Club Med G.O - The Hospitable Hosts of Club Med

Who are the Club Med G.Os?

G.Os, the abbreviation of French GENTILS ORGANISATEUR (or Gentle Organisers), was initiated by Club Med. They are the heart and soul of the resort. 

Coming from more than 100 countries all over the world and mastering in multiple languages, Club Med G.Os are omnipotent and versatile. From sport instructors, activities organizers to baby-keepers, they have multiple identities and roles from morning to night. They are your dearest friends and most intimate companions during your vacation at Club Med. They are the creators and transmitters of happiness, helping you to find and release your love for life.

As the host of Club Med, G.O always conveys the concept of a simple and happy holiday to their beloved guests, so that everyone can enjoy a beautiful holiday in the exquisite service of Club Med. Walk with G.O, surrounded by joy and comfort!

Club Med G.Os

Omnipotent G.Os of Club Med

Unlike staff and services in other resorts, Club Med G.Os are not limited to a single identity and workplace. They will take good care of you during the daytime (show you around the resort, work out with you, organize kids clubs, and prepare your meals & snacks...). At night, these familiar friends suddenly change their identity to professional performers, presenting amazing shows & performances for you and your family/friends.

  • Club Med G.Os
  • Club Med G.Os

  • Club Med G.Os

  • Club Med G.Os

  • Club Med G.Os

Sports Experts

Club Med G.Os

Sailing School at Club Med Sanya

Club Med G.Os

Club Med Beidahu Alpine Ski School

Many of Club Med G.Os are experienced instructors from diverse sports and recreational fields. With professional protection, guidance and courses, guests can enjoy the fun of sports freely and release pressure from the hustle of life. Passionate G.Os are also willing to help their guests discover new activities, learn the basics and hone skills in all sports. At Club Med, kids and adults can enjoy more than 60 sports and activities, such as flying trapeze, tennis, golf, rock climbing, wakeboarding, skiing and mountain biking, etc. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sports person, the G.Os will be there to help you during the all-inclusive group classes, as well as on demand lessons and courses.

How would you like a holiday punctuated with rock climbing indoor/outdoor at the sculpture park or playing golf while enjoying the karst landscape at Club Med Guilin? Your children can play at being acrobats on a trapeze and try out the many sports like tennis offered by Club Med. As for Club Med's water sports, go full steam ahead on a sailboard off the private beach at Club Med Sanya, Hainan. Those who are addicted to skiing, professional ski instructors are waiting for you at Club Med Beidahu and Club Med Yabuli, ready to share with you a few tricks to improve your skiing skills to the next level.

Children Specialists

Club Med G.Os

Kids Club at Club Med Yabuli

Club Med G.Os

Interesting Cooking Class at Club Med Guilin

With a professional background in parenting, caring G.Os will accompany your children to enjoy a safe, happy and meaningful time. Professional-trained G.Os of Club Med have plenty of adventures in store for children of all ages (aged 4 months to 17 years). From exciting sports to creative games and enriching educational activities, the renowned children’s clubs run by our G.Os will expand children’s horizon. Meanwhile, little participants can make friends with other children from all around the world while discovering new sports and so much more. This series of professional child care services allows parents to enjoy their own leisure time while their children are having fun.

G.Os from different countries designed and arranged daily activities for different age groups around the 4 themes of "expression, crafts, cuisines and sports". Club Med hopes that children can explore new experiences and pleasures by joining the club, cultivate their creativity and curiosity, enhance team spirit and independence, etc.

Event Organizers

Club Med G.Os

Family Hiking with Professional G.Os at Club Med Yabuli

Club Med G.Os

Amazing Family at Club Med Guilin

From family/small group activities, intimate meetings and team-building retreats, to large-scale national and global conferences with hundreds of delegates, Club Med can tailor all to suit your needs and a warm G.O group will welcome and take care of all the guests and help you go through the events without worries.

Family Activities: With original concept by Club Med, Amazing Family is a series of activities and games of 4 themes (Time to Care; Time to Play; Time to Splash; Time to Quest) that generates lasting family memories. You don’t need to worry about how to spend a wonderful time with your child and how to plan and run family activities anymore. Genial G.Os will guide you/your family through the games, take care of your child and encourage family interaction, etc. You shall have a worry free time and fully enjoy every moment with your family.

Your Veteran Playmates

Club Med G.Os

Joining the Lively Party with G.Os at Club Med Sanya

Club Med G.Os

G.Os - Your Professional Guide

Do you dread self-traveling because of loneliness? Do you want to have a drink at the bar but feel embarrassed and bored setting there alone? You never need to worry about those at Club Med. The G.Os will take good care of you throughout your holiday, in reception, in organization and taking part in shows and parties. If you want to do sports, they will be your instructors and playmates; if you want to have a rest, they will prepare afternoon tea and snacks for you; if you want to know more about the local culture and highlights, they will be the most professional guide.... Accompanied by amazing G.Os, your journey will never be lonely. They are talkative, naturally attentive to your needs, willing to share fun and like to surprise you by offering you new experiences.

Skillful Performers

Club Med G.Os

Watching Circus Performance

Club Med G.Os

Dancing with G.Os

Dance, concerts, magic, circus, etc. Prepare to be amazed by the unforgettable shows performed by Club Med talents and G.Os, while enjoying fancy cocktails at bars.

Reviews about Club Med G.Os from

In order to cultivate expertise of G.O, Club Med conducts professional training and assessment of various projects for their G.Os every year, including diving, sea sailing, aquafitness, golf and rock climbing, etc. To maintain cultural diversity, Club Med G.Os not only come from all over the world but also rotate around the world. Each G.O will change a new resort every six months to one year, bringing their passion and innovation to new places. So if you run into an "old acquaintance" at a different resort, it could be a former G.O who changed places and moved here.

Latest Comments on Club Med G.Os in China from

  • Club Med G.Os
  • Staff: amazing people out there, big thanks to super Milk Martin Appy Cammy Scott Wind Anna Lee Savarna Zahra. They made our stay very special!!! I have to say that among all ClubMeds we stayed at, we enjoyed this one the most, and it's thanks to these great people.
    --- Comments on the G.Os of Club Med Guilin in September 14th, 2021 by Luke B.

  • Club Med G.Os
  • 6 days of relaxation around the pool, the nice activities and shows, the restaurant and bar of course and on top of that an awesome team of GO that took care of us during the whole trip.
    --- Comments on the G.Os of Club Med Guilin in July, 2021 by Fayounet.

  • Club Med G.Os
  • I was most blown away by the amazing staff (GOs). They work so hard to make sure that the programs run smoothly and the guests are happy. I was not expecting that they would go above and beyond to welcome us and get to know us. It felt like a familiar family by the time the week was over.
    --- Comments on the G.Os of Club Med Sanya in May, 2021 by Alex B.

  • Club Med G.Os
  • Wonderful family stay at Club Med Yabuli. Once again club med team (GO/GE) made the difference to deliver us a fantastic winter break (6 nights) for the family (Joce, Treesia, Charlotte, Chloe). Charlotte (11 years old) had a great time and made quick progress with her ski teacher Lina. Chloe (10 years) started snow board and love it immediately with Kyle. My wife Treesia love skiing with Vance and Lily and improve her skills within a few days. I had the chance to ski with Ann that provide great ski tips to keep me progressing. Overall, very enjoyable ski vacations with a very professional and caring instructors crew.
    --- Comments on the G.Os of Club Med Yabuli in January, 2021 by Navigate542773.

Meet Amazing G.Os at Club Med China in 2024/2025

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