How to Get from Xian to Zhengzhou | Xian to Zhengzhou Train

After your ancient China exploration in Xian, you can travel conveniently to Zhengzhou to visit Shaolin Temple, the most-known birthplace of Shaolin Kung Fu and Zen culture. At present, the most popular and common way to get from Xian to Zhengzhou is taking a train, because there is no direct flight flying between such short-distance destinations. You can choose from over 130 daily trains, and a high speed train takes just 2 to 2.5 hours.

How Far is Xian to Zhengzhou? - Distance from Xian to Zhengzhou

Xian Location: Xian, the capital city of Shaanxi Province, is a landlocked city in central Guangzhong Plain, in the south of Shaanxi Province, Northwest China. It faces Wei River and Loess Plateau to the north, Qing Mountains to the south and borders Baoji, Xianyang, Weinan, Shangluo, Ankang and Hanzhong, 6 prefecture-level cities of Shaanxi. Xian is about 1,100 km far away from Beijing and 1,400 km from Shanghai.

Zhengzhou Location: Zhengzhou is the capital city of Henan Province, which lies in the southern bank of the Yellow River, central Henan and China’s Central Plain region. The city is surrounded by other 6 cities of Henan, and they are Luoyang in the west, Jiaozuo and Xinjiang in the north, Kaifeng in the east, Xuchang and Pingdingshan in the south. Zhengzhou is situated about 120 km from Luoyang with 2 hours’ drive.

Xian to Zhengzhou Distance: Henan Province borders Shaanxi Province to the west. And Zhengzhou is in the east of Xian, with a distance of about 490 km, at least 6 hours by driving.

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Option 1: Get from Xian to Zhengzhou by High Speed Train - Most Recommended

Frequency: over 90 trains per day

Train Time: about 2 hours - 2.5 hours

From & To: Xian North Railway Station 西安北站 → Zhengzhou East Railway Station 郑州东站, Zhengzhou Railway Station 郑州站

Running Speed: 300 km/h - 350 km/h (Fuxing Train)

Nowadays, high speed train travel in China is extremely convenient, comfortable and fashionable. Just 2 to 2.5 hours, you can traverse from ancient capital Xian to Zhengzhou.

Every day, there are over 90 high speed trains leaving from Xian to Zhengzhou. These trains are nearly all G trains departing between 06:30 and 21:00, and arriving on the same day. Also, there are two D trains running from Xian to Zhengzhou at 19:30 to 20:30. Thus, it’s very easy to book tickets and experience the advanced high speed train travel.

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Xian North Railway Station 西安北站

Address: Yuansuo Road, Weiyang District, Xian City 陕西省西安市未央区元朔路

Distance: about 20 km to downtown area (about 50 minutes’ drive), 50 km to Terracotta Warriors and Horses (about 1 hour’s drive), 20 km to Muslim Quarter (about 1 hour’s drive), 15 km to the Ancient City Wall (about 40 minutes’ drive) and 30 km to Xian Xianyang International Airport (about 40 minutes’ drive)

Zhengzhou East Railway Station 郑州东站

Address: No.199, Xinyi Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City 郑州市金水区心怡路199号

Transfer from Zhengzhou East Railway Station to Nearby Attractions/Destinations

After arrival, you can transfer from the station to downtown Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, Luoyang, Shaolin Temple, Yuntai Mountain and other attractions nearby.

Zhengzhou East Railway Station Zhengzhou East Railway Station Location and Transportation Map

Zhengzhou East Railway Station - City Center: about 15 km, 30 minutes by driving

Zhengzhou East Railway Station - Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport: about 34 km, almost 50 minutes by taxi, 17 minutes by intercity train (the fastest and most convenient) and 1 hour by airport shuttle bus

Zhengzhou East Railway Station - Longmen Grottoes (Luoyang): about 150 km, 2 hours by private driving; about 40 minutes’ high speed train from Zhengzhou East Railway Station to Luoyang Longmen Railway Station + 15 minutes’ drive from Luoyang Longmen Railway Station to Longmen Grottoes

Zhengzhou East Railway Station - Shaolin Temple (Dengfeng): about 100 km. private drive takes about 2 hours. Or you can take a fast intercity train to Zhengzhou Railway Station first (about 15-20 minutes), and then walk to Zhengzhou Long-distance Bus Station to take a bus to Shaolin Temple for about 2.5 hours.

Zhengzhou East Railway Station - Yuntai Mountain (Jiaozuo): about 100 km, 1.5 hours by private driving

Know more about Zhengzhou East Railway Station Location and Transportation >>

Below is the Real-time Xian to Zhengzhou High Speed Train Timetable:

Referential Currency: RMB=1USD
  • Train No.
  • Departure / Train Staiton
  • Duration
  • Seat Type / USD Price / Availability

Note: Train information is subject to final confirmation due to the delay of data occasionally.

Get from Xian to Zhengzhou by Normal Train

Train Time: about 6 hours - 7.5 hours

Frequency: over 30 trains per day

From & To: Xian Railway Station 西安站, Xian South Railway Station 西安南站 → Zhengzhou Railway Station 郑州站

Running Speed: 120 km/h

Xian still has more than 30 normal trains to Zhengzhou every day. But the normal trains all are tradition green trains with simple facilities and running at a very lower speed. The train time is over 2 times than that of the high speed train. The trains are scheduled at 01:30 to 24:00, most arrives on the same day and some reach Zhengzhou in the early horse of the following day. Compared to the train time, travel experience and number of trains, you’re highly recommended to take a high speed train rather than a normal train.

Xian Railway Station 西安站

Address: No. 44 Huancheng North Road, Xincheng District, Downtown Xian 西安市新城区环城北路44号

Distance: Outside the Ancient City Wall (near the North Gate); about 37km to Terracotta Warriors and Horses (about 50 minutes’ drive), 5 km to Muslim Quarter (about 20 minutes’ drive), 40 km to Xian Xianyang International Airport (about 50 minutes’ drive).

Zhengzhou Railway Station 郑州站

Address: No.82, Erma Road, Erqi District, Zhengzhou City 郑州市二七区二马路82号

Transfer from Zhengzhou Railway Station to Nearby Attraction/Destinations

Zhengzhou Railway Station lies close to the downtown area. Tourists can take an intercity train, taxi to get around Zhengzhou and use private drive or public traffic to get to Luoyang, Jiaozuo, Kaifeng and surrounding cities.

Zhengzhou Railway Station Zhengzhou Railway Station Location and Transportation Map

Zhengzhou Railway Station - City Center: about 4 km, 15 minutes’ drive

Zhengzhou Railway Station - Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport: 37 km, just 25 minutes by intercity train, or 40-50 minutes by taxi

Zhengzhou Railway Station - Longmen Grottoes (Luoyang): about 140 km, 2 hours’ drive to Luoyang Longmen Grottoes; or 1.5 hours’ normal train to Luoyang Railway Station + 40 minutes’ drive from Luoyang Railway Station to Longmen Grottoes

Zhengzhou Railway Station - Shaolin Temple (Dengfeng): nearly 100 km/2 hours by private driving; nearly 3 hours by public transfers (15 minutes’ drive to Zhengzhou Long-distance Bus Center Station+ 2.5 hours’ bus ride to Shaolin Temple)

Zhengzhou Railway Station – Yuntai Mountain (Jiaozuo): around 94 km,1 hour 20 minutes’ drive

China Train Travel Tips

Class of Ticket

On the high speed train from Xian to Zhengzhou, you can choose form a First Class Seat, a Second Class Seat or Business Class Seat. While, there are three types offered on the normal train, including Soft Sleeper, Hard Sleeper and Hard Seat. Check All Types of Seats on China Train >>

Book, Collect, Alter and Cancel

Foreign tourists can book train ticket online or via a ticket agency, or buy the tickets physically at the train station with your valid passport. Remember to book ticket as early as possible and check the train number, departure date and station after collecting it. You can bring your passport to the ticket counter and make the adjustments and cancellation Check How to Book, Collect, Alter, and Cancel Train Tickets >>

Board & Get off

1) Prepare your valid passport with China Visa; 2) Get to the right train station in advance; 3) Collect your train ticket; 4) Read your train ticket; 5) Pass the security control; 6) Pass through Security & Luggage Checks; 7) Find the right waiting room; 8) Cross the ticket checking gate; 9) Get to the right platform; 10) Get on your train. Keep the ticket well, because the ticket will be checked again to leave the station after you get off. Check How to Board & Disembark a Train >>

Baggage Allowance

China train travel with luggage is much easier than taking a flight, for you don’t need to check luggage separately. Each train passenger is allowed to carry luggage in certain weight and volume, but without limitation of amount and types. Check Baggage Allowance & Policy to Take China Train >>

Facilities and Service

All high speed trains in China are equipped with advanced facilities and good service to make your journey more convenient and comfortable. You can put your luggage on the rack and luggage storage areas. The rain also has air-conditioner, power socket, dining car, hot water and many considerate facilities. Normal trains just provide simple equipment. Check All Facilities & Service on China Train >>

How to Plan a Xian Zhengzhou Tour

Luoyang with the famous Longmen Grottoes is located between Xian and Zhengzhou, and has over 90 daily high speed trains to both Xian and Zhengzhou. Therefore, most travelers like to make a short layover to Luoyang from Xian and continue to visit Shaolin Temple in Zhengzhou afterwards. A trip covering Xian, Luoyang and Shaolin Temple of Zhengzhou take about 4 to 5 days. Side trip to Mount Huashan near Xian needs one more day.

Usually, 2 days is suitable for a classic Xian tour. During the two days, you can visit the magnificent wonder of Terracotta Army, walk on the Ancient City Wall, taste different local snacks and food in Muslim Quarter, etc. Taking cable car up and down, you can use 1 day to visit essence part of Mount Huashan. When you come to Luoyang, 1 day is enough to visit the two must-sees, the Longmen Grottoes with imposing Buddhist statues and White Horse Temple - the oldest Buddhist temple of China with a long history of over 1950 years. Next, you can take 1 day to transfer from Luoyang to Shaolin Temple, realize your Chinese Kung Fu tour, watch a wonderful Kung Fu show and attend a Kung Fu class to learn some basic Shaolin Kung Fu styles.

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If your time allows, you can also visit Yuntai Mountain, Guoliang Village and other attractions in Henan, and extend trip longer from the transport hub - Zhengzhou to Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other top destinations in China, appreciating diverse Chinese culture and history and city landscape.

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Travel Xian & Zhengzhou with China Discovery

China Discovery is an experienced, professional and reliable travel companion devoted to offering high-quality and the best tour services for all travelers to China. In order to have a hassle-free travel and focus on the trip itself, it’s highly recommended travelling with China Discovery. You can select from our most popular Zhengzhou tours, or contact our travel consultant to customize a special one based on your requirements. So, you can enjoy convenient airport pick-up and drop-off service and transportation to all scenic spots in a safe, clean, comfortable, air-conditioned and non-smoking vehicle. Also, we will arrange knowledgeable local tour guide, excellent accommodation and dining arrangements to ensure you rest well and get better understanding of Buddhism, Shaolin Zen and Kung Fu culture of Henan.


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