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Travel China with Kids: family friendly destinations

Where should you go to visit as the family vaction? What are the destinations that both the adults and kids can get fun?


The capital city Beijing is the best place for your family and kids to learn about the Chinese culture and history. Your kids may have already known the Forbidden City, Great Wall, Summer Palace from book, internet or television, but only after visiting these sites, their imagination will really become the reality. Besides, there are many children-like activities in these attractions, such as the Toboggan on the Great Wall, boating in the Summer Palace, flying kite in the temple of heaven. At the same time, your kids may also be interested in visiting the Beijing Zoo, Beijing Ocean Park, Beijing World Park, etc. They will definitely have a lot of fun in Beijing.


Great Wall – leisure walking, Toboggan ride

Summer Palace – explore royal garderning , boating on Kunming Lake

Temple of Heaven – flying kite

Hutong – visiting local family, making dumpling, richshaw

Park & Zoo – wild lives, sea world

Recommended activities in Beijing for your family Popular things to do in Beijing
Destinations for family travel


If your kids are interested in China history, you must bring them to Xian. The city used to be the capital city of 13 ancient China dynasties, as the culture center of ancient China. The classic landmark attractions, such as Ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, are recommended for all ages of travelers. The specific Northern Chinese Culture is everywhere, blended in people’s dinning, custom, etc.


Terracotta Warriors – not only visit, but also learn to make mini terracotta.

Ancient City Wall – cycling or just wandering

Visiting local family – learn to make dumplings

Evening show – antique instrument and dancing show

Recommended activities in Xian for your family Popular things to do in Xian
Destinations for family travel


Want to see the new look of modern China with your family? Shanghai is the best place to go. Besides, the top class accommodation, diverse food, convenient transportation will ensure your family a very enjoyable stay in Shanghai. To explore the prosperity of Shanghai, you can go to the Jinmao Tower, Nanjing Road, etc. Well, the charming things of Shanghai are the hidden history among the uprising buildings, as well the unique custom beneath the fashion face.


The Bund – leisure walk, enjoy the skyline and night neon light views

Old Shanghai – Yu Garden, Old French Concession

Kid-friendly park and zoos - Shanghai Ocean Park. Shanghai Wild Animal Park Shanghai Natural Wild-insect Kingdom

Night activities – cruising the Huangpu River, enjoying a Chinese Acrobatics Show

Recommended activities in Shanghai for your family Popular things to do in Shanghai
Destinations for family travel

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, your family will explore the unique blend of East and West where the churches site next to the traditional Chinese temples, peaceful fishing villages extend the city skyline. More importantly, you will get a great comfort here because people are friendly and respectful, streets are clean, and facilities are modern and friendly usable. Besides, the attractions and activities for your family are diverse and flexible.


Disneyland – exciting family adventure

Ocean Park – fantastic exhibition and performance

Symphony of Lights Show

Gold Fish market!

Recommended activities in Hong Kong for your family Popular things to do in Hong Kong
Destinations for family travel


The nature beauty is favored by not only the adults, but also the children. So where to get this both-like landscape? The answer is certainly the Guilin. Unlike the other landscape, such as high peak, vast prairie, torrential rivers, the scenery in Guilin is picturesque like a traditional Chinese painting – peaceful, charming, energetic, fresh…More importantly, you can explore all these sceneries with many different leisure way, such as rafting, boating, cruising, cycling, even the helicopter, etc.


Enjoying the Picturesque Natural Beauty

Taking Outdoor Activities

Getting Close to the Locals

Joining in a Chinese Cooking Class

Appreciating the Local Folk Shows

Recommended activities in Guilin for your family Popular things to do in Guilin
Destinations for family travel


There is a saying – “One will be reluctant to leave once coming to Chengdu”. To figure out the reason, you really should take your family to the city and be its guests. Chengdu is famous for leisure living style and Sichuan Cuisine, especially the hot pots. So, with your family, explore the slow-pace local life at parks, and taste the spicy hot pot in a busy restaurant. But don’t miss the most important things to do – visit the cute Giant Panda. You can also attend a volunteering program to take care of these cute animals. If time is enough, you can extend your trip to visit the most beautiful waterscape in China – Jiuzhaigou Valley, or go to visit the famous Buddhist sites – Leshan Giant Buddha and Emeishan Mountain.


Visiting Giant Pandas or doing volunteering work in panda bases

Local parks – Renmin Park is the best place to experience the local living

Sichuan cuisines – spicy hot pot is the best feature, but there are also many other Sichuan cuisines

Sichuan opera show – most performed at Jinli or Qingtai Road.

Recommended activities in Chengdu for your family Popular things to do in Chengdu
Destinations for family travel


You must be familiar with the Chinese Kung fu stars, such as Jachie Chen, Bruce Lee or Jet Li. Then you must also be wondering where to study or see the best Kung fu in China. The answer must be the Shaoling Temple in Dengfeng. Taking an exciting Shaoling Kung fu class, or watching an interesting Kungfu performance, will be an great memory of your kids. Besides the Shaoling Temple, you can also go to visit the Longmen Grottoes and White Horse Temple in Luoyang, which is a great chance to learn about the Buddhist culture.


Shaoling Temple – learn the real Chinese Kungfu, enjoy Kungfu show

Longmen Grottoes – educational UNESCO World Heritage Site

Museum - The Ancient Tombs Museum and Luoyang Museum

Recommended activities in Luoyang for your family Popular things to do in Luoyang
Destinations for family travel


Harbin is the best destination for winter holiday. Every winter, the city becomes a world of snow and ice. There are various winter activities as adventure for your family, including skiing, skating, etc. Most ski resorts are kid-friendly, and can take care of your children well. The biggest event is the annual International Ice and Snow Festival which is usually held from December to the February of next year when your families can not only attend different kinds of winter activities, but also see the amazing sculptures of different looks and sizes.


Harbin Ice and Snow Amusement World – amazing ice sculptures of towers, castles, even a city.

Zhongyang Pedestrian Street – local snacks, shopping street

Siberian Tiger Park – rare Siberia tigers, also other endangered species of tigers

Popular things to do in Harbin Recommended activities in Harbin for your family
Destinations for family travel

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