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China Travel during COVID-19 - Safe & Healthy

Latest Updated on September 28, 2021

Foreign expats living and working in China are allowed to travel around Mainland China. Usually, visitors need to prepare the Green Health Codes, 14-Day Dynamic Trip Record and Valid Original Passport for trips to almost all destinations. However, some destinations and tourist attractions may have some abrupt changes of requirements or restrictions, need the negative result in nucleic acid test before your trip (usually within 48 hours), need the proof of working or living in China, and so forth. And some hotels may not receive foreign people.

Since it is possibly hard for foreign people to get the latest reliable information of all requirements of the tourist destinations, attractions and hotels, it is highly suggested to travel with a local travel agency. And if you want to book a tour to travel easily with an agency, you need to know the following information before planning! This updated useful article will help you have a clear understanding of who can travel in China, what requirements and restrictions are needed, where can be visited, and more suggested preparation to plan your trip in China. Let’s check all below!

Can I Travel China with a Travel Agency?

Traveling China with a tour package by a domestic travel agency is available for foreign expats living / working in China! But there are two preconditions about the departure and visiting destinations:

1. Foreigners living / working in the province, municipality or provincial level administrative region WITHOUT medium-risk area or high-risk area designated by the PRC government.

2. No traveling to: 1). the provinces, municipalities or provincial level administrative regions with medium-risk and high-risk areas designated by the PRC government; 2). special areas with restrictions for some official reasons.

Medium / High-Risk Areas in Mainland China (updated on September 27, 2021)

Level Province City
High-Risk Areas 1. Fujian Putian, Xiamen
2. Heilongjiang Harbin
Medium-Risk Areas 1. Fujian Quanzhou, Zhangzhou
2. Heilongjiang Suihua

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Requirements & Restrictions for Expats Traveling in China

If you are qualified with the precondition, you have to meet the three requirements before your booking, namely (1) Green Health Codes; (2) 14-Day Dynamic Trip Record; (3) Valid Original Passport.

Additional Requirements:

However, as the policy of each destination and attraction is changing frequently, there may be some additional requirements or restrictions as following. You need to know the detailed and latest conditions from your travel consultant before booking:

(1) Proof of working in China or proof of living in China which states how long you have been working / living in China (at least 28 days working / living in China is usually required for almost all travel destinations. But if you want to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit, you need the proof of entering China for no less than 90 days and without exit during the past 90 days before your application);

(2) Negative result in nucleic acid test within 1~7 days before your trip (Time limitation of negative result is varied from different tourist attractions, travel destinations, airports, railway stations, etc. And a result within 48 hours is usually required for almost all destinations and tourist attractions. But if you want to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit, you need to get the negative result within 7 days before the permit application and during your travel, you may need a further test; Requirement of printed or electronic result are varied from different destinations as well.).

Important Notice: Please feel free to contact us at any time to know the detailed and latest limitation and requirement based on your departure destination and travel destinations.

Sanitation Tips for Traveling China during COVID-19

1. Prepare enough masks (at least one per day per person) and wear a mask over your nose and mouth during your trip;

2. Hand sanitizer and wash your hands regularly;

3. A small bottle of disinfectant fluid or ethyl alcohol, disinfecting whips (better to buy at your travel destination in case of the restriction of flight or train security inspection);

4. Try to use electronic payment to reduce contact;

How Can I Get a Health QR Code?

The Chinese government has enlisted the help of our country's two internet giants - Alibaba and Tencent - to host the health code systems on their popular smartphone apps. So, travelers can use Alipay or WeChat to apply for a Health QR Code of different cities.

How to obtain a health code?  (1) Travelers have to fill in their personal information including your name, national identity number or passport number, and phone number on a sign-up page. (2) You're then asked to report your travel history and whether you have come into contact with any confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients in the past 14 days. (3) You also need to tick the boxes for any symptoms they might have: fever, fatigue, dry cough, stuffy nose, running nose, throat ache or diarrhea. After the information is verified by authorities, each user will be assigned a QR code in red, amber or green. To make your travel smoothly in China, your health code in each destination should be colored in “GREEN”. You’d better make sure you have the green one before traveling.

Health QR Code in China

How to Get a 14-Day Dynamic Trip Record?

Most of the cities, hotels and tourist attractions will require you to provide the 14-Day Dynamic Trip Record to display that you have not been to high-risk areas in recent 14 days. You can apply for it as following:

14-Day Dynamic Trip Record

14-Day Dynamic Trip Record Application Procedure

Recommended Travel Destinations for Expats in China

The vast China still boasts abundant wonderful destinations to discover during the pandemic period to release your tense and enrich your life. For expats in China, southwestern area including Sichuan with adorable giant pandas and magnificent Mount Emei, Yunnan with comfortable landscape and diverse ethnic minority cultures, northwestern area covering Gansu with outstanding Mogao Cave and wild desert charm, central and south areas with various gorgeous hills and rivers, northern area with boundless primitive prairies, etc. are quite favored for their vacations. Please check the top popular China travel destinations below to get more inspiration for your hopeful trip in the beautiful China!

Start planning your tailor-made holiday to China by contacting one of our specialists. Once enquired, you’ll get a response within 0.5~23.5 hours.

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