Transfer between Shanghai and Hangzhou - Bullet Trains, Driving

Shanghai Hangzhou Map

Location and Distance

Geographically speaking, both Shanghai and Hangzhou are coastal cities lying at the fertile Yangtze River Delta in the eastern China. Shanghai is a municipality directly under the central government, while Hangzhou is the capital city of Zhengjiang Province. Hangzhou is located 177 kilometers west of Shanghai. Currently, high speed trains and driving are the most popular ways for travelers and business men to transfer between two cities.

Transfers by High Speed Trains

Distance – 169km; Speed – 250km/hr

Currently, there are two kinds of high speed trains for you to choose, exclusive high speed railways or other trains with stops at Shanghai and Hangzhou. The exclusive railways have more stops at several places in Zhengjiang, such as Jiaxing(嘉兴), Haining(海宁), Yuhang(余杭), while the stop-at-Shanghai-Hangzhou trains run directly from Shanghai to Hangzhou East Railway Station (a few of them make middle stops at Tongxiang(桐乡) which is the closest station to Wuzhen). If you have no middle stops, you don’t have to consider which kind of trains to choose.

Shanghai Railway Station or Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station?

Travelers should know clear that there are two railway stations in Shanghai which operate high speed trains between Shanghai and Hangzhou – Shanghai Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

- Shanghai Railway Station has about 23 daily D-high speed trains to Hangzhou East Railway Station (duration: 46mins~80mins; hours - 06:10~20:20; ticket price: ¥46.5~280) and 3 G-high speed trains to Hangzhou Railway Station each day (duration: 89mins~101mins; hours - 08:05~17:54; ticket price: ¥92.5~278.5).

Address: 303 Moling Road, Zhabei District, about 4 km (2 miles) west of the Bund
Tel: 6317 9090/

- Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is the busiest high speed trains hub, and has about 113 G-high speed trains to Hangzhou (duration: 45mins~89mins; hours - 06:10~21:30; ticket price: ¥73~233.5). There are also about 20 D-high speed trains t Hangzhou East Railway Station each day(duration: 61mins~102mins; hours - 06:40~19:09; ticket price: ¥49~59).

Address: Minhang District, Shanghai, 500 meters west of Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2.

Shanghai Hangzhou Map

Hangzhou Railway Station or Hangzhou East Railway Station

There are two train stations in Hangzhou city to transfer by high speed trains to Shanghai Railway Station or Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. They are about 8.6km from each other.

- Hangzhou Railway Station has about 13 G high speed trains to Shanghai Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station each day(duration: 46mins~80mins; hours - 06:10~20:20; ticket price: ¥77.5~233.5).

Address: East Ring Road, Shangcheng District, 2km from West Lake

- Hangzhou East Railway Station runs more than 80 G-high speed trains to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station every day, as well as about 20 daily D-high speed trains to Shanghai Honqiao Railway Station. (duration: 55mins~104mins; hours - 10:14~21:40; ticket price: ¥49~59).

Address: Address: Tiancheng Road, Jianggan District, abut 15km from West Lake.

Shanghai Hangzhou Map

Being a brief conclusion, travelers are suggested to use Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Hangzhou East Railway Station as high speed trains transfer between Shanghai and Hangzhou because these two railway stations offer more frequent and flexible schedules.

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Transfer by Vehicles

If you want to spend some excursion time along the way from Shanghai to Hangzhou, for example visiting Wuzhen Water Town, or get rid of the trouble of changing transfer between different kinds of transportations, you are suggest to use a vehicle as transfer between Shanghai and Hangzhou. Checking on the map, you will find Hangzhou is only about 187km from Shanghai city center. Only about 2.5 hours are needed for the driving.

Shanghai Hangzhou Map

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