Things to Do in Shandong

SHANDONG, a very friendly province in the eastern part of China, is where you could enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery, ancient history and brilliant culture. There are four major cities like Qingdao, Jinan, Qufu, and Tai’an (Mount Tai) and some other popular destinations to explore.

In Qingdao, you could enjoy the mild waves and gentle wind on the seaside and taste the famous Tsingtao beer after having a relaxing trip. Qufu, the Hometown of Confucius, attracts you by its “Three Kong Sites” and Confucianism. In Tai’an, climb Mount Tai, the top of the Five Greatest Mountain in China. Also, enjoy the beautiful beaches and coastlines of Shandong Peninsula and experience leisure living in the seaside cities.

Shandong Attractions Map

  • Top Shandong Attractions
Qingdao Attraction

No.1: Qingdao – A Beautiful Coastal City

Location: in the East of Shandong Province

Recommended Length of Visit: 3-4 days

Events: Qingdao International Beer Festival, Qingdao International Marine Festival

Lying across Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao is surrounded by hills, seas and beaches with gorgeous scenery, always offering you many surprises. Once you are in Qingdao, you’ll feel as though you have mistakenly entered into Switzerland. So, it has got a nickname “Switzerland in Orient”.

This beautiful coastal city is mainly known for its Tsingtao Beer and the annually held Qingdao International Beer Festival. There are more sites fascinated visitors: sunny bathing beaches, precipitous Mount Lao, exotic Badaguan Scenic Resort, Little Qingdao Isle, as well as the city symbol Zhanqiao Pier etc.

Jinan Attraction

No.2: Jinan – City of Springs

Location: in the northwest of Shandong Province

Recommended Length of Visit: 1-2 days

Events: Lantern Festival, Daming Lake Lotus Cultural Festival

Jinan, known as City of Springs, is the capital of Shandong Province. In Jinan, you’ll get to know why Shandong is known as “Friendly”. The locals of this city make you feel welcome.

As you know Jinan is a Spring City. There are 72 registered springs, of which Baotu Spring, Black Tiger Spring, Five Dragons’ Pool and Pearl Spring enjoy a good reputation. The top three Jinan attractions include Baotu Spring, Daming Lake and Thousand Buddha Mountain. All the rare natural advantage thus makes a Jinan a special and attractive city.

Qufu Attraction

No.3: Qufu – Birthplace of Confucius

Location: in the Southwest of Shandong province

Recommended Length of Visit: 1 day

Events: International Confucius Cultural Festival

Qufu, the birthplace of Confucius, is a place abounds with cultural relics, and the most famous of which are the Confucian Temple, the Confucian Family Mansion and the Confucian Forest, where you can get a better understanding about Confucius.

Located in the center of Qufu city is the Confucian Temple, which was built in 478 BC with 466 halls and pavilions. In the Great Accomplishment Hall, the major structure of the temple, there is a statue of Confucius, as well as ancient stone inscriptions that telling the life story of Confucius in 120 pictures. Adjacent to the Confucian Temple, is the Confucian Family Mansion, which was used to be the residence of Confucius’ descendants. Nowadays, you can find a large number of documents and cultural relics there. The Confucian Forest, also be called the Confucian Cemetery, has been the family graveyard of Confucius and his descendants for more than 2,300 years, and is the best-preserved cemetery in China.

Mount Tai

No.4: Mount Tai - Leader of “Five Sacred Mountain”

Location: in the Southwest of Shandong province

Recommended Length of Visit: 1-2 days

Events: International Mt. Tai Climbing Festival

Mount Tai, the foremost of the Five Great Mountains of China, is a mountain of historical and cultural significance.

It is well known for its majesty in vigor, grandness in structure, soaring in shy and rooting in terra, broad foundation. It is also a focal point for religion in this area, providing a base for Buddhism and Taoism. The tallest peak is the Jade Emperor Peak at 1,545 meters. For climbing, you can started from the back or north side. There are also round-trip cable cars from the front for travelers to reach the top (Note: The last cable car descends at 4.30 p.m.).

Weifang Kite

No.5: Weifang – the Kite Capital of the World

Location: in the middle of Shandong Province

Recommended Length of Visit: 1 day

Events: Weifang International Kite Festival

Weifang, the Kite Capital of the World, is famous for its handicraft, folk art and cultural accumulations.

The world-famous International Kite Festival is held every April in Weifang, which draws kite lovers from all over the world. There is the only Kite Museum in the world, which gives a very interesting overview of the development and the art of making kites. The main attractions are Kite Museum, Yangjiahu Folk Culture Village, Shihu Garden.

Cities of Shandong

No.6: Other Popular Shandong Cities

Besides the above five hot destinations, there are some other places worth exploring. Each place has its own characteristics that you could have short break.

Yantai – A Fairyland on Earth
Weihai – A Garden-like City by the Sea
Penglai – Known for Penglai Pavilion
Zibo – Capital of the Ancient State of Qi
Linyi – High Mountains and Long Rivers
Rizhao – the City of Sunshine

The FRIENDLY SHANDONG is waiting for you to explore!

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