The Meaning of Travel - Traveling in a Chinese Scroll Painting

-- Mr. Gautam Sen's 4-hour Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo

Mr. Gautam Sen has spent 13 days visiting Beijing, Lanzhou, Dunhuang, Xi’an, Guilin, Chonqqing, a Cruise from Chonqqing to Yichang on board the Victoria Anna, a short sightseeing at Yichang and lastly Shanghai. He has written several stories to record his long trip in China. Following is the Li River cruise experience from Guilin to Yangshuo shared by Mr. Gautam Sen. Enjoy his trip now!

A Great Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo

Originating from Mao’er Shan in Xing'an County, the Li River flows south for about 437 km before meeting the Xi River at Wuzhou. On the way it passes through a stretch of 83 kilometres between Guilin City and Yangshuo County which is the most picturesque portion of the river. The pyramidal shape of the hills on either side of the river is called karsts.

The whole area was formed when millions of years ago the Indian Teutonic plate crashed into the Asian plate. This resulted in the sea being raised up and karsts being formed. The peaks are made of limestone, formed in part from the shells and skeletons of prehistoric marine animals. The magical landscape that this has created has inspired generations of Chinese poets and painters and is undoubtedly the most scenic area in China. The majestic strangely shaped hills form the background to a landscape dotted with steep cliffs, caves, bamboo groves and villages. This section of the Li River appears like a classic Chinese ink painting. This drove the famous Tang Dynasty poet Han Wu to ecstasy when describing the landscape.

Li River Cruise

Nine horses Painted Hill, the most famous hill in Li River

Smiley my local guide took me down to the Li River for the cruise. From Guilin City to the Li River wharf is about 40 minutes’ drive. The sky was overcast and there was a slight drizzle, However, it soon stopped and we had a nice day with overcast sky. The mist hung over the hills around the Li River presenting wonderful scenery.

The boat has on deck 1, an air conditioned seating area with tables and seats on either side of a passageway. From the seat one can see the river and the stunning hills. The packed lunch which is included in the price is a simple affair. On deck 2 is a superior lounge affording a better view.

Soon after setting off I along with Smiley went to the top deck to soak in the fascinating scenery. The verdant hills, the steep cliffs, the hair pin bends of the river, the small villages and the country boats are a feast for the eyes.

There was a strong wind and Smiley was feeling cold. I advised her to go down to the air conditioned seating area. Initially she refused but when I agreed to her coming up from time to time and pointing important landscape features she agreed.

From time to time she came up to top deck and pointed out some of the remarkable landscapes. Undoubtedly

Langshi – The river banks along this part is coloured by green trees.

Nine horses painted hill - the most famous hill in Li River. The pattern on the hill forms a picture of nine horses are running.

Xingping - Xingping part is famous because the landscape here has been printed on the CNY 20 currency.

Also noteworthy are the country boats plying on the river and the villages on banks of the river with country boats lined up.

Li River Cruise

Xingping part, beautiful landscape along Li River


On disembarking at Yangshuo Town, we went to West Street the major shopping area of the town. Situated at the centre of Yangshuo County, West Street is the oldest street in Yangshuo with a history of more than 1,400 years. Being very popular with foreign tourists the street has become a mixture of eastern and western culture.

Yangshuo West Street

West Street, the major shopping area of Yangshuo

Various types of shops line the narrow street selling various types of fruits like Durian, Yishan and Mathieu fruits, souvenirs like the ubiquitous fans of various types and sizes and scrolls and leather goods.

I purchased two lovely scrolls and went to a nearby shop to buy.a leather belt as I was in sore need of one. Smiley, the sales woman in the shop and I had a good laugh about it. Undoubtedly Smiley is a very helpful and friendly guide.

Afterwards we headed towards Guilin City. The drive was through a beautiful countryside dotted with the scraggy karsts mountains.

China Travel Consultant


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