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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not dispensable, it’s essential!

Many travelers tend to consider travel insurance as a waste of money, for in most cases, tourists won’t need to use travel insurance at all. However, just as the Murphy’s Law goes, if something can go wrong, then it will. Though it’s a bit of exaggerated, it does make its point. Travel insurance is a good way to protect you from unforeseen and unfortunate occurrences. Travel insurance can help when you encounter medical emergency, damage or loss to personal property and even a death. It can also compensate the loss caused by canceling, delaying or interrupting of the trip, or the other tour expenses, like airfare and hotel fees. Some travel insurance will also cover the flight delay or cancellation.

Travel Agencies’ Liability Insurance (mandatory)

For inward travelers to China, there are several choices for them. The National Tourism Administration of China regulates that all tour operators in China shall purchase Travel Agencies’ Liability Insurance. Thus, if tourists encounter any property losses, personal injury, death or other kinds of losses caused by the travel agency or due to the misconduct of the travel agency during the guided tour, tourists will receive compensation for their loss.

Accident Insurance for Internal Travel (provided by us if you book tour with us)

For our clients, besides the Travel Agencies’ Liability Insurance, we also buy Accident Insurance for Internal Travel for you. This insurance covers several aspects, including:

1.Tourists’ casualty (injury or death) caused by general accidents, high-risk sports and traffic accidents.

2.Death caused by acute disease (including sudden death), or complete disability.

3.Medical expense for accidental accidents and acute disease.

4.Flight delay.

International Travel Insurance (buy it yourself)

The above insurance can only cover a certain aspects in a trip, and to make sure you are fully covered, traveler is suggest to purchase international travel insurance before you come to China back home. The most common travel insurance benefits are:

1.Loss, theft or damage to personal possessions and money (including travel documents)

2.Medical expenses

3.Emergency evacuation/repatriation

4.Trip cancellation/interruption

5.Delayed departure

6.Delayed baggage (and emergency replacement of essential items)

7.Accidental death, injury or disablement benefit

8.Overseas funeral expenses


10.Legal assistance

11.Personal liability and rental car damage excess.

When you choose travel insurance, make sure the insurance covers the following:

  • Medical Cover: it may be the most important part. Some insurance won’t cover medical evacuation, and in this case, you’d better purchase a supplemental policy. Also, many travel insurance won’t cover for injuries incurred whilst participating in high-risk sports, such as jet-skiing or sky diving. So if you are going to experience these activities in your travel, make sure your travel insurance cover these sports.
  • Possessions Cover: make sure your insurance will cover for cash, documents (like passport), luggage (airlines often compensate little when they lost your luggage), and other valuable things. If you encounter a theft, then it must be reported to the policy within 24 hours and the proof of the theft must be reserved for the compensation process of the insurance company.
  • Personal Accident Cover: though event of death or permanent disability are unlikely to happen, however, it’s important your insurance cover this.
  • Personal Liability Cover: if you injure other people or damage their property, or if you encounter any law suit, this will cover the loss for you.
  • Cancellation Cover: this covers you when you cancel your trip, or your flights are cancelled or moved.

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