Chinese Visa Introduction

China visa is the must document for a visit to China unless you meet the policies of Chinese Visa Exempiton. Following is a sample Chinese Visa. Apart from the sections of catagory (visa type) and personal information, you should pay attention to the definations of the Number of Entries, Validity and Duration of Each Stay.

Chinese Visa Introduction

Number of Entries

The Chinese visa has set the number of entries to China, usually consists of single-entry visa, double-entry visa and multiple-entry visa. You can choose the number of entries when filling the application form, but the final number of entry and duration of stay is determined by the China embassies or consulates.

Single-Entry Visa

The Single-Entry Visa is mostly used, but allows you to enter China only once. The period of validity of China single-entry tourist visas is usually 3 months after being issued, and a maximum of 30 days is permitted to stay in China. For another return back to China, you need to apply for a new visa.

Double-Entry Visa

A double-entry visa allows you to enter mainland China twice. Each visit can stay up to 30 days. You should know that Hong Kong and Macau require their own visa or entry permit, so if you visit China mainland first, then proceed to Hong Kong or Macau, and then come back to mainland China again, in this case, you will need a double-entry visa.

Multiple-Entry Visa

If you have a multi-entry visa you can enter and exist as many times as you like within the validity period, usually a maximum of 12 months. The duration of each permitted visit is usually 2 months (may be shorter). And there is no limitation to the gap between two individual entries.

Validity (Enter Before)

The Visa Validity refers that the visa is valid or can be used to enter into mainland China during the date the visa is issued to the date as “Enter Before”. The exact expiration of a Chinese visa is 24:00 of China official time (Beijing GMT +8:00), which means you have to apply for extension before the 24:00 of the expiration date if you need to stay longer in China. The validity differs by the visa type and numbers of entries, usually 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 year, etc.

Duration of Each Stay

The Duration of Each Stay, right section after the Enter Before, is the permitted maximum days that the visa holder can stay in China during each entry and exist. It is valid from the next day after entry, till to the 24:00 (Beijing GMT +8:00) of last day of the Duration of Each Stay.

The Duration of Each Stay differs by the visa types. A regular stay for the tourist visa L is 30 days. Overstaying beyond the permitted duration is against the laws of China. If you necessarily need to stay longer than the duration, you need to apply for the extension from public security authorities at least one week before the expiration of the permitted duration.

Please distinguish carefully between the Validity (Enter Before) and Duration of Each Stay. The former indicates the valid period of your visa, while the latter refers how long you can stay in China after entry.

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