Shanghai Hangzhou High Speed Train

Shanghai Hangzhou High Speed Rail, also known as Huhang High-Speed Railway, is a high speed rail line linking Shanghai with Hangzhou. The high speed train between Shanghai and Hangzhou is FAST and CONVENIENT. With a total distance of 144 kilometers (90 miles), it runs at an average speed of 300-350 km/h, taking 1 hour for Shanghai Hangzhou travel. Travelers can explore the modern and past faces of Shanghai and enjoying a wonderful leisure time in "the City of Heaven" - Hangzhou! More conveniently, tourists can visit the top two water towns (Wuzhen and Xitang) in Zhejiang province in the middle to capture the idyllic scenery of “small bridge, flowing river and families” in Chinese ancient poetry.

Shanghai Hangzhou High Speed Train Schedule

● Shanghai to Hangzhou

From To Frequency (day) Operating Hours Duration Detailed Schedule >
Shanghai Hongqiao / Shanghai Hangzhou East / Hangzhou Over 180 About 06:00-22:00 About 40 minutes – 2 hours

● Hangzhou to Shanghai

From To Frequency (day) Operating Hours Duration Detailed Schedule >
Hangzhou East / Hangzhou Shanghai Hongqiao / Shanghai about 200 About 06:00-22:30 About 30 minutes – 2 hours

(Please Note: This information of time and duration might changes slightly, be free to contact us for the up-to-date schedule.)

Other Recommended Sections on Shanghai Hangzhou High Speed Railway

There are a lot of highlights of popular attractions you can visit, beautiful scenery, brilliant culture, long history you can experience if taking a Shanghai Hangzhou high speed train trip. Apart from the Bund in Shanghai and the famous West Lake in Hangzhou, you could also depart at Jiashan and transfer to Xitang Water Town or at Tongxiang to “the Venice of China” - Wuzhen Water Town. Try delicious “Zongzi” and visit South Lake in Jiaxing to see the “Red Boat”. Take your time to discover the essence of each top recommended tourist spot. Please check the train time schedule of each popular railway section below:

From - To Frequency (day) Operating Hours Duration
Shanghai - Jiashan Over 30 About 06:30-22:00 About 20 minutes – 1 hour
Jiashan - Jiaxing Over 20 About 07:30-22:30 About 10 minutes
Jiaxing - Tongxiang Over 20 About 07:30-21:30 About 10 minutes
Jiaxing - Hangzhou Over 150 About 07:00-22:30 About 20 minutes – 1 hour
Tongxiang - Hangzhou Over 30 About 07:30-22:00 About 20 minutes – 30 minutes

(Please Note: This information of time and duration might changes slightly, be free to contact us for the up-to-date schedule.)

What to See along Shanghai Hangzhou High Speed Railway

Thanks to the fast high speed trains on Shanghai Hangzhou High Speed Railway, different types of popular attractions in Zhejiang province and Shanghai city are connected conveniently. Thus, travelers can enjoy more charming cultural and historical sites, highly developed metropolis as well as wonderful natural sightseeing. Riding a swaying boat on water lanes, passing through ancient bridges and riverside dwellings and listening to a melodious Yue Opera performance, will definitely take you through a thousand years ago.


Shanghai is widely recognized as the most flourishing city of China. Here, unlike anywhere else in China, you can experience not only the bullet-fast Maglev Train, Which is running in a stunning speed at 430km/h, also the tallest skyscraper in China – Shanghai Tower, inside which the world’s highest observation deck and world’s fastest elevator can be find. Aside from the fastest train and tallest building, Shanghai is also a good place to have a view of the combination of Chinese style and western style buildings, especially when wondering along the Bund, Tianzifang and Xintiandi. Nearby Shanghai, there is a 1700-year-old Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, which also deserves a half day tour.

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Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station (上海虹桥站)

Address: No. 1500, Mingui Road, Minhang District (上海市闵行区申贵路1500号)

Transportation: Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is close to Terminal 2 of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. Travelers can take metro line 2 to Renmin Square, Nanjing Road, The Bund, Jing’an Temple, Lujiazui Area; take metro line 10 to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai Zoo, Xintiandi, Yu Garden, The Bund, Nanjing Road.

Shanghai Railway Station (上海站)

Address: No. 303, Moling Road, Jing'an District (上海市静安区秣陵路303号)

Transportation: Shanghai Railway Station is located the north of city center. Travelers can take metro line 1 to Renmin Square, Shanghai Museum, Nanjing Road; metro line 3 to Shanghai South Railway Station and Zhongshan Park.

Shanghai Railway Station

Shanghai Railway Station


Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, is located about 159km (99 miles) southwestern Shanghai. As the old saying goes, “Up above there is Paradise, down here there are Suzhou and Hangzhou”, the elegant scenery of Hangzhou has been widely known since ancient times. The dreamy West Lake is located in the middle of Hangzhou city, and most of Hangzhou’s attractions are located near West Lack. Thus, When visiting the West Lack, you can encounter with lack, gardens, pagodas, temples and Chinese style bridges. Apart from the West Lack and its nearby attractions, there are also classic Water Towns of Jiangnan style in Hangzhou, like Wuzhen Water Town, and Xitang Water Town.

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Shanghai Hangzhou High Speed Train - Hangzhou

Beautiful West Lake in Hanghzou

Hangzhou East Railway Station (杭州东站)

Address: No.1, Tiancheng Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang (杭州市江干区天城路1号).

Transportation: Hangzhou East Railway Station is the busiest train station in Hangzhou. It takes about 0.5 hours to drive from Hangzhou East Railway Station to Hangzhou downtown or the northwest gate of Hangzhou West Lake. It can be reached by taking Hangzhou Metro Lines 1 and 4. Also, it is accessible by taxi and over 37 bus lines, airport shuttle buses are included.

Hangzhou Railway Station (杭州站)

Address: No.1, Huangcheng East Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang (浙江省杭州市上城区环城东路1号).

Transportation: Hangzhou Railway Station is the closest train station to Hangzhou downtown, with a short driving distance for 4 kilometers around in between them, which needs only 15 minutes around by car. Hangzhou metro line 1, taxi and public bus lines have already covered Hangzhou Railway Station.

Shanghai Hangzhou High Speed Train - Hangzhou

Hangzhou East Railway Station


Tongxiang City is located in the north of Zhejiang Province, the hinterland of Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou Plain, under the jurisdiction of Jiaxing City. It is 131 kilometers to Shanghai in the east, 74 kilometers to Suzhou in the north and 65 kilometers to Hangzhou in the west. The city lies in the triangle of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou. Wuzhen, known as the "Venice of China," is less than 17 km north from Tongxiang. Besides, scenic spots like Feng Zikai's Former Residence, Mao Dun's Former Residence and Fuyan Temple, etc. are also worth visiting.

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Tongxiang Railway Station (桐乡站)

Address: Tongjiu Highway, Yuefeng Village, Gaoqiao Town, Tongxiang (桐乡市高桥镇越丰村桐九公路附近)

Transportation: Tongxiang Railway Station is about 11km south from Tongxiang downtown, which takes about 20 minutes by car. There are high-speed trains from Shanghai, Hanghzou and Suzhou. After arrival, you can transfer to local buses to get to Wuzhen Bus Station or Wuzhen West Scenic Area.

Shanghai Hangzhou High Speed Train - Tongxiang

Xizha (West Area)

Shanghai Hangzhou High Speed Train - Tongxiang

Ancient Dongzha (East Area)


Jiashan County is located in the northeast of Jiaxing City and the intersection of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. It is the first station in Zhejiang Province to connect with Shanghai. Water networks intertwine in Jiashan county. The place has abundant natural resources and people there are simple and honest. The living and less-crowded ancient water town Xitang is the top highlights in Jiashan County, only about 14km north from Jiashan downtown. There are two railway stations in Jiangshan County, one is called Jiangshan Railway Station (12 km to Xitang Water Town) and another is called Jiangshan South Railway Station (21 km to Xitang Water Town).

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Xitang Water Town

Xitang Water Town

Jiashan Railway Station (嘉善站)

Address: No.268 North Tingqiao Road, Weitang Block, Jiashan County, Jiaxing (嘉善县魏塘街道亭桥北路268号)

Transportation: Trains are available from Hangzhou, Shanghai Hongqiao, Shanghai South, Nanjing, Jinan, Beijing, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Changsha and more cities to Jiashan Railway Station (嘉善站). After arrival, travelers can take bus for about 1 hour to reach Xitang Water Town. If by taxi, it may cost around CNY 40 for 20 minutes.

Jiashan South Railway Station (嘉善南站)

Address: Jiangjia Village, Dayun Town, Jiashan County, Jiaxing (嘉善县大云镇江家村)

Transportation: Jiashan South Railway Station (嘉善南站) is the high speed train station that travelers can take G or D trains from Shanghai Hongqiao, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Hefei, Jinan, Beijing, Xiamen, Changsha and more cities to Jiangshan County. After arrival, travelers can take bus for 80 minutes’ transfer to Xitang. If by taxi, it may take half an hour for around CNY 70.

Xitang Water Town

Old-Style Houses in Xitang


Jiaxing (嘉兴) is located in the hinterland of Hangjiahu Plain of the Yangtze River Delta in the northeast of Zhejiang Province, East China. It is situated at the intersection of rivers, lakes and seas, and holds the pivot of the southern corridor of Taihu Lake. It was founded in the Qin Dynasty and has a cultural history of more than 2,000 years. Besides the hometown of famous snack in the Dragon Boat Festival - “Zongzi”, Jiaxing has also produces numerous literators. Moreover, the “Red Boat” on Jiaxing South Lake is where the first meeting of Communist Party of China was held, makes it an important revolutionary base in modern Chinese history. Visitors may also extend their town to famous Wuzhen Water Town and Xitang Water Town nearby, or head to Yanguan Ancient Town on the eighteenth day of the eight month on Chinese lunar calendar to see the magnificent Qiantang River tidal bore.

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Jiaxing South Railway Station (嘉兴南站)

Address: Liming Village, Yuxin Town, Nanhu District, Jiaxing (嘉兴市南湖区余新镇黎明村)

Transportation: Recently, there is only one frequently used train station in Jiaxing downtown, which is Jiaxing South Railway Station. Visitors can easily ride a high speed train to get to/from Jiaxing to Shanghai (30-60 mins.), Hangzhou ( 25-30 mins.), Suzhou (1-1.5 hrs.), Beijing (6.5-7 hrs.), Huangshan (2-2.5 hrs.), etc. Besides, visitors can also make efficient transfers from Jiaxing to other tourist cities in Zhejiang Province, like Shaoxing (40-60 mins.), Ningbo (1.5-2 hrs.), etc. Jiaxing South Railway Station is about 11km south from the city center, which takes 40 minutes by car/taxi and about 1 hour by public bus.

China Train Travel Tips

Class of Ticket

You can usually choose from the First Class Seat, the Second Class Seat or Business Class Seat on the high speed trains. While, there are three types offered on the normal train, including Soft Sleeper, Hard Sleeper and Hard Seat. learn more >>

Book, Collect, Alter and Cancel

Foreign tourists can book train ticket online or via a ticket agency, or buy the tickets physically at the train station with your valid passport. Train ticket alteration and cancellation are only available at ticket counters. learn more >>

Board & Get off

1) Prepare your passport and China Visa; 2) Get to the right train station at least 30 mins in advance; 3) Collect your train ticket; 4) Read your train ticket; 5) Pass the security control; 6) Pass through Security & Luggage Checks; 7) Find the right waiting room; 8) Cross the ticket checking gate; 9) Get to the right platform; 10) Get on your train. learn more >>

Baggage Allowance

Passengers don’t need to check luggage separately. Each passenger is allowed to carry luggage in certain weight and volume, but without limitation of amount and types. learn more >>

Facilities and Service

All high speed trains in China are equipped with advanced facilities and good service, including luggage racks, air-conditioner, power socket, dining car, hot water, etc. learn more >>

High Speed Train Travel with China Discovery

We China Discovery are very willing to help you with the high speed train tickets booking, tour customization and local guide and transfer arrangement, so you can be able to experience the superb bullet train in style and enjoy all the highlights of your ideal destinations in China without any worry. If you are interested, please feel free to contact our professional travel consultants who are here ready to build your own tour to best suit for your needs and likes. Here is updated China high speed train schedules & routes and Popular China High Speed Bullet Train Tours >.

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