Shaolin Kung Fu Show

Best Shaolin Kung Fu Shows in Dengfeng 2023

As the birthplace of Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin Temple is not completed without its Kung Fu culture. Besides learning Kung Fu from the masters in the temple, most short-term visitors will go to watch the stunning Kung Fu show in Shaolin Temple. Presently, there are two places to watch Kung Fu Show in Dengfeng, one is inside the Shaolin Temple scenic area in a small martial arts hall and it’s usually free to go in the daytime, and another one is on a large scale and only scheduled to perform at night with over 600 Kung Fu performers. The followings are detailed information about Shaolin Kung Fu Shows to help you plan your Shaolin Temple tour with Kung Fu shows.

Shaolin Kung Fu Show

Where to Watch Shaolin Kung Fu Show


Zen Shaolin Kung Fu Show & Music Ceremony 禅宗少林·音乐大典

• Value: ★★★★★ • Performance: ★★★★★ • Technology: ★★★★

Not far away from Shaolin Temple scenic area, the place where the colorful lights are on, it is the giant backdrop of the Kung Fu Music Show of Shaolin. Besides the indoor show near Shaolin Temple in the daytime, the Zen Shaolin Kung Fu Music Show is the largest outdoor night live Kung Fu performance in the world. This performance combines wonderful Shaolin Kung Fu show, profound Buddhist Zen culture, fascinating music, beautiful natural scenery, as well as advanced lighting systems. The whole performance is composed of five parts, namely "Water Music - Zen State", "Wood Music - Zen Meditation", "Wind Music - Zen Force", "Light Music - Zen Enlightenment", "Stone Music - Zen Chant". It shows the landscape changes in four seasons with Guzheng (traditional Chinese instrument) performances and nearly 600 people performing Zen and martial arts, creating many records in the world.

1. The largest stage lighting system in the world: More than 2800 lamps controlled by computers stretch from the foot of the mountain to the top of the 1400 meter high mountain.
2. The biggest stage project: The stage covers an area of 5km. 
3. The largest man-made moon in the world. The moon rises slowly from the dense forest of Mt. Song. The moon is controlled by a computer and can be changed into wax or wane with a diameter of 20 meters.
4. The world's most difficult flying martial arts performance: In the dark night, the monk soars into the sky, flying, rolling, and fighting at a height of about 80 meters.
5. The largest-scaled monk chanting: Hundreds of martial monks and several eminent monks of Shaolin Temple go to the scene to chant before the audience with music played by the traditional Chinese instrument Guqin.

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Shaolin Kung Fu Show

Monks Chanting Buddhist Scriptures

Shaolin Kung Fu Show

Martial Arts Kung Fu Performance

Water Music - Zen State: This act depicts the beautiful Chinese classical landscape paintings with the poetic elements of rain, stream, moonlight, and Zen Monastery, monks, and farmers...

Wood Music - Zen Meditation: The legendary shepherdess comes, and the singing breaks the monks’ meditation and brings audiences to this world of Buddhism...

Wind Music - Zen Force: Starting from "Damo face wall", it tells about the inheritance of thousands of years of ancient customs of the Shaolin martial arts and explains the relationship between Zen and martial arts...

Light Music - Zen Enlightenment: It is a colorful movement, which directly faces life and death, Buddhism, and secular life, expressing Zen's willingness and praise for all living beings...

Stone Music - Zen Chant: It is a chanting performance, using the ancient stone of Mt Song as musical instruments. At the end of the performance, the huge lighting Buddha appears in the mountain...

Performance time: 20:00 - 21:15 (March to December)

Ticket: CNY 299 (Ticket A); CNY 269 (Ticket B), CNY 199 (Ticket C), CNY 499 (VIP Ticket), CNY 999 (SVIP Ticket)

Location: Dai Xian Gou scenic spot 10 km west of Dengfeng City, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province河南省郑州市登封市市西10公里待仙沟景区, about 7km away from Shaolin Temple (the driving distance is about 12km) 

How to Get There: It takes about 20min to get there from Shaolin Temple Scenic Area, 30min to get there from Dengfeng city by car, and you can also take bus No. 1, 2, 3, 6, 8 to get there. 

Tips: 1. The temperature drops a lot at night in the mountain area. Please bring or wear an extra layer when watching the show. 2. Since it is an outdoor show, the actual performing time may be subject to change depending on the weather condition. 3. It will have a seasonal close-down in winter due to the cold weather, please contact us for the actual performing date.

Book a Ticket in Advance: The Shaolin Temple tickets are limited and get easily sold out, especially in the peak season, and you may need to book the tickets in advance. However, the ticket booking system has not opened for any non-Chinese citizens yet and foreign visitors can only book tickets through a licensed China tour agency like us. Please do not hesitate to contact us for ticket booking help!

Shaolin Kung Fu Show

Free Kung Fu Show in Shaolin Martial Arts Hall

• Value: ★★★★ • Performance: ★★★ • Technology: ★★

Holding a vaild tikcet of Shaolin Temple scenic area, you can enter the Martial Arts Hall of Shaolin Temple and watch a Kung Fu without any extra charge. You can see an obvious sign leading you to the martial hall, after entering the scenic area and before getting to the front gate of Shaolin temple,

After entering Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Hall, you can go upstairs or downstairs and find a seat to watch the show, but after all, there are never enough seats for all the audiences. Especially during the peak season, you can see many tourists lining up to wait for their turn to go in and have a look, and the room is very crowded, so it's recommended that you avoid Chinese holidays and visit the temple before 10 o'clock to watch the show. Sometimes, due to the irregular events, the Kung Fu show might be arranged in the open space outside the Hall. Usually, it takes about 2 hours to visit the Shaolin Temple. When you come out of Shaolin Temple and go down the mountain along the road, you may encounter some young monks and apprentices practicing martial arts in the open space or in the woods along the road. Watching them practicing the patterns in the yard and woods is also very interesting.

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Shaolin Kung Fu Show

Kungfu Show Performed by Young Disciples of Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Kung Fu Show

Entrance of Martial Arts Hall of Shaolin Temple

Performance time: 10:30 am, 11:30 am, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm

Duration: 20-30 minutes

Performance venue: Martial Arts Hall of Shaolin Temple

Tips: 1. You may need to get to the Martial Arts Hall 30min to 1 hour earlier before the show to line up. 2. If there are alreay lots of people waiting for the show outside the Martial Hall, you are recommended to visit the Shaolin temple first and head back for the show later.