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How to Get Transit Visa for China | China G Visa Application Guide

Latest China Visa News Updated on January 30, 2023:

1. From January 8, 2023, persons coming to China should undergo a nucleic acid test 48 hours before departure. Those with a negative result can come to China without applying for a health code from our embassy or consulate abroad. Travelers will no longer need to quarantine upon arrival.

2. The issuance of port visas is available now, so his the 24/72/144-hour transit visa-free policy.

3. Currently available visa applications include work visa, business visa, student visa, family reunion visa, stay permit, etc.

4. The issuance of Tourist visa is still on hold.

5. 10-year visas issued before the pandemic remain suspended, but new applications are allowed.

China Discovery will still focus on and update the visa and entry policy of China for you!

Do I Need a Visa for a Stopover in China?

International transit passengers may transit through mainland China without a visa if you are eligible for China’s 24/72/144-Hour Transit Visa Exemption Policy. Otherwise, you should apply and hold a China Transit Visa (G Visa) before arrival in stopver cities in China. Besides, most foreigners are allowed to apply for Transit Visa for Hong Kong or Macau on arrival.

* Indian & Pakistani passport holders meeting related regulation can apply for 24-Hour Visa Free Transit in China, but do NOT qualify for 72 or 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit.

* Canada, US and Australia are on the list of 53 countries for 72/144-Hour TWOV.

China Transit Visa

Foreigners were Applying for 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit at Beijing Capital Airport

Introduction to China Transit Visa Rules

China Transit Visa - G Visa is a short-term (single or double entry) visa issued to foreign applicants who will transit through China by overseas Chinese Embassy, Consulate or other Chinese Diplomatic Mission. In recent years, after the implement of 24/72/144 TWOV Program, lots of visitors can get transit visa waiver for a stopover in China, and Transit Visa (G Visa) is seldom needed.

What are the Requirements of China Transit Visa Application?

● Passport

original passport with a validity of at least 6 months, one and more blank visa page;

one copy of the passport’s data page and used visa pages.

● China Visa Application Form

One correctly and truthfully completed China Visa Application Form (v.2013)

Tips: Citizens from appointed 40 territories can fill in form online and print it out, while others need to fill the digital form and print out. (Handwritten form is not accepted.) - Download Latest China Visa Application Form

● Photo

At least 1 recently-taken (within 6 months) front passport-size bareheaded color photo. It should be taken against a white or light solid background, hatless, frontal view presenting full face. (Paper Photo Size: 33mm×48mm.) - China Visa Photo Requirements & Size Stick one photo on the application form.

● Valid Visa of the Onward Country or Region (if requires)

● Ticket

Connecting (air, train, ship) ticket with confirmed date and seat to next countries or region.

● Proof of Legal Stay or Residence (apply to outlander applicants)

Provide the original and photocopy of the valid certificate or visa, if you will not apply for China Visa in the state/region of you citizenship (nationality).

● Previous Chinese Passport or Chinese Visa (apply to former Chinese citizens who later joined to foreign nationality)

If it’s the first time you apply for a Chinese Visa, you are required to submit the original passport and a copy of the passport’s date page.

If you once obtained Chinese Visa, and now apply a new Chinese Visa with a new passport, please provide the photocopy of the previous passport’s date page, and copy of the old Chinese Visa. (Official certificate of name change is needed, if the name on the current passport is not the same on the old passport.

China Transit Visa

China Transit Visa Required Documents

China Transit Visa

Paper Photo Size for China Transit Visa Application Form

Note: According to personal situation, Chinese Embassy or Consulate may request applicants to provide other documents or make an interview personally.

How to Get Transit Visa for China?

China Transit Visa

Office of China Visa Application Service Center

Aliens holding ordinary passport shall prepare the above mentioned documents and obtain a China Transit Visa before departure. Where to apply for? Depending on own case, you may submit application to China Visa Application Service Center (CVASC) or directly to the Visa Office of Chinese Embassy or Consulate, which holds consular jurisdiction over the state where you reside.

Option-1 (for citizens UK, Canada, Australia...)

Prepare documents needed → fill in Application Form online on website of China Visa Application Service Center (https://www.visaforchina.org/) → make an appointment → print out the completed applicant form and appointment slip → visit Visa Service Center, submit materials, pay visa fees → wait for notice, pick up visa and passport.

Option-2 (citizens in US, Laos....)

Prepare documents needed → download a digital form → fill in the form and print it out → visit visa office of Chinese Embassy or Consulate → submit all prepared documents, pay visa fee → wait for notice, pick up visa and passport.

Tips: If you can not submit in person, you can entrust your friend, family, other person, travel agent to make application on behalf of you.

China Transit Visa Cost and Fees

How much is a China Transit Visa? The accurate costs depend on your nationality and where you make submission.

◆ If you apply at Chinese Embassy or Consulate, you only need to pay visa processing fee and expedited service fees for Express or Urgent Application.

◆ If you submit application at China Visa Application Service Center, extra service fees will be charged at local currency by the center. Visit www.visaforchina.org (Homepage-General Information -Visa Knowledge-Payment Methods & Schedules of Fees ) to check the detailed visa fees.

China Transit Visa Fees

Regular ApplicationNumber of EntriesUS Citizen Canadian Citizen UK Citizen Australian Citizen Other Citizen
Single Entry USD 140 CAD 157.75 GBP 151 AUD 109.5 AUD 99.5
Double Entries USD 140 CAD 157.75 GBP 151 AUD 139.5 AUD 124.5

China Transit Visa Processing Time

Regular Application: about 4 working days.

Express Service: about 2~3 working days.

Rush Service: about 1 working day.

Attention: 1.) Express and especially Rush Service is only provided in some countries and for certain emergencies. When using the expedited service, extra visa application fees and services fees will be charged. 2.) Postal application in Australia needs more processing time, typically over 10 working days. Express and Rush Service do NOT apply to such application.

Hong Kong and Macau Transit Visa

China Hong Kong Transit Visa

Some Foreigners must Obtain Transit Visa when Having Stopover in Hong Kong

Both Hong Kong and Macau offer visa-free entry and transit for visitors from appointed countries for a certain period. A Transit Visa is needed if you are NOT qualified for the visa-free policy of Hong Kong or Macau when transit through.

Transit in Hong Kong: You may mail application materials to the local Immigration Departemnt, or apply at visa section of Chinese Embassy or Consulate, or through a China Visa Application Center. How to Apply HK Transit Visa >>

Transit in Macau: Except Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, others can get Macau Transit Visa on Arrival at entry ports. How to Get Macau Transit Visa on Arrival >>

Transit in China without Visa - China Transit Visa Exemption

Three TWOV Program have been carried out in China to give convenience for international transit passengers. Upon arrival, eligible applicants can apply Transit Visa exemption and even enjoy short-term tour in the transit cities. Travelers directly transiting through China within 24 hours, may get 24-Hour Transit Visa exempted in most Chinese cities. Citizens from certain 53 foreign countries and meeting related requirements can also apply for 144-Hour Transit Visa Free in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Kunming, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Nanjing or 72-Hour Visa-Free stopover in Guilin, Xian, Chongqing, Harbin, Changsha.

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China Transit Visa

Transit in China Without Visa

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