Followed by Huangshan, Ron and the two sons transferred to Jiujiang to discover Mount Lushan. That beautiful mountain scenic area is famous for its compliment in the famous ancient poem written by Li Bai, the poetic genius. And also, it is favored by visitors for its appealing sceneries of peaks and water changing from different angles of view and long history. Not only that, they visited Jiujiang downtown to see in person the also well-known Xunyang Tower to enjoy more traditional poetic culture in the south part of Yangtze River in China, a typical romantic and poetic area!

After those natural and cultural discovery, they flied back to California from Shanghai and Ron also shared his review on TripAdvisor:

"China in Winter"

"My third trip to China under the care of Lyn Wang and China Discovery and this one also went smoothly and as planned. All guides were very personable and proficient in English. Arrangements were meticulous. This fact, and proof that China Discovery reads our reviews, was evident when Lyn changed one of our hotels last minute (to a very nice place by the way) because "we have seen some bad reviews on the hotel we originally booked for you". And, as usual, it was apparent throughout the trip that Lyn was watching our progress closely from her office in Chengdu. And even though it was January, except for one day we had unusually good weather (one guide said it was abnormal spring weather in winter). Now should I give China Discovery credit for that good fortune? Given their otherwise great arrangements, why not, OK, among her many other talents Lyn is obviously a Chinese weather goddess also!"

◆ Good Teachers & Helpful Friends

Ron as a native American, and I as a native Chinese, we often play as a teach to help each other learn each other’s first language. Ron likes Chinese very much partly because of his Chinese-American wife, and also the charm of Chinese culture and history in many aspects, I think. So he has been really hard-working to learn Chinese with his tutor and would like to practice through our Email and WeChat communication. Now, Ron is very good at Chinese from the opinion of a native Chinese language user. And for me, Ron is really kind and nice to help me speak and write English as a local, particularly in the California style like him and the two sons. Moreover, Ron was even super warm-hearted to take the initiative to help us revise the incorrect words and descriptions on our website to make it more suitable for native English speakers, which is really appreciated.

Apart from learning, Ron also shared me about the creation of his new story book "The Great Yu comes to California" inspired from "Pilgrimage to the West". That is also very inspired for me as a Chinese people to hear a new creation about my own culture by a foreign friend. It is really lucky and glad to meet Ron and become good friend with him. We care each other about our traveling, life, work, pets, etc. and share our thoughts about life to get more inspiration and offer encouragement to each other.

I must extend my big thank to Ron for his warm-heated donation and care for Wuhan and all Chinese people on this outbreak in the name of our colleague and Chinese citizens. You truly gave strong encouragement to us at this key and difficulty period.

Even though we have not seen each other so long, I still miss you, Eric and Alec, the two sunny friends. I am truly and strongly looking forward to meeting you three in the USA and be a "California Girl" enjoying warm and sweet time with the dear people caring me all the time. Thank you and love you Ron.

Your Good Friend & "God Daughter"


Hi, I'm Lyn, travel consultant for Ron. He has traveled to China for 3 consecutive years since 2017. Are you interested in his trips solo and with family? Please feel free to contact me for more details of his travel such as the trip itinerary, accommodation or other arrangements. If you want to take a similar trip or customize your own China tour, just e-mail me and I will spare no efforts to meet your demands. It's my great pleasure to invite you to our country and join us in appreciating this charming land.

Travel Consultant
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Travel Consultant

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