Memorable Family Panda Tour with Side Trip to Leshan Giant Buddha

-- Mrs. Laurie’s 2 Day Chengdu Panda Encounter and Leshan Giant Buddha Visit with Family

Due to the COVID-19, this year, 2020 has been a very special year for all of us. But we also deeply understand that traveling is one of the best ways to acquire happiness. Mrs. Laurie and her huge family came from USA and have lived in China for several years. In view of their long-held dream of Giant Panda tour and the situation of better control of coronavirus in China, Mrs. Laurie and her huge family decided to make a special family trip with China Discovery during China’s National Holiday in early October. Totally, 14 family members, 7 adults and 7 children were involved in this trip.

In their early inquiry sent in September, joining Panda Volunteer Program to closely contact to the cute Giant Pandas was their original intention, but that was unfortunately unavailable in this coronavirus pandemic period. As a professional and experienced travel consultant who has lived in Chengdu, Sichuan for many years, I tried my best to realize their strong passion for a China Giant Panda tour. Finally, I worked out a 2-day close Panda encounter in Chengdu with extended trip to nearby Leshan Giant Buddha based on their wants. All family members, including Mrs. Laurie loved this tour and gave high praise of all arrangments. Later, she even recommended another couple making a same Chengdu Leshan tour with China Discovery.

Many thanks to their trust! I felt very supportive when I took over their travel arrangements and also very gald to help them creat happy time in this 2020. Even tour services have ended earlier, my company and I both appreciated their keen affection for China and choosing us. Hope all our guest will love our customized trips, remember the momentous experience and always stay healthy and happy.

Warm Tip for Travel during COVID-19: Valid identification, green official Health Code, body temperature check and mask are required for traveling in Chengdu and Sichuan during the COVID-19 time.

Day 1: Chengdu Panda Tour with City Landmarks Visits

National Holiday starting from every October 1st to 7th is a peak travel time in China. Besides, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, widely known as Chengdu Panda Base is a very popular tourist attraction for both local and foreign tourists. In order to avoid the crowds and see active Giant Pandas, I suggested Laurie and her families arrive in Chengdu ahead and get to Chengdu Panda Base as early as possible.

So on October 2, the first day of their trip, our tour guide and driver picked up them in their hotel at 07:00 am, and drove about 1 hour to Chengdu Panda Base. In the huge garden-like Panda Base, they not only visited the Chengdu Giant Panda Museum to know more about this endangered national treasure, such as their cub breeding, eating, delivery, hospital and scientific researches, but also closely watched lots of adorable baby Pandas and funny adult Pandas. All the family members, the kids included, enjoyed such great trip to meet those Giant Panda.

Later, they went to Wenshu Temple in downtown area, a time-honored Buddhist temple expressing extraordinary peace and remarkable folk architectures. People's Park was another wonder place they loved very much, because they saw authentic leisure life style of Chengdu, drank Chinese tea like locals there. Jinli Old Street was the last stop for a Chengdu city tour. They went for a relaxing stroll in the ancient-style streets, browsed through different gift shops and food vendors and tasted various popular Chengdu snacks. After viewing a gorgeous night scene decorated with lined red lanterns, they returned to their hotel for rest.

Chengdu Panda Tour

Laurie's Family Enjoyed Panda Tour in Chengdu

Day 2: World Heritage Exploration of Leshan Giant Buddha

The second day was tailor-made Leshan Buddha tour for Laurie and her family. After 2 hours’ drive by our private car, they reached Leshan Giant Buddha, a 71-meter-tall Buddha statue, the tallest one in China which has been listed as an UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage site with Mount Emei.

Entered via the North Entrance, they took a short hike and saw a large area of unique red sandstone and three rivers (Min River, Dadu River and Qingyi River) converging at the foot of the giant sitting Buddha. Our tour guide introduced the construction history and unusual meaning of Leshan Giant Buddha in detail for Laurie and their kids. After visiting Lingyun Temple, they walked through plank pathway to the foot of the Leshan Giant Buddha, shocked by its size and special location in front of roaring rivers. They really marveled at this giant ancient art work. Later, they climbed narrow winding path to get a close-up view of the Buddha, and then took a few hours to wander around, visited Buddha temple, stupa, ancient pavilions and garden inside the scenic area. The moderate hike, nice scenery and cultural atmosphere earned high praise from all Laurie’s family members.

Mr. Reinaldo, Laurie’s husband bought a hat embroidered with a Chinese character “喜” (happiness) in a gift shop during the Leshan Giant Buddha tour. He loved it so much that he contacted our tour guide to buy a new one and send it to Beijing, when he lost it on the train back to Beijing. Tour ended but memory will last forever. To help Mr. Reinaldo regain his cherished hat, I called the Ticket Office of Leshan Giant Buddha and reached the hat seller. After carefully checking the exact pattern and price, I asked the staff to do the favor, sending the hat to Mr. Reinaldo and Laurie’s residence in Beijing. Once receiving the hat, they expressed gratitude to us and purchased three hats just in case. I sincerely hope that the hat can remind them of their joyful trip of Giant Panda in Chengdu and Giant Buddha in Leshan.

2 Days Best Chengdu Leshan Giant Buddha Tour provides similar tour itinerary of Mrs. Laurie's family Panda tour, and can be customized depending on private requirements!

Chengdu Leshan Tour

China Discovery Customized a Leshan Giant Buddha Tour from Chengdu for Laurie's Huge Family

Optional Way of Touring Leshan Giant Buddha: Tourists can also take a boat trip to get a panoramic view of Leshan Giant Buddha.

After their tour, Laurie gave 5-star praise of all tour services (including arrangements of sights, activities, hotels, restaurants, transport) and super 5-star to the tour guide Ellen. Below is the original compliment from Mrs. Laurie:

Hi Rita, I just wanted to let you know how Amazing Ellen was today. She was so nice and friendly and knowledgeable as well as super accimodating (accommodating). She made our day very special and I will recommend (recommend) you company and pher (her) to all of my friends!

What an amazing trip! So glad you worked it out to come!

About Sights & Activities: Very memorable, we lover Chengdu!

Restaurants: Super food, great service, nice atmosphere.

Tour Guide: Ellen was excellent. She was so friendly and knowledgeable. She went out of her way to make our trip extra special.

A Surprised Follow-Up: Laurie recommended a friend couple travel with China Discovery for a same Chengdu Leshan tour

In mid-November, Mrs. Michelle contacted me in Wechat, and told she was referred by her friend Laurie. She and her husband Dennis had great interest in a same Chengdu Leshan tour, and they planed 4 days altogether including the arrival and departure days. I was grateful for the recommendation and soon made a Chengdu and Leshan tour for them, after checking more travel ideas and details. I was really pleased about Mrs. Laurie and her friends. Their full enjoyment of the tours is precisely our goal and their commendation makes all our efforts worthwhile. I firmly believe that they left unforgettable travel memories with our help, and warm heart undeniably brings hope of passing over this challengeable 2020.

Hi, I'm Rita, Laurie’s travel consultant. Are you interested in their 2 days trip to Chengdu Panda Base and Leshan Giant Buddha? Please feel free to contact me for more details of their travel such as trip itinerary, accommodation or other arrangements. If you want to take a similar trip or customize your own China tour, just e-mail me. It's my pleasure to invite you to our country and join us in appreciating this charming land.

Travel Consultant
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