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Yubeng Trekking Tours, Top Yubeng Village Tour Packages 2023/2024

Yubeng or Yubeng Village, at the foot of Meili Snow Mountain in Deqin, northeast Yunnan, is one of the top idyllic hiking destinations in China for international hikers and is highly praised as “the incomparable escape under snow mountains”. Hidden leaning the snow-capped soaring peaks and emerald plants-carpeted forests, Yubeng Village provides the superb satisfying scenery of great verdant, serene grooves, alpine lakes, glittering ice peaks and of course the very old authentic Tibetan villages, which attracts so many hiking lovers to embrace the landscapes, feel the strong power of the mountain god and savor the pure peaceful life personally and challenge themselves on the high altitude level of 3,100 - 3,900 meters.

Travelers usually visit Yubeng from Shangri-La City by car and spend 2-4 days exploring the top best sightseeing at Yubeng Village. And most of them start hiking from Xidang Spring and end at Ninong Bridge. Check our recommended best Yubeng trekking tours, top highlights along the route and more useful notes to start your Yubeng hiking trip in Yunnan!

Best Yubeng Trekking Tours

Hiking is the only and best way to discover the natural beauty, nice tranquility and harmonious life pace of Yubeng Village. Below are our 3 most popular Yubeng hiking tours with different highlights, hiking routes and difficulties, which are valuable covering helpful travel consultant service, local private guide, and comfortable licensed private vehicle with a local experienced driver. So the packages can help you enjoy a great Yubeng trip experience without any worry. Choose your ideal tour package to make the Yubeng hiking dream come true. Also, you can contact us directly to customize a tour covering Yubeng hiking based on your own needs and interests!

  • Yubeng Trekking Tour

    7 Days Shangri-La Tour with Meili Snow Mountain & Yubeng Village Hiking

    Hike distance: about 55km

    There is a saying going among hikers and outdoor enthusiasts - “If you don’t go to paradise, then go to Yubeng.” Yubeng Village, about 38 kilometers away from Meili Snow Mountain, is a secret and mysterious Tibetan Village hidden on the pure land at the foot of Meili Snow Mountain. This tour is an in-depth exploration of all highlights in the earthly paradise with extension to Meili Snow Mountain for golden sunrise and unbelievable trekking trips to Yubeng Village. The 4-day trekking will be tough. BUT, it will reward you breathtaking scenery, making you traveling in heaven. It will surely be the journey from “hell” to “heaven”!

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  • Yubeng Trekking Tour

    5 Days Yubeng Trekking Tour

    Hike distance: about 55km

    As one of the most popular hiking trails in China, Yubeng Village hiking under the magnificent holy Meili Snow Mountain is dreamed and achieved by a lot of nature and adventure fans. This hiking trip arranges 1 day for your arrival and an advantageous overlook at Meili snow peaks and shows you all the fantastic primitive scenery at the hidden Yubeng with a memorable challenging but worthy trekking above 3000-3700 meters above sea level. Of course the must-see sacred Waterfall, Ice Lake, Yubeng Upper and Lower Villages households, stream, etc. are covered to ignite your 4 full days’ hiking trail!

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  • Yubeng Trekking Tour

    4 Days Yubeng Tour with Basic Hiking

    Hike distance: about 30km

    If you are seeking for a comparatively more simpler hiking trip to Yubeng, take this package! This tour takes you to enjoy the amazing trekking exploration around the essential part of Yubeng. You will take the tourist SUV to escape the muddy part, and spend 2 days hiking at the most beautiful core of Yubeng and discovering the top must-see Sacred Waterfall, Yubeng Village, Ninong Grand Canyon, etc. to feel the authentic natural beauty and mind-purifying magic of Yubeng in Shangri-La. Besides, before the hiking, our local guide will take you to discover the famous monasteries, snow peaks, etc. to enrich your way. Go to hike and explore!

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What Can You Expect from Yubeng Trekking

Yubeng Village is quite different from other hiking destinations for its high altitude and hidden location nestling snow mountains, making Yubeng hiking a totally distinct but amazing experience in one’s life!

Yubeng TrekkingGolden Sunrise (view from Feilai Temple View Platform) 13月的思念©ctrip.com

Admire Meili Snow Mountain

Yubeng has some advantageous place to overlook the sacred Meili Snow Mountain sparkling in sunshine, such as Nanzong Pass, some hostels at Yubeng Upper Village and Yubeng Lower Village. In great sunny days, it is also possible to catch the rare and precious golden peak at sunrise with the clean blue sky backdrop. Besides, almost people visit Feilai Monastery before Yubeng trekking, Feilaisi Observation Deck enjoys cool angle to appreciate the 13 peaks of Meili Snow Mountain.

Yubeng TrekkingYubeng Village C-IMAGE©ctrip.com

Pleased by Arcadia Landscapes

Yubeng is favored by hiking travelers as an arcadia to escape from the crowded and noisy urban. Hiking in such a primitive and serene wonderland, you will enjoy a worthy visual SPA with the holy alpine lakes and flying waterfall respected by local Tibetan villagers, worry-free horses and other small animals, seasonal dancing blossoms, and those colorful prayer flags fluttering here and there along the trail. Besides, the frequently changing clouds and mists show various appearance of Meili and Yubeng, making a fairyland for your soaking. That is also the highly idyllic treat to comfort your mind and soul.

Yubeng TrekkingOur Customer visited Yubeng Ice Lake

Ever-Unique Hiking Experience

Unlike other hiking destinations, Yubeng actually can be treated as a wild mountain hiking place with higher difficulty. Due to the high hiking route altitude ranging between around 3100 to 3900 meters, it is a little hard and dangerous for regular hiking lovers to try the alpine trekking, even a large part of the way is dirt road and invisible road. However, the nice scenic surprises along the route is worthy, as you will pass verdant forests with strange trees, lush thickets, alpine meadows, quiet villages, and some challenging slopes, canyon, streams, valleys, etc. for a physical improvement. There is no doubt to say that a Yubeng Hiking trip is a special or unique experience in your life!

How to Plan a Yubeng Trekking Tour

Almost all travelers visit Yubeng Village from Shangri-La after landing there by flight or car. And transfer to the nearby Feilai Monastery with about 4 hours’ car drive. Most people plan 4 days hiking from Xidang, along Nanzong Pass, Yubeng Upper and Lower Villages, Ice Lake, Sacred Waterfall and Ninong Grand Canyon for a classic Yubeng hiking experience. And for those with not so good strength, they could cut 1 day off and enjoy a 3-day Yubeng hiking trip. Please check the detailed hiking tour itineraries below!

Yubeng Village Location Map

5 Days Classic Yubeng Hiking (with 4 days’ hiking)

Hike distance: about 55km

Day 1 ~ Arrive in Shangri-La and transfer to Feilai Monastery to visit the Tibetan Buddhist culture and look at Meili Snow Mountain;

Day 2 ~ Appreciate Meili Snow Mountain sunrise and 13 peaks view from Feilaisi Observation Deck; transfer to Xidang Spring with 1.5 hours’ drive; hike from Xidang Spring via Nanzong Pass to Upper Yubeng Village for accommodation; (hiking 6-7 hours)

Day 3 ~ Hike from Upper Yubeng via Xiaonong Base Camp to Ice Lake and hike back to Upper Yubeng; (hiking about 7 hours)

Day 4 ~ Hike from Upper Yubweng to Sacred Waterfall and circle for 3 times and hike back via Upper Yubeng Village to Lower Yubeng Village for accommodation; (hiking about 5 hours)

Day 5 ~ Trek from Lower Yubeng Village via Ninong Grand Canyon to Ninong Bridge; go back to Shangri-La by car to end the hiking trip! (hiking about 4 hours)

4 Days Basic Yubeng Hiking (with 2 days’ hiking)

Hike distance: about 30km

Day 1 ~ Arrive in Shangri-La and transfer to Feilai Monastery to visit the Tibetan Buddhist culture and look at Meili Snow Mountain;

Day 2 ~ Appreciate Meili Snow Mountain sunrise and 13 peaks view from Feilaisi Observation Deck; transfer to Xidang Spring with 1.5 hours’ drive; take the tourist SUV from Xidang Spring to Upper Yubeng Village for accommodation;

Day 3 ~ Hike from Upper Yubeng to Sacred Waterfall and circle for 3 times and hike back via Upper Yubeng Village to Lower Yubeng Village for accommodation; (hiking about 5 hours)

Day 4 ~ Trek from Lower Yubeng Village via Ninong Grand Canyon to Ninong Bridge; go back to Shangri-La by car to end the hiking trip! (hiking about 4 hours)

Yubeng Village Trekking Map

Most Important Yubeng Trekking Notes

1.Where to stay for your Yubeng Trekking Trip

There are mainly three places to stay around Yubeng, namely Feilaisi Village, Yubeng Upper Village and Yubeng Lower Village. Feilaisi Village on the way from Shangri-La to Yubeng has a few starred hotels and some hostels to choose. While, Upper and Lower Yubeng Villages about 40 minutes walking distance away offers a few basic homestays with basic hot water, shower, etc. Besides, there are quite a few exquisite boutique homestays with higher rates which provides comfortable rooms with private bathroom, hot water and breakfast.

2.You can use the tourist SUV and horse riding to shorten your hiking

Private cars can only reach Xidang, without the permit to further access to Yubeng Village. If you want to save energy and jump over the muddy first part, you can take the tourist SUV from Xidang Spring to Nanzong Pass, Upper Yubeng or Lower Yubeng with different extra charges. It usually needs only 40 minutes from Xidang to Upper Yubeng by the SUV. Also, if you want to reduce the difficulty on the hiking way, there are some horses can be rented on the way to Ice Lake and Sacred Waterfall.

3.How to Get to Yubeng Village

Shangri-La is the best gateway to Yubeng. You can take a flight or car to Shangri-La from some major domestic cities first, and then take a car to Xidang Spring for about 6 hours. However, it is more suggested to arrive at Feilai Monastery first with about 4.5 hours riding and transfer to Xidang with about 1.5 hours car riding in the next morning! After reaching Xidang, you can hike to Upper Yubeng for about 5-6 hours or take the tourist SUV for about 40 minutes.

4.Best Time to Hike Yubeng & Wear Tips

Generally, spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) are the best seasons to hike at Yubeng, when is pleasant with moderate temperature and weather condition, and also is attractive with seasonal colors. Summer is good, but there are usually lots of rainy days with some danger. In spring and autumn, you can wear quick-dry long-sleeves, trousers, coats, hats, socks, comfortable hiking shoes, etc. In summer, quick-dry shorts, pants or trousers, light coats, hats, socks, comfortable hiking shoes, etc. are more suggested.

5.What to Pack for Yubeng Trekking

• A hiking bag;
• Medium or high top waterproof hiking shoes and gaiters;
• Quick-dry clothes (down coat style in winter and light ones in other seasons);
• Outdoor raincoat;
• Sunscreen and hats;
• Kneepads;
• Gloves;
• Walking sticks or alpenstock;
• A small flashlight;
• Mosquito repellent;
• Snacks;
• At least two bottles of Water;
• Camera;
• Oxygen tanks;
• Other personal items.

Recommended Top Yunnan Tour Packages

Apart from Yubeng, there are abundant beautiful and interesting places to visit in the colorful Yunnan Province, such as Shangri-La, Lijiang, Kunming, Dali, Yuanyang, Xishuangbanna, Tengchong, and so forth. If you have more time, it is highly recommended to extend your trip to those amazing destinations to enrich your travel experience. Please contact us if you have any question or interest for a Yunnan trip or Yunnan China trip!

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