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Located at the foot of Mt. Songshan, Shaolin Temple, the origin of Chinese Zen Buddhism is surely the top attraction in Dengfeng for most tourists, especially the fans of Shaolin Kung Fu. Here you can visit the famous Pagoda Forest, appreciate the architectural complex, watch Shaolin Kung Fu show and do other activities.

What's more, the surrounding groups of Historic Monuments sites, together with Shaolin Temple and Songyang Academy, are called “the Centre of Heaven and Earth”, listed in the World Heritage site in 2000, which are worthwhile for visiting with enough time.

Henan Tourist Map of Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple

No.1: Shaolin Temple (Shaolinsi)

Type: Temple, Historical Site

Location: in the Shaolin Scenic Spot of Mt. Song

With 12 km away Dengfeng city, Shaolin Temple is cradle of the Chinese Zen Buddhism and the Shaolin Kung Fu, the No.1 Martial Arts of China. Tour inside, you can easily find some trails of Kung Fu training. Also having a history of over 1500, Shaolin Temple has left many cultural relics, like the 300 ancient stone inscriptions, large murals and more dated from Ming dynasty.

Once you travel this Kung Fu land, there are so many places for you tour around, for instance the nearby Pagoda Forest, Shaolin Temple Complex and Chuzu Temple, etc. All feature unique architecture with long history.

Songshan Mountain

No.2: Mount Song (Songshan)

Type: Historical Mountain Scenic Site

Location: Northwest of Dengfeng City, Henan, China

As the sacred mountain of Taoist,Mount Song is one of the Five Famous Mountains in China, together with Mt. Huashan in Xian, Mt. Taishan in Shandong, Mt. Hengshan in Hunan and Mt. Hengshan in Shanxi. It contains 72 peaks spreading over two main parts: Taishi Mountain in the East side and Shaoshi Mountain in the West side, where the highest peak with 1512 altitude is located.

Situated in the south side of Shaolin Temple, Sanhuang Palace is the perfect spot to enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of Mt. Song. With 1512 meters above sea level, it contains many small sites of temples and view platforms. You can take cableway to appreciate the amazing nature after you visit Shaolin Temple.

Songyang Academy

No.3: Songyang Academy

Type: Historical Site, Class Learning in Old Days

Location: Songshan Mountain, Dengfeng 450000, China

As one of the four ancient Song Dynasty Academies, Songyang Academy is the holy land of Confucianism and the school learning place. Back against the Shaoshi Mountain, it shares great views and quietness. You can visit the world's largest cypress and the largest monument-Sun Taichong induction monument to feel the long history and culture.

The nearby Songyue Pagoda, built in 520 of Northern Wei dynasty is the earliest brick pagoda of Dense eaves type and got the fame of the First Pagoda of China, which is worthwhile to visit.

Fawang  Temple

No.4: Fawang Temple

Type: Temple, Historical Site

Location: 3 km northwest of Dengfeng City

At the foot of Shaoshi Mountain in the south, Fawang Temple is the earliest Buddhist temples in China, built in 71 AD with over 400 years history earlier than Shaolin Temple. Having a great significance of Chinese Buddhism, Fawang Temple is divided into several parts:

Daxiong Hall: the center of Buddhist activities, enshrining many Buddhist Statues and paintings;

Ksitigarbha Hall: the second site of Dizang Pusa, after the Mount Jiuhua;

Together with Scripture library and ancient pagoda complex, all those sites in Fawang Temple illustrate the big influence of Buddhist culture and history.

Zhongyue Temple

No.5: Zhongyue Temple

Type: Temple, Historical Site

Location: Songshan Mountain, Dengfeng 450000, China

Built in Qing Dynasty, Zhongyue Temple, a Taoist temple, was named as Taishi Temple is the largest temple in Henan, with its most complete ancient building complex. The well preserved temple architecture and structure make this temple imposing brilliant. There are over one hundred wood engraving and many historical stone tablet to visit.

Observation Platform

No.6: Observation Platform

Type: Historical Site

Location: 7.5 km southeast from Dengfeng city

Located in the south of Zhongyue Temple, the Observation Platform is the oldest extant and better preserved observatory in China and one of the oldest astronomy buildings in the world. The interior consists of front and back yards, displaying many astronomical instruments. If you are interested in astronomy, this place is highly recommended to know how the Chinese calendar was invented.

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