Weifang - Kite Capital of the World

Situated in the middle of the Shandong Peninsula (between Jinan to the West and Qingdao to the East), with 183 km away from Qingdao, taking about 1 hour by high speed train, Weifang is known as the Kite Capital of the World and famous for its handicraft, folk art and cultural accumulations.

More than 7,000 years ago, there were people lived here. This time-honored city is also rich with cultural relics like Shihu Garden, the best preserved stone inscriptions and archaeological finds. Zhucheng, a county-city in Weifang, is the place to find the biggest hadrosaur fossils, known as the hometown of dinosaur in the north, equal with Zigong city in the south.

Weifang City Map

Top Things to Do in Weifang

1: Kite Museum

Covering 1.3 hectares, Kite Museum is the largest professional kite museum in the world, which gives a very interesting overview of the development and the art of making kites. Having 8 exhibition halls, this museum displays kinds of ancient and modern kites from the world and gives introduction of kite artifacts knowledge to spread kite culture communication.

Every year from April 20th to May 7th, the world-famous International Kite Festival is held here drawing kite lovers from all over the world.

Weifang Kate Museum

Weifang Kate Museum

2: Yangjiabu Folk Culture View Garden

Established in May 1986, formerly called Yangjiabu Kite Factory, Yangjiabu Folk Culture Garden is the largest kite factory in China, which is mainly for kite making and pictures printing. The 350 meters centipede kite with dragon head is regard as "the longest kite in the world".

With An area of 160,000 square meters, this garden includes kite museum, drawing hall, paintings museum, paintings workshops and dozens of attractions and exhibition halls. Visitors can not only experience how the kite is rolled and printed, but can also appreciate the local lifestyle in hundreds years ago to see through the ancient folk customs.

Yangjiabu Folk Culture View Garden

Visit Yangjiabu Folk Culture View Garden

3: Shihu Garden

Built in Ming Dynasty, Shihu Garden is most famous and only remaining one among 16 ancient gardens in Weifang. Owned by a richest man called Dingshanbao in Qing dynasty, the garden is also named Ding Garden. With an area of 2,000 square meters located the junction of the North and South, Shihu garden features symmetric and free styles. Therefore, it has some similarities and differences with Suzhou gardens.

Weifang Shihu Garden

Weifang Shihu Garden

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