Travel Necessities and Pack Ideas

Following is the list of items should be brought from home and articles you can buy in China for the families who travel China with infants or little kids.

Items packed from home

Diaper cream: it is tough to find the diaper cream in many local stores except for some westerner-cater supermarket (Carrefour) or certain Watsons stores. So you can bring from home since it is also tinny.

Infant formula: if your kid prefers one or two brands of formula, you can bring from home. Some local supermarkets and large stores also sell some infant formula, such as Nestle, Similac and Dnfamil.

Snacks: your kid’s farorite snacks my not sell in China, so bring some when packing.

Disinfectant gel: hard to find it, only sold in markets for expat, and usually the price is much higher. Can pack some bottles.

Children's fever suspension medicine: bring many that you and your kids usually use.

Children's antihistamine: to prevent from possible allergy

Children's rehydration powder or liquid: this powder or liquid helps a lot if your kids get tummy bug, food poisoning or diarrhea.

Small first-aid kit: this kid can be small, but should contain some bandaids, disinfectant ointment, after-bit ointment for bug bites and alcohol swabs. And carry the kit along especially when you are hiking or taking part in other outdoor activities.

Mosquito spray: there are many mosquito spray sell in the local stores, but little of them are kid-friendly. So bring one small bottle from home.

Pack for kid travel in China Pack for kid travel in China

Items you can buy in local stores

Diapers: some international brands of diapers sell in the large supermarket or infant store, such as the Huggies and Pampers. But you have to know the weight of your kid in kilograms since all diapers in Chinese stores are labeled in kilogram.

Wet wipes:: you have many choices of web and diaper wipes in local stores and supermarkets. The Hong Kong chain stores Watsons are the best place to buy the wet wipes.

Tissues: small packed tissues can be found in most stores in China.

Plastic bags: different kinds of bags sell in the local market. We recommend buy some firm and light Ziplock bags to keep different stuffs.

Heinz baby food: The food of Heinz is very popular in China. You can get from large supermarkets. But the menus here is a little different from those in US because the ingredients differ a little. There might be sugar added in the food, so check the information on the pack carefully.

Evian water: the Evian water is good to mix with formula, though expensive, but quality is ensured.

100% juice:: the American juice brand Great Lake(大湖) can be found in large supermarket easily. All the juices are 100%.

Infant formula: we strongly suggest you bring enough formula from home because the import formula are usually safer and nutrient. You can get supply from upscale supermarkets, such as the Carrefour. There are also some stores exclusively selling import food (ask your tour guide).

Organic vegetables & fruits:upscale supermarkets such as Parkson and Carrefour sell a wide range of organic vegetables and fruits.

Milk: import milk are usually safer than local brands. So you can pack some UHT milk along. You can also get supply in the upscale supermarkets, such as Parkson and Carrefour.

Note: relevant to larger cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

Pack for kid travel in China Pack for kid travel in China Pack for kid travel in China

Diaper Bag for daily usage:

Disinfectant gel

Wet wipes


Changing Pad(s)


Water bottle/sippy cup

First-aid kit


Pack for kid travel in China

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Flying tips
What can you bring on the plane when you're leaving Beijing for baby. Can you bring formula powder and liquid can you bring bottled water pouches of baby food and baby medications such as Tylenol and Benadryl ? United States TSA and United airlines are not very helpful . Thank you! I want to be prepared so I can feed my daughter properly.
2017-09-15 06:15
Dear Jody,

Thanks for your message. We have no clear idea the regulation on the Luggage Allowance of airline companies of USA. But in China, you can bring the stuffs you mentioned to the plan.

In China, passenger's free luggage allowance (includes carry - on luggage and checked luggage) is various from ticket class. For each first class ticket holder, adult or child, free luggage allowance is 40kg (88 pounds), while it is 30kg (66 pounds) for business passenger and 20kg (44 pounds) for economy class passenger. There is no free luggage for infant ticket passenger. Weight of checked luggage should be within 50kg (110 pounds) with volume of 40×60×100cm for every passenger, otherwise you will be charged extra for overweight.

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