Mount Emei Hiking

Visit the sacred Buddhist Mount Emei with enjoyable and interesting hiking.

If you are a mountain climbing lover, you must come to challenge the Mount Emei. With an elevation of 3099 meters, but there is a hiking trails more than 60 kilometers. More importantly, there are many things to do while taking the challenging steps up to the top of the mountain. You can not only enjoy the fun of climbing, but also visit the holy and peaceful Buddhist temples, explore the wondeful wild plants and animals, etc.

Travelers usually transfer from Chengdu to Mount Emei, then start to hike from the lower region of Mount Emei. There are two major routes up to the top with many sections. You can choose your prefered sections to hike according to your dates and physical conditon.

Best Mount Emei Hiking Tour Packages

Climbing Mount Emei is a enjoyable trip on which you can get joy of both natural sightseeing and cultural touching. Usually,3 or 4 days are needed to finish the classic hiking trails. Generally, there are two recommended routes: Qingyin Pavilion to Golden Summit or Wanniansi Temple to Golden Summit. Both two routes offer top hiking experience. You can also contact us to design the hiking itinerary of your own.

  • Mount Emei Hiking Tour

    3 Days Mount Emei Tour with Short Hike

    Hike distance: 10km

    This special-designed hiking tour in Mount Emei will take you deeper into Mount Emei, to appreciate the breathtaking natural beauty, as well as the scared Buddhist culture. The amazing sunrise and sea of cloud in a fine day will be a lifetime memory.

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  • 3 Days Mount Emei Classic Walking Tour

    3 Days Mount Emei Classic Walking Tour

    Hike distance: 35km

    Want to enjoy the fun of walking, and visit the best attractions on the Mount Emei? This is the trip. You will hike from Wannian Temple to the Golden Summit. On route, you will explore the breathtaking scenery, but also visit the famous Buddhist temples.

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  • 4 Days Mount Emei In-depth Hiking Tour

    Hike distance: 45km

    From Qingyin Pavilion to the Golden Summit - this is the most popular and challenging hiking trails which need at least two days to finish. While, the hiking is also a journey of sightseeing and culture exploration. Many highlight attractions are situated along the road

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Mount Emei Hiking Highlights

If you want to explore the real beauty and cultural essence of Mount Emei, hiking is the best way. An organized Mount Emei hiking takes you to challenge the stone-paved paths up and down, to meet the unexpected monasteries and temples, to get close touch the original wild living animals and plants on Mount Emei.

Mount Emei Hiking

Relaxing challenging walk

Most of hiking trails on Mount Emei are some narrow stone-paved walking paths from the foot of mountain to the summit. These paths used to be the only way to get to the top of mountain. Some were built hundreds years ago, some were newly built. These paths also connect each monastery, temple, valley, etc. The summit of Mount Emei is 3099m, but actually it is a stretching mountain range which consists of mountains with different height. To get to the summit, walking paths were built on these up and down mountains, and links to each other. Some sections are very steep and long which is a little bit challenging. But for hiking lovers, it is a great joy to overcome the hard way

Mount Emei Hiking

Visiting peaceful monasteries and temples

Mount Emei is one of Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains in China. It is the traditionally regarded as the place of enlightenment of the bodhisattva Samantabhadra. There are total 26 monasteries hidden in the deep mountains. 8 most influential monasteries are: Baoguo Monastery, Fuhu Monastery, Qingyin Pavillion, Wannian Temple, Hongchunping Temple, Xianfeng Temple, Xixiangchi Temple and Huazang Monastery. It is a impressive to meet an unexpected temples when you are walking on the stone paths. You can take a rest in the monastery, appreciate the featured Buddhist buildings, and observe the living of monks.

Mount Emei Hiking

Get close to natural wildness

Stepping into Mount Emei, you enter a fantastic wild nature world. It is reported that there are more than 3000 species of plants, more than 2300 species of animals. Among all these plants and animals, the wild monkeys are the most famous mainly because of their naughtiness and cleverness. To some extent, these monkeys are the real hosts of this magic mountain. They play, jump among trees. Some monkeys are too rude to rob foods from tourists. So you'd better not have foods in your hands or hang outside of your bags. A cane is usually helpful to drive them away. Some monkeys are very friendly, and easy to play with. There are three main areas for monkeys - Ecological monkey area on the lower Emei, and Xixiangchi Monastery region and Leidongping Region.

How to Plan Mount Emei Hike Tour

You can take Mount Emei an independent plan, or travel Emei with Leshan Giant Buddha, Chengdu, or other destinations in Sichuan. The most popular and regular way is to get to Mount Emei from Chengdu by car or train.

The distance from the foot of Mount Emei to the summit is 40~60km. One can't finish the whole route in a single day. You can choose to hike some highlight section, or hike in two days.

One day hiking

If you want to hike Mount Emei in one day, you are suggested to hike only two best recommended sections: Qingyinge Pavillion to Wannian Temple; Leidongping to Golden Summit. Leave Qingyin Pavillion in the early morning, hike about 1.6km/30 minutes to White Dragon Cave, and continue with another walking of 2km/40minutes from White Dragon Cave to Wannian Temple. The best highlights of this section is to enjoy the quiet and wild natural scenery of lower Mount Emei, and to visit the famous featured Wannian Temple which is located among mountains with ancient Buddhist temples, towers and ornate garden. From Wannian Temple, you will take the eco bus to Leidongping, which takes about 1 hour. Leidongping is located the upper region of Emei with an elevation of 2430m. Walk about 1.5km from Leidongping to Jieyin Ting(Cable car station). Here you have two choices: hike to the Golden Summit and return back by cable car, or take cable car to the Golden Summit, and walk down. The distance from Jieyin Ting to Golden Summit is about 6km which needs about 2~3 hours to hike.

Two day hiking

If you have two days for hiking, there are two suggested routes: Qingyin Pavilion to Golden Summit, Wannian Temple to Golden Summit. Both routes need two days to go, including the sightseeing to monasteries.

Hiking from Qingyin Pavillion to Golden Summit (45km)

Section 1: Qingyin Pavillion - Xixiangchi Temple

Today, you will hike more than 32km to Xixiangchi Temple, approximately 8 hours. Start hiking from Qingyin Pavillion to the first stop - Hongchunping(6km). On route, you will pass the famous Ecological monkey area. Keep walking about 15km upward to Xianfeng Temple. Then you can take a rest in Xianfeng Temple, and have a lunch. Continue hiking, and after some up and downs, you will get to Xixiangchi Temple which is a great place for enjoy the breathtaking mountain views of Emei.

Section 2: Xixiangchi Temple - Golden Summit

This section is already as the upper region of Mount Emei. This section is relatively relaxing which is also a great experience to enjoy the clean fresh airs, explore some aged wild huge trees, or see the beautiful azaleas. After about 7.5 km's walking, you will reach Leidongping. Leidongping has some better restaurants for you to have a feast meal. Then you have to take the last hiking up to the Golden Summit.

Hiking from Wannian Temple to Golden Summit (35km)

Section 1 - Wanniansi Temple - Leidongping

Firstly, you need to get to Wanniansi Parking Lot by eco bus, which takes about 30 minutes. Then walk about 30 minutes to visit the Wanniansi Temple. Visit the Budhist halls, towers, beautiful gardens within 1 hour. Then you need to set out for the long hiking to Leidongping. First, hike about 12km from Wannian Temple to Jiulinggang. On route, you will meet two other old and peaceful Buddhist temples with little monks - Xixin Suo and Chu Dian. Jiulinggang is the jointing place where can join other travelers who go another way from Qingyin Pavilion. Keep hiking 2.5 km to see the Xixiangchi Temple. Unlike the former route, your final destination for today is Leidongping where you can get better accommodation and meals.

Section 2 - Leidongping - Golden Summit

If you want to see the amazing sunrise of Mount Emei, you need to get up about 4 o'clock to catch the sunrise which usually occurs about 6 o'clock. If you are not interested in the sunrise, you can get up later, and have breakfast, then take the last hiking up to Golden Summit. Stay there for several hours, then get back to Leidongping for the eco bus back to Baoguo Temple.

Recommended Top Tour Packages including Mount Emei

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