How to Get from Shanghai to Yangtze Cruise Ports

Shanghai is another gateway for starting a luxury Yangtze River cruise. Travelers could get from Shanghai to Yichang or Chongqing to take the popular Yangtze cruise lines.There is cruise ship sailing directly from Shanghai to Chongqing, stopping over in Wuhan. It means travelers could also board Yangtze cruise at Shanghai Port and Wuhan Port.

Shanghai to Yichang: to take 4 Nights and 5 Days Upstream cruise from Yichang to Chongqing;

Shanghai to Chongqing: to take 3 Nights and 4 Days Downstream cruise from Chongqing to Yichang;

Shanghai Wusongkou Port: to take 8 Nights and 9 Days Upstream cruise from Shanghai to Chongqing;

Shanghai to Wuhan: to take 5 Nights and 6 Days Upstream cruise from Wuhan to Chongqing.

Among the four cruise lines, it is highly recommended to take Yichang to Chongqing cruise and Chongqing to Yichang cruise. Here, we’ll show you the detailed transportation guide about how to get from Shanghai to Yichang and Chongqing.

Shanghai to Yichang

It is very popular to get from Shanghai to Yichang to take the 4 nights and 5 days upstream cruise. You could take flight or high speed train to Yichang and then transfer to Yichang New Century Port or Yichang Taohuacun Port to board your ship. Check the details and make sure you book the suitable flight and train.

Shanghai to Yichang Flight

From: Shanghai Pudong International Airport/Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
To: Yichang Sanxia Airport

Every day, there are two direct flights from Shanghai to Yichang. One departs from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport at 12:30 and arrives in Yichang at 14:20. Another departs from Shanghai Pudong International Airport at 15:20 and lands in Yichang at 17:20. The flight travel time takes about 2 hours. The embarkation time for the upstream cruise is from 18:00-24:00. These two flights will suit for your schedule and have enough time for boarding.

From Yichang Sanxia Airport, it takes 45 minutes about 150 Yuan for 39 km to Yichang New Century Port and takes about 40 minutes and about 100 Yuan for 34 km to Taohuacun Port.

Shanghai to Yichang High Speed Train

High speed trains are available between Shanghai and Yichang. It takes about 7.5-8 hours for the train travel. Every day, there are 6 D trains going from Shanghai to Yichang. You could choose which seat to take - First Class Seat, Second Class Seat and Business Class Seat. The comfort level and prices are different for the three classes.

From:Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station
To: Yichang East Railway Station
Distance: 1119 KM

Train No. Depart Arrive Duration
D636/D637 06:09 14:22 8h13m
D2206/D2207 06:39 14:40 8h1m
D3072/D3073 06:50 14:58 8h8m
D2212/D2213 07:30 15:47 8h17m
D2216/D2217 08:39 16:46 8h7m
D3006/D3007 13:53 21:30 7h37m

If you want the awesome high speed train experience, you could take the morning train from Shanghai to Yichang. After arriving at Yichang East Railway Station, it takes about 20 minutes and 60 Yuan for 24 km to Yichang New Century Port and it takes about 20 minutes and 50 Yuan for 22 km to Yichang Taohuacun Port.

Shanghai to Chongqing

If you want to take the 4 days and 3 nights downstream cruise, you’d better to get from Shanghai to Chongqing and then transfer to Chongqing Chaotianmen port to board the cruise ship. Flights and trains are available from Shanghai to Chongqing. We suggest you transfer by air for many daily flights connecting and time saving.

Shanghai to Chongqing Flight

From: Shanghai Pudong International Airport/Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
To: Chongqing Jiangbei Airport

There are about 20 daily flights from Shanghai to Chongqing. It takes about 3 hours. The earliest one departs at 07:20 and the last one departs at 21:10. If you want to enjoy a half day tour in Chongqing, you should take the morning flight. If you just reach Chongqing and board your ship directly, you could depart from Shanghai at noon and arrive in Chongqing in the afternoon.

After arriving at Chongqing Jiangbei Airport, it takes you about 40 minutes and about 70 Yuan to take a taxi to Chongqing Chaotianmen Port.

Shanghai to Chongqing High Speed Train

High speed trains are available but limited from Shanghai to Chongqing. There are 4 daily D trains going Shanghai Chongqing, taking about 12 hours. The trains are departing in the morning and arriving in Chongqing at night. It means that you should spend the daytime on the train.

From: Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station
To: Chongqing North Railway Station
Distance: 1671 KM

Train No. Depart Arrive Duration
D636/D637 06:09 19:03 12h54m
D2206/D2207 06:39 19:13 12h34m
D2212/D2213 07:30 20:20 12h50m
D2216/D2217 08:39 21:17 12h38m

From Chongqing North Railway Station, it takes 20 minutes’ driving and about 20 Yuan for the cost. For travelers should board Yangtze River cruise before 21:00, taking high speed train is a little bit tight for the boarding. We suggest you take flight instead of taking D train if you board a Yangtze cruise on this day.

If you are interested in a Wuhan Chongqing cruise and want to know the detailed transportation to Wuhan Port, please feel free to contact us and we are here ready to offer you some useful information.

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