Great Wall of China Hiking 2019

Great Wall of China is one of the most known destinations in the world which has many brilliant fames – one of “Eight Wonders of the World”, visible from moon and Earth orbit, the longest wall in the world, the greatest military project of ancient China, one of World Heritage Sites…visit this brilliant walls is once in a lifetime trip, while hiking is the best way to explore this iconic Chinese structural masterpiece.

The State Bureau of Cultural Relics announced in 2012 that the Great Wall of China has a total length of 21196.18 km, covering more than 15 provincial regions. But only 6259 km are actual walls. The condition ranges from excellent to ruined. Geographically the Great Wall stretches on thousands of mountains and hills with different heights. As a result, the hiking ease varies from easy to very difficult. China Discovery takes you to hike the best sections which keep the original features, and are available for hiking, such as the Mutianyu Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall, etc. The hiking experience can be customized according to your dates, budget and physical condition.

Best Great Wall Sections for Hiking

It is the better idea to explore the sections of Great Wall which has less crowds, and keep the wild original feature well. The Ming Dynasty Great Wall in Hebei Province, Beijing, Tianjin is the most suitable for hiking. Well, since some great walls are forbidden for hiking, some are filled with tourists. We have selects following great walls which are suggested for hiking most. (Jinshanling Great Wall will be closed for road and other tourist facilities construction from June 1, 2017. The reopening date has not been released yet. Travelers are not allowed to visit.)

  • Jinshanling Great Wall

    Jinshanling Great Wall

    Jinshanling Great Wall is one of the best preserved sections of Ming Great Wall which is featured in steep mountains, ornate and dense towers.

  • Simatai Great Wall

    Simatai Great Wall

    Many sections of Simatai Great Wall are ruined, but you can see its grandiose original views from its walls, towers, stones, etc.

  • Mutianyu Great Wall

    Mutianyu Great Wall features in dense vagetation, ornate forts and towers, steric views. It has fewer tourists compared to Badaling.

Best Great Wall Hiking Tour Packages

Below are our travel experts’ handpicked the top Great Wall Hiking tour packages which take you to explore the best sections of Great Wall. The hiking usually departs from Beijing, after a short driving to the outskirts region of Beijing where you can get valuable Great Wall hiking. If time allows, we advise you take a Beijing city tour plus the Great Wall hiking, which is more enjoyable and fun.

Great Wall hiking

2 Days Mutianyu and Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking

Beijing Mutianyu Jinshanling

Tour Pace:Comfortable

During this two days hiking, you will explore both wild and well-preserved sections of Great Wall. Mutianyu offers mightiest views of Great Wall. While Jinshanling Great Wall is featured in wild walls, towers build on steep mountains. The hiking is enjoyable and safe.

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Great Wall hiking

2 Days Jinshanling and Simatai Great Wall Wild Hiking

Beijing JinshanlingSimatai

Tour Pace:Comfortable

Jinshanling and Simatai are two famous sections of Great Wall which keep the wild features. During this tour, you will start the great wall hiking from Beijing, trek Jinshanling first, then go to hike the Simatai. Enjoy the fabulous fun of hiking on these brilliant walls while burning your energy with your feet.

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Great Wall hiking

4 Days Classic Beijing Tour with Great Wall Hiking

Beijing JinshanlingSimatai

Tour Pace:Comfortable

Explore the fabulous history and local culture of Beijing, and take a side trip to the hike the JinshanlinG Great Wall of China so that you will have a complete and memorable vacation in Beijing.

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Recommended Great Hiking Routes

1. Mutianyu Great Hiking Half Day

This half day hiking tour is perfectly taken as a brief great wall experience in a Beijing tour. You can see the best views of great wall, but also get rid of the crowds. You drive from Beijing to the Mutianyu Great Wall, then hike the great wall with enjoyable pace. The rest time is still enough for you to get back to Beijing, and see Ding Tomb of Ming Dynasty.

2. Mutianyu to Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking

This route takes two days to go. You will depart from your hotel in Beijing, drive about 1.5 hours to hike the Mutianyu Great Wall. You will spend about 3 hours on the Mutianyu, then get down the foot of Mutianyu to have lunch. After then, you need to drive about 2 hours to Jinshanling Great Wall. There are some good hotels near to Jinshanling Great Wall. Take a good rest. You can get up early to hike up to one of the towers to see the amazing sunrise from the great wall. Then spend about 4~5 hours to hike, and explore the best highlights of Jinshanling Great Wall.

3. Jinshanling Great Wall to Simatai Great Wall Hiking

This route is the best for those who want to see some original features of the ancient great wall. Jinshanling and Simatai are two great sections of great wall which have kept some original things. And the challenging paths there seem to be the most attractive reason. You need two days to finish this route. You will drive nearly 3 hours to get to Jinshanling firstly, then start your hiking in Jinshanling from Zhuanduo Tower on the west to the East Tower with Five Holes. This hiking takes about 4 hours. Then get back to your hotel close to the tourist center. On the second day, go to hike the Simatai Great Wall. Since Simatai Great Wall is divided by the Yuanyang Lake into two parts. If you want to hike both sides, you have to hike about 5 hours. After the hiking, drive back to Beijing.

Best time to hike Great Wall

The Great Wall is suitable for travel during all year around. But hiking the great wall is really something that weather matters most. Generally, April to November is the recommended time to hike the Great Wall. And summer and autumn are two best seasons to have a wonderful Great Wall hiking. Though summer is hot, but it is usually sunny, which makes the walls and towers clear to see. Besides, in summer, the mountains the Great Wall built on welcomes a flourish period for green plants. You will see the fabulous Great Walls snaking along the green hills and mountains. In autumn, it is usually cool and sunny when is the best time for hiking and photography. The plants turn to golden and red. But put it in mind to watch out the strong wild.

How to get to the Great Wall

There are mainly 5 different sections of the Great Wall opening to the public, which are scattered around the outskirts of Beijing, namely, Mutianyu Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall, Jianshanling Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall and Jiankou Great Wall. Since the geographic condition, distance to Beijing and available transportation methods of the great walls differ from one another. Here, we did some research and the detailed information on how to get to each section is provided for your reference. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Gears to be packed

Since you only have to hike about half day to some best highlight sections of Great Wall, so you don't have to camp for overnight. You can get supply from Beijing and some towns near to Great Wall. You only need to pack some personal gears, such as light and comfortable walking shoes, outdoor coat and pants. Besides, an alpenstock is necessary. You'd better also pack sun cream, sun glasses.

Other Top Recommended Tour Packages including Great Wall Hiking

Following are some best tour packages with more days which also cover the highlights of Great Wall hiking. You can travel Great Wall with other famous destinations which also offer great hiking trails, such as Guilin. If you have other idea, please feel free to contact us to customize a trip for you.

Witness the countless Terracotta Warriors
8 Days Best of China Tour

Beijing / Xian / Shanghai

Great Wall Hiking
6 Days Classic Beijing Tour with In-depth Great Wall Experience


Great Wall Hiking Tour
11 Days Great Wall & Li River Hiking Tour

Beijing / Xian / Guilin / Shanghai

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