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Top 10 China Destinations of 2018 Listed by TripAdvisor

Are you planning a summer vacation to China? Want to explore something memorable with amazing experience? In the year of 2018, you’ll be bound to a lot of choices to visit China.

TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel website, sliced and diced millions of user reviews over the course of year to select its travelers’ choice winners for the China’s top destinations, which were released in March.

Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai took the top three spots on the top 10 destinations on China list. While, Chengdu, the Land of Abundance, ranked the 8th most popular destination and Macau, world’s largest gambling center, came in at fourth place on the list. Both Chengdu and Macau are the new destinations compared with TripAdvisor 2017 travelers’ choice China destinations awards.

The top 10 China destinations of 2018 listed by TripAdvisor are Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Macau, Xian, Lijiang, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Yangshuo and Hangzhou. Let’s check them one by one to find out why they are chosen by so many travelers and select your ideal ones for in-depth exploration.

TOP 1: Hong Kong - “Oriental Pearl”

Hong Kong, located on China’s south coast, is Asia’s World City as well as Oriental Pearl with skyscrapers, floating islands, ancient traditions and heavenly food…

Highlights you should not miss

Victoria Harbor – Relax and see awesome views in the late evening with full sky being lit up from the neon multicolored lights from across.

Peak Tram – Take the Peak Tram to get to Victoria Peak is always an interesting, exciting and even thrilling journey for anyone which takes 8 minutes for 1.4 kilometers.

Nan Lian Garden – Walk through the peaceful and beautiful garden, enjoy incredible stillness, learn about the vast and enigmatic history of Buddhism and see sky scrapers in the background.

Hong Kong Disneyland – Take a brilliant family adventure to the magical land and enjoy Disney parade, fun and exciting exhibits and excellent fireworks. Actually, you’ll find it is a place for any age.

All things to do in Hong Kong 2018 Recommended Hong Kong Tour Packages
China Destination - Hong Kong China Destination - Hong Kong

TOP 2: Beijing - “Capital of China”

Beijing, the capital of China, has splendid ancient Chinese culture and history. It preserves seven World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO, ranking first among all the cities around the world.

Highlights you should not miss

Forbidden City – Visit the largest palace complex in the world which used to be the imperial palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties for more than 600 years.

Great Wall of China – Hike on the less crowded Great Wall – Mutianyu section, an amazing feat of engineering. You’ll enjoy stunning scenery, view history and get awesome hiking experience.

Temple of Heaven – Pay a visit to this royal sacrificial place, a masterpiece of architecture and landscape design which simply and graphically illustrates a cosmogony of great importance for the evolution of one of the world’s great civilizations.

Summer Palace – Walk through Summer Palace with gardens, palaces, lakes and hills which used to be the private garden for emperors and his families of Qing Dynasty for summer retreat.

All things to do in Beijing 2018 Recommended Beijing Tour Packages
China Destination - Beijing China Destination - Beijing

TOP 3: Shanghai – “Paris of the East”

The metropolis Shanghai is reputed as “Pearl of the Orient” and “Paris of the East” with fascinating mix of East and West.

Highlights you should not miss

The Bund – Enter into “An Exhibition of International Architecture” by viewing 52 buildings with various style either in the daytime or in the evening. Overlook the modern Shanghai of Pudong Area from the Bund across Huangpu River.

Yu Garden – Walk into Yu Garden, the most celebrated classical Chinese garden in Shanghai downtown area. Take a stroll along the adjacent Yuyuan Bazaar to have a browse for antiques, arts, souvenirs and take some local snacks.

Oriental Pearl of TV – Visit the landmark of Shanghai either day or night and you’ll have a bird eyes view of Shanghai and the Bund.

All things to do in Shanghai 2018 Recommended Shanghai Tour Packages
China Destination - Shanghai China Destination - Shanghai

TOP 4: Macau – “Vegas of the East ”

Lying 65 km to the west of Hong Kong, Macau (also Macao) is the “Vegas of the East”, the only place in China where gambling is legal. Moreover, its fortresses, churches and the culinary traditions of its former Portuguese colonial masters speak to a uniquely Mediterranean style on the China coast.

Highlights you should not miss

Ruins of St. Paul’s – The iconic landmark in Macau. You can’t really say you have been to Macau without a photo with the remains of the impressive cathedral as a backdrop.

Casino at Venetian Macao – It is a huge casino and a big place to gamble with loads of gaming options in an organized way. The choice is yours whether you want try or not.

Historic Center of Macau – Be amazed at the old Portuguese building and history by walking through the beautiful streets with living atmosphere.

All things to do in Macau 2018 Recommended Macau Tour Packages
China Destination - Macau China Destination - Macau

TOP 5: Xian – “Ancient Heart of China”

Xian, with a history over 7000 years, is the ancient capital for 13 dynasties with a total of 73 emperors ruled. It is not only the disputed root of Chinese civilization, but also the eastern terminus of the Silk Road. A visit to Xian, you’ll explore many historical ruins, museums and cultural relics.

Highlights you should not miss

Terracotta Warriors – It is called the Eighth Wonder of the World and a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987. Visit the main part Pit 1 to see numerous terracotta armies and reach Pit 2 to view horses, chariots and get to Pit 3 to view more warriors and a couple of horses exhumed.

City Wall of Xi’an – Take a stroll or cycle on the City Wall of Xian, the largest and best-preserved existing ancient city wall of China.

All things to do in Xian 2018 Recommended Xian Tour Packages
China Destination - Xian China Destination - Xian

TOP 6: Lijiang - “Romantic Dreamland”

Lijiang is the capital of Naxi Kingdom, located in the northwest of Yunnan Province. It is a time-locked place with romantic stories telling at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Highlights you should not miss

Old Town of Lijiang – There are three old towns including Dayan Old Town, Shuhe Ancient Town, Baisha Ancient Town which were listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wander in the old and romantic streets, rickety wooden buildings and gushing canals to listen, tell or create beautiful stories.

Tiger Leaping Gorge – Choose your favorite trail – Upper, Middle and Lower Tiger Leaping Gorge to hike through one of the deepest gorges in the world. You are recommended to take Upper Tiger Leaping Gorge if you are in old age and Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge if you are in good physical condition.

All things to do in Lijiang 2018 Recommended Lijiang Tour Packages
China Destination - Lijiang China Destination - Lijiang

TOP 7: Guangzhou - “Largest City in South China”

Guangzhou (known formerly as Canton), Capital of Guandong Province, is the third largest city in China after Beijing and Shanghai, and the largest city in South Central China.

Highlights you should not miss

Canton Tower - It is the gigantic landmark of Guangzhou with a total height of 600 meters. Try 488 Look Out, Bubble Tram, Sky Drop, Sky Walk, or simply enjoy 3D/4D cinema, enjoy best view of Guangzhou city at Observation Deck at 107th and 108th floor...

Dr. Sun Ya-sen’s Memorial Hall – It is dedicated to the founder of the Republic of China and hero Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. Pay a visit to this quiet place in the heart of Guangzhou and learn a glimpse of China’s history through the well-kept memorial hall.

All things to do in Guangzhou 2018 Recommended Guangzhou Tour Packages
China Destination - Guangzhou China Destination - Guangzhou

TOP 8: Chengdu – “Hometown of Giant Panda”

Chengdu, the Land of Abundance, is hometown of Giant Panda and also the laid-back city. A visit to Chengdu, you should cover cuddly giant panda, Three Kingdom culture, Shu culture into your trip.

Highlights you should not miss

Chengdu Panda Base – Home to over 80 giant pandas, it is the place where you can have close encounter with the cute creatures to see them eating, playing, climbing trees, sleeping, etc. You’ll gain once in lifetime experience in this panda kingdom.

Jinli Old Street – Walk into an ancient pedestrian street full of Three Kingdom culture. Besides explore the culture, you can admire the architecture, taste some typical Sichuan snacks and even buy some souvenirs for your families and friends.

Wenshu Monastery – See many locals praying and enjoy some quietness in this beautiful, calm and large temple. You’ll surely get deep understanding about Chinese Buddhism.

All things to do in Chengdu 2018 Recommended Ghengdu Tour Packages
China Destination - Chengdu China Destination - Chengdu

TOP 9: Yangshuo – “Beautiful Town with Karst Mountains”

Yangshuo is a popular tourist county near Guilin in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. This small county is surrounded by karst mountains, winding rivers and beautiful scenery. Millions of travelers come to Yangshuo for its karst peaks, rivers, caves, temples as well as laid back cafes and bars.

Highlights you should not miss

Yulong River – Take your favorite activities, like hiking, rafting, cruising and kayaking to enjoy all the essence along this beautiful, tranquil and clean river. All are exciting and relaxing.

West Street – You won’t miss this bustling street after disembark from Li River cruise. Wander in the colorful place for eating, shopping and evening activities.

Moon Hill – A hill is with a natural arch in the outside Yangshuo. Take 20 minutes to enjoy comfortable hiking to the arch with great view on the top.

All things to do in Yangshuo 2018 Recommended Yangshuo & Guilin Tour Packages
China Destination - Yangshuo China Destination - Yangshuo

TOP 10: Hangzhou – “Heaven on Earth”

Hangzhou is renowned for its historic relics and natural beauty. It is not only the capital of Zhejiang Province in Eastern China, but also one of the most beautiful cities in China.

Highlights you should not miss

West Lake – Choose your best way – walking, boating or cycling to enjoy natural beauty and historic relics in the heaven on earth. Your leisurely exploration will cover causeways, numerous temples, pagodas, gardens and artificial islands.

Lingyin Temple – Take a cultural visit to seek for inner peace in this Buddhist site, see the temples with different gods and statues and magnificent carvings.

All things to do in Hangzhou 2018 Recommended Hangzhou Tour Packages
China Destination - Hangzhou China Destination - Hangzhou


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