Nallely’s China Culture & Nature Couple Trip from Capital Beijing

-- Nallely & Husband’s 19 Days Exploring Beijing, Chengdu, Yunnan, Hangzhou & Shanghai

What will you think about China besides and big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong?

However, challenges help one to make progress! That new and super long trip making is a great chance to help me gain a lot of precious knowledge and experience for my career. And more importantly, I have known two really nice friends from Belgium, another beautiful country!

Giant Pandas? Chinese food? A large Country?

For me, China is really a large country and one person can found diverse awesome things to enjoy, such as the deep culture, thousands-of-years long history, fabulous natural mountains and waters, glittering modern metropolis, tens of different ethnic minority groups, countless mouth-watering food, and so forth.

And for Nallely and her husband from Mexico, they decided to know my country from Beijing to explore the influential Chinese culture and history first. Combining all their interests and needs with my years of experience for China trip customization, I helped the couple to plan a 19 day private China holiday starting from Beijing and ending in Shanghai.

During the more than half month long trip to the oriental China, Nallely and Carlos spend 4 days in Beijing, our capital city. Our local English speaking guide comanied them two to visit Tiananmen Square with followed Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven in sequence, which was truly a great chance to have a brief understanding of Beijing as the ancient and also modern national capital of China, and furthermore to appreciate the outstanding royal buildings left from hundreds of years ago. Besides, on the third day, they had a pleasant and harvestful hiking on Mutianyu Great Wall to have an impressive of the world great project and know its construction history. I also arranged the popular Ding Tomb after that for them to know the important history of Ming Dynasty. And on their way back to the accommodation in Beijing, our drive stopped at Bird’s Nest and Water Cube which were the venue for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. On the morning of the following day, Nalleky and her husband visited Summer Palace to enjoy the comfortable environment as the backyard garden of the precious royal family. To help them get closer to local Beijing culture, I designed the visit to Beijing Hutongs for a nice walk into the old but vibrant alleys in developed Beijing. And also, they visited a local family living in a quadrangle courtyard there.

China Trip - Beijing

Forbidden City in Beijing

China Trip - Beijing

Mutianyu Great Wall in Beijing

After the wonderful encounter with Beijing, Nallely & Carlos traveled to Chengdu to have the closest touch to the chubby and adorable giant pandas with a meaningful panda volunteer experience at Wolong Panda Base near Chengdu, by cleaning their closures, preparing bamboo food, preparing special cakes, feeding them personally, and so on. Besides, before flying to Dali, they also spend some relaxing hours at Renmin Park in downtown Chengdu to see the leisure life style of local old and young.

China Trip - Giant Panda

Giant Panda at Dujiangyan Panda Base near Chengdu

The following part of their trip is to the colorful Yunnan, the major part of the whole China trip. Nallely and Carlos spent 8 days there and visited Dali, Kunming, Stone Forest, Yuanyang and Jianshui. They enjoyed the best highlights in Dali, such as Dali Old Town, Three Pagodas, Cangshan Mountain, Erhai Lake, etc. Besides, they visited Zhoucheng City to see the local outstanding tie dye skill. After that, our guide and driver transferred them to Stone Forest to marvel at the fantastic Karst stone mountains. And followed by is the memorable visit to Yuanyang County, where they admire the magnificent rice terraces at Laohuzui, Duoyishu, Bada, etc. and the interesting mushroom houses in local villages. After Yuanyang, they traveled to Jianshui and had some nice time with visits to Chaoyang Building, Confucius Temple, Zhu Family Garden, Tuanshan Village, and so on to know the cultural and architectural highlights of this city.

China Trip - Kunming

Stone Forest in Kunming

China Trip - Dali

Wuhua Tower in Dali Old Town

China Trip - Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Yuanyang Rice Terraces

From Yunnan, Nallely and Carlos flied to Guilin, the sightseeing wonderland. During the 2 days, they enjoyed the classic Li River cruise of 4 hours to see the hundreds of miles’ landscape gallery and felt the jubilant and international atmosphere in the not large Yangshuo County. And also, they visited Guilin downtown to the must-see Elephant Trunk Hill as well as the splendid Reed Flute Cave before flying to Hangzhou.

China Trip - Guilin

Guilin Li River Cruise

Hangzhou is a literal and romantic city, and Nallely & Carlos also spent 2 days there. West Lake, the No.1 attraction of the city, was arranged on their first day there to feel the romantic feature and stunning view. Also, they visited Longjing Tea Plantation and had fun time walking in the emerald plantation. For other hours, our guide and driver took them to Six Harmonies Pagoda, ancient Hefang Street, Lingyin Temple, etc. for a further understanding of Hangzhou’s history and culture.

China Trip -

Hangzhou West Lake

For the last part, Nallely and Carlos visited back to Shanghai, where they landed in China. They enjoyed a full day to discover the best highlights of this modern city. But first was to visit Shanghai Museum to glimpse at the amazing first-class collections of national history and culture. They also visited Yu Garden and Yuyuan Bazaar to immerse into the traditional and exquisite classic garden in Jiangnan area. after the tracing back, they transferred to Lujiazui part and visit one of the most conspicuous skyscrapers in Shanghai, Shanghai World Finance Center, and from the 100 F there, they had a cool bird’s eye view of Shanghai City. And Nanjing Road is one of the not-missing parts of a Shanghai trip. They also had a simple walk along this famous shopping pedestrian street. And before today’s saying goodbye, our guide took them two to the Bund, to walk along this historic architectural gallery preserving the precious old international buildings from 100 years ago. Furthermore, during the inspiring walking there, they also appreciated the skyline of Pudong Area in the clear daytime and also the wonderful night view of those modern towering buildings contrasting the old architectures on the Bund side.

China Trip - Shanghai

Old International Architectures along the Bund in Shanghai

China Trip - Shanghai

Skyline of Lujiazui, View from the Bund

Ending the long exploration, our guide and driver said final goodbye of the couple at Shanghai airport, from where they would fly back to Mexico.

During and after the entire China trip, Nallely sent me some emails and shared their experience and feeling of the trip and also our service.

China Trip - Hangzhou

Nallely and Carlos Took a Picture with Our Guide in Hangzhou

Good evening Rita!

Now we are on our way to Hangzhou, everything is being wonderful. We are having a real great time in China.

Thank you very much for answering my mail about Dali suggestion.

Also thank you for sharing the information needed for further cities.

Have a nice day.

Kindly regards,



When made the booking, the Dujiangan Panda volunteer booking was missed and just noticed it the day before coming to Chengdu. When we called at the Panda base, they told us it was almost fully booked. So considering the crowds, we were thinking to change the booking to Wolong Panda base. Emailed to Nayelli to ask for suggestion, she agreed a lot. Thanks for the kind understanding!


Carlos and me really enjoyed China, not only because the greatness of your country, which I´ll touch later, but because the warm, kind and efficient service we received from you and from every one of our tour guides and drivers, we had a great time with every guide we met, it would be dangerous to say which one we liked most, but in order to give you an idea of how we get along with them, let me try to make a list, knowing that the last one to list was still a great tour guide! My ranking has only have to see with how we felt passing a whole day with them, with personalities, with how they know the perfect time to give you time, with how the learn to know you and give you that extra that makes the difference between good and great.

  • 1. Vivian & Mr. Lee.
  • 2. Pheeby
  • 3. Andie
  • 4. Carrie
  • 5. Yao
  • 6. Sussan

All this great people, including you, that gave their best in order to make an amazing trip for Carlos and me, trust me Rita, you made it!!!

In the other hand, let me say again that China is a marvellous and amazingly beautiful country, we certainly feel invited to come back.

I won't say more... I think photos will say more by themselves.

Finally, before you see the photos, attached to the next mail, please let me end this one with a sincere and honest THANKYOU RITA, we LOVED CHINA!!!

Have a very nice 2018 and hope to keep in touch.

Thank you very much for everything.




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