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9 Days Guilin Guizhou In-depth Highlights Tour

Best Travel Experiences in Guilin and Guizhou


Guilin is always one of the most popular traveling destinations in China while its neighbor Guizhou, which used to be quite USUAL many years ago, is now also a rising star as high speed railways have been constructed to Guizhou, many globe medias reported its unique ethnic villages, UNESCO listed its Buddhist mountain Fanjingshan as World Heritage Site. Both two places offer you some great opportunities to admire the beauty of our Mother Nature and experience local authentic culture. So it is strongly recommended to extend your Guilin trip to Guizhou to visit the beautiful villages as well as the NEW Star – Fanjingshan. You won’t regret at all after the trip.

Highlights of this tour

  • Hike Fanjingshan, the World Heritage epic site to enjoy its breathtaking views of stones, peaks and forest, also explore its Buddhist history and culture.
  • Venture into the hand-picked idyllic villages of Miao ethnic group and Dong ethnic group in Guizhou, and join local friendly people to sing, dance and enjoy parties;
  • Traveling to one of the most beautiful terraces in China - Longji Rice Terrace and enjoying some leisure hiking.

Basic Trip Information

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  1. 1. This price is for one person, based on a group of 2 adults sharing one double-bed room in 4-star hotel and traveling in low seasons;
  2. 2. This price is subject to change according your traveling season, group size, hotel class, change of activities and possible fluctuation of currency exchange rate.
Travel Route:
Guilin / Longsheng / Yangshuo / Zhaoxing / Kaili / Fanjingshan
Travel Length:
Tour Code:
Group Size:
You, your family, friends or group
Any day you want

Full Itinerary Day by day (Can Be Customized)

Day 1 Guilin Arrival

Welcome to Guilin, the most scenic city in China. Upon arrival, your personal tour guide and driver will meet you at the airport or train station, and then escort you to your hotel. The rest of the day is yours to have fun on your own.

Evening Ideas: In the evening, if you want, you can to take a leisure walk around the famous city water system - Two Rivers and Four Lakes for the amazing night views.

Arrival Ideals: At present, there are many international and domestic flights to Guilin. Besides, you can take a high speed train to Guilin from Guiyang (about 2.5 hours), Guangzhou (about 3 hours), Changsha (about 3.5 hours), etc.

Two Rivers and Four Lakes
Day 2 Guilin - Longsheng ( B )

In this morning, you’ll be driven about 90km (about 2.5 hours) to witness one of the most beautiful rice terraces in China - Longji Rice Terrace, an amazing feat of farm engineering rising up to 1000m high in Longsheng County. There are several featured Zhuang and Yao minority villages along the road and you’ll take a visit to the special Huangluo Yao Village, the First Village of Long Hair in the World, where you can see women in red ethnic clothes with very long hairs (the longest can reach up to 1.7 meters).

Later, continue your drive to a beautiful 600-year-old Zhuang Village - Ping’an and check in your hotel located near the rice terraces. After some rest, start to explore the breathtaking views. The rice terrace is layer upon layer, like the changing ladder created by nature leading to the blue sky, forming a majestic painting between heaven and earth. From Ping’an, you can hike on the cobbled paths built among terraces to catch the best landscape. Climb up to the great lookouts at Seven Stars with Moon and Nine Dragons and Five Tigers from which you can get superlative views of terraces and villages. Hike half day around, then back to Ping’an for dinner and accommodation. 

Good to Know:

1. Best time to visit: Longji Rice Terrace can be visited all year round. Go mid-April to mid-June for mirror-like irrigated terrace and rice transplanting scene; go mid-June to mid-September for green terraces; go late September to early-October for golden and harvest scene.

2. Walking: When arriving at Ping’an Village, you can only be dropped at Ping’an Village Tourist Center parking lot that you need to walk about 900 steps to your hotel. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended!

3. Luggage carrying: For the aged or travelers who are lack of physical strength, you’d better hire a local porter to help carry your heavy luggage to the hotel (pay extra expense on your own).

4. Notice: The Viewing Platform of Seven Stars with Moon is under a reconstruction which means it is closed for travelers at present. The hiking route between Seven Stars with Moon and Nine Dragons and Five Tigers would do some adjustment during the construction. You won’t miss the amazing rice terraces scenery when visiting.

Golden Rice Terrace Fields  (Late September ~ Early October)Green Longji Rice Terrace (June ~ August)Huangluo Yao Village - the First Village of Long Hair in the World
Day 3 Longsheng to Guilin (B, L)

When you wake up in the fresh air of peaceful morning, you may forget where you are. You can go to watch the magnificent sunrise from a great location on the terraces. The rest time of this morning is free on your own to have fun - you can take some leisure walk around and experience local ethnic culture in the villages, or, make full use of the wonderful chance in such a perfect place to take some beautiful photographs.

Lastly, drive back to Guilin city to visit the symbol of Guilin landscape - Elephant Trunk Hill. A giant rock hill vividly shapes like an elephant which is drinking water. Besides, there are many historical sites here for you to explore, such as stone carving, Buddhist temple, relic exhibition, etc. Then, drive about 7 kilometers to next attraction - Reed Flute Cave, a majestic underground palace with sparkling different colors. The magical Mother Nature condenses millions years of natural efforts to form the incredible stalactite, stalagmite, stone shield and stone waterfall of different sizes and shapes.

Accommodate at Guilin city.

Plan B - In-depth Longji Terraces Hiking:

If you prefer an in-depth hiking tour, you can escape the visits to Elephant Trunk Hill and Reed Flute Cave, and leave more time for Longji. Our tour guide will take you to hike from Ping’an to Zhongliu and Dazhai (located in Jinkeng Yao Rice Terraces). The hiking from Ping’an to Zhongliu takes about 2 hours, as well as another 2 hours from Zhongliu to Dazhai. You’ll indulge in the most invigorating walk offering the most spine-tingling views - sparkling layers of waterlogged terraced fields tenaciously climbing the hillsides, bubbling stream, local farmers working in the fields and primitive minority villages…It is surely worth your time and effort! After the tour, transfer back to Guilin.

Guilin Reed Flute CaveGuilin Elephant Trunk HillSunrise in Longji Rice Terrace
Day 4 Guilin, Li River Cruise to Yangshuo (B, L)

As the declaration in Chinese textbook "Guilin’s landscape is the best under heaven", today you will explore this best landscape starting with a relaxing sightseeing cruise along the Li River from Mopanshan Pier to Yangshuo Town. Along the 84-kilometer cruise, dazzling scenery overwhelms your eyes like a vast endless Chinese painting of winding river, green limestone karst mountains, fascinating countryside views,amazing scene of A Painting of Nine Horses, and notable view printed on the back of the 20 RMB note. (Please note: Lunch is served by the cruise with simple local Chinese cuisine. And you can take some snacks when getting on board.)

After about 4 hours’ cruise, disembark in Yangshuo Town, and check in your hotel. After a short break, you will start your exploration of the ideal countryside view by taking the Ten-mile Gallery sightseeing bus from Fengming Tourists Service Center via Gongnong Bridge, Big Banyan Tree, to the Moon Hill for 1.5-2 hours. Throw yourself into the stunning countryside views and relaxed atmosphere. Be enthralled by the patches of paddy fields nestling under green Karst hills, with farmers cultivating the soil. Record the peculiar hole of Moon Hill at Li Village with your simple shutter with a simple wander. Also, if time and your physical condition permit, climb up that hill (needs about 30-50 minutes up with thousands of steps) to appreciate the larger moon hole closer and have a broader panorama of the Karst wonders of Yangshuo Town. Then, take the sightseeing bus back to Fengming, and our driver will send you back to your hotel.

This evening is free for you to walk leisurely on the ancient West Street to experience how the western culture and Chinese culture perfectly and peacefully coexist here. Whether you want to enjoy a cup of drink in bar, taste some local food, or just experience the relaxing atmosphere, you get it here.

Optional afternoon activities:

Join the interesting Chinese Cooking Class (15:00-18:00) to learn about Chinese dishes and cook your special dinner with the help of English-speaking chef. But you have to escape Ten-mile Gallery sightseeing

Optional evening activity:

Watch the splendid evening performance of Impression Liu Sanjie with the Li River itself as the stage, which was directed by famous director - Zhang Yimou (usually performs for an hour between around 19:45 and 22:20). (Please note: Impression Liu Sanjie is not available from January 2, 2020 to January 26, 2020.)

Panoramic Views of Beautiful Li RiverWest StreetFamily Visiting Moon Hill at Yangshuo Ten-mile Gallery
Day 5 Yangshuo - Zhaoxing (B, L)

Today, after your breakfast, our guide will take you to enjoy your best highlight cycling experience along the picturesque Yulong River (Yangshuo - Jiuxian Village - Xiangui Bridge - Shuiedi Dock). Immerse yourself into the fascinating countryside view with the rolling hills around and crystal clear river with the reflection of mountains, bamboos, trees, floras and blue sky, and enjoy this simple moment to see the refreshing color combination of farmland pieces, flowers, plantations and footpath. Visit a local family house to see the living environment of local peasants and their daily farming tools. After the cycling and family visiting experience for about 2.5 hours, continue your exploration of Yulong River highlights by enjoying the joyous bamboo rafting from Shuiedi Dock to Gongnong Bridge, the most classic part (about 40-50 minutes). Sit leisurely back on the bamboo chair and admire the emerald sightseeing passing by, enjoy every minutes like traveling in a traditional Chinese landscape painting. After that, have a break and enjoy your lunch at a local restaurant. (Note: according to the regulations of Yulong River Tourism, children less than 1 meter high and elders over 70 years old are not allowed to take the bamboo rafting.)

After lunch, you will take a high speed train to Congjiang (50~60mins). After arrival at Congjiang Railway Station, you will be welcomed by local tour guide and driver and escorted to visit Zhaoxing Dong Village, the biggest and oldest Dong village. It is located in Liping county in southeastern Guizhou. The China National Geography listed it as one of the China’s Six Most Beautiful Villages and Towns in 2005. The village has five spectacular Drum Towers to host special events and ceremonies and five Wind & Rain Bridges to cross rivers. You will also enjoy a performance of the Grand Song, a unique polyphonic folk music tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation for over 2,500 years. Dong people are very good at creating architectures. Their Drum Towers and Wind & Rain Bridge are very stylish and beautiful. At the same times, they are happy, friendly and thankful, and always welcome their guests by dancing and singing.

After the tour, drive to Zhaoxing for accommodation.

Zhaoxing Dong VillageYangshuo Yulong River BikingYulong River Bamboo Rafting
Day 6 Zhaoxing - Kaili (B, L)

Today you will travel to Kaili, about 180km away from Zhaoxing County. It is the capital of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture. You won’t be bored because there are two amazing villages to visit and very beautiful countryside landscapes to enjoy along the road.

Basha Miao Village is like a hidden kingdom occupied by the legendary Basha Miao people. It is famous as the Last Gunmen’s Tribe in China. Untouched by modernations, the villagers still live in the wooden houses. Diaojiaolou is the most famous buildings there which are built on wooden stakes and covered with barks. The most interesting thing in the village is that the Basha boys can’t cut their hairs until they are 18 years old when they will hold an adult ceremony – shaving hairs with a sickle. As guests, you will be welcomed by dancing & singing performance and rice wine.

Shiqiao Miao Village - In Shiqiao, you’ll see the old people still keep their old tradition of making special paper with trees’ bark by hand, which could be dated back to 700 years ago in Guizhou. 

Accommodate at Kaili City.

Shiqiao Miao VillageShaving Hairs with Sickle in Basha Miao Village
Day 7 Kaili - Fanjingshan (B, L)

After breakfast, you will be taken to visit a spectacular village - the Upper Langde Miao Village , also known as  the Long Skirt Miao and Chinese Folk Art Village, is 30 km away from Kaili. You can appreciate the special Miao wooden stilted buildings , feel the enthusiasm and hospitality of Miao people and enjoy colorful Lusheng singing and dancing performed by the local villagers there.

After interesting visit at Shiqiao, you will drive about 4 hours to Jiangkou Town which is located at the foot area of Fanjingshan Mountain. Have a good rest for tomorrow's hiking.

Upper Langde Miao Village
Day 8 Fanjingshan - Tongren (B, L)

Today is a full day exploration of the incredible Fanjingshan. You will take the South Route to ascend the mountain. First take park bus from the tourist center to Yu'ao Station where you will take a cable car up to the mountain top area, which will save you a lot of time for you to spend on the highlighting area. 

What to see at Fanjingshan

Located in Tongren, Guizhou province (southwest China), Fanjingshan is the highest peak of Wuling Mountains, 2,570m (8,430ft) above sea level. Besides standing out as a sacred Maitreya mountain for Buddhists, Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve was also established and designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and later announced as a World Heritage Site in 2018.

 Red Cloud Golden Summit, a thumb-like peak, is described by UNESCO as an "island of metamorphic rock in a sea of karst", believed to have been formed somewhere between 2 million and 65 million years ago. For everyone else, one of the main appeals of visiting Fanjingshan is the stunning views from the summit.

Mushroom Stone is the landmark of Fanjingshan. Big on the top and small at the bottom, it is vividly formed like a mushroom. For more than one billion years , it has been standing there still and hit by the rainstorms, summer heat and winter snow year after year, which is the essence of what Buddhism says about "Remain unbiased" in every circumstance.

Old Golden Summit, with an elevation of 2,494 metres, is the highest scenic site of Fanjingshan. On the top of Old Golden Summit is a temple dedicated to Buddha Dipamkara which is as well as the best place to take some panoramic photos of Fanjingshan.

Cheng En Temple, located between the two summits with scarlet walls and black tiles, is the main building of Fanjingshan Temple Group and one of the four Royal temples in Fanjingshan which was built in the Ming Dynasty (1368AD-1644AD).

After the fantastic sightseeing, drive to Tongren City for accommodation.

Fantastic Aerial View  of FanjingshanBizarre Fanjingshan Mushroom Stone with Sea of CloudsCheng En Temple from Ming Dynasty (1368AD-1644AD)
Day 9 Tongren Departure (B)

Today is free until your tour guide and driver escort you to catch your train/flight to next destination. Currently you can easily transfer to some major cities in China, such as Xian, Hangzhou, Beijing, etc., by flights or bullet trains. If you want to get back to Guiyang to catch flight or train to other destination, we can also escort you to the airport or railway stations. Tour ends.

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