Chengdu to Huanglong Trains: Schedule, Ticket & Fares 2024

Huanglong is renowned for its 'four wonders' of colorful pools, snow mountains, gorges, and forests, along with beach flows, ancient temples, and folk customs, making it the 'seven wonders'. It is a visual feast and an unmissable UNESCO World Heritage site in western Sichuan.

Nowadays, with high-speed trains connected to Zhenjiangguan Station, Huanglong is no longer the out-of-reach wonderland of the earth hidden in the layers of snow-covered mountains. Just 1.5-hour high-speed rail + 2-hour highway, you can flash at the front of Huanglong National Park.

Keep reading to learn the transportation tips from the Zhengjiangguan railway station to the entrance of Huanglong National Park, recommended visiting routes, and how to plan the 2024 Huanglong travel with Jiuzhaigou!

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Zhengjiangguan Railway Station: Location & Transportation

Zhenjiangguan Railway Station Address: Zhenjiangguan Township, Songpan County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China

Zhenjiangguan Railway Station 镇江关站 is situated on the south side of Songpan County, which is about 43 kilometers (26 miles) south of Songzhou Ancient City and 85 kilometers (53 miles) southwest of Huanglong National Park. It takes about 1.5-2 hours by car to reach there.

Chengdu to Huanglong Transportation Map

Chengdu to Huanglong Transportation Map, Click to Enlarge

Get to Huanglong from Zhenguanjiang Station- Travel with China Discovery

Currently, no public bus service is available from Zhenjiangguan Station to Huanglong National Park 黄龙国家公园. Once you exit the station, there are only two ways to reach Huanglong: Renting a car in advance or purchasing a long-distance bus seat from private providers online. (Considering the language barrier and safety issues, the second mode is not recommended.)

Besides, in order to maximize their time, many travelers prefer to visit Huanglong National Park and Jiuzhaigou Valley 九寨沟 together. Jiuzhaigou Valley, another incredible God's masterpiece, is located about 106 kilometers (66 miles) north of Huanglong National Park, and the only way to travel between these two sites is by private car. Contact us to book a private car service >>

To save you from troublesome planning, we, China Discovery, curated many exclusive Jiuzhai Huanglong tour routes/ways for you to choose from. Travel with us, you don't need to worry about hotels, meals, transportation, and the best sightseeing routes, our professional itinerary planners, drivers, and tour guides cater to everything you need, so all you need to do is to enjoy the journey to the fullest.

Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou Transportation - Private Car Our Clients in Jiuzhaigou
Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou Train - Tour Plan Melvyn and His Wife Hiked Huanglong National Park in November 2023
Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou Transportation - Tour Plan Our Dear Guests Visited Jiuzhaigou Valley in Autumn

How to Plan Your Chengdu Huanglong Tour

Chengdu is the most crucial gateway to Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou by air and road. Known as a world-famous destination with a cute Giant Panda, delicious Sichuan Cuisine, a relaxing leisure lifestyle and a long history, Chengdu gives tourists many exciting things to explore.

Before or after the Huanglong Jiuzhaigou tour, you can take 1 to 3 days to visit landmarks in Chengdu, including seeing adorable Giant Pandas in Panda Base, walking around Jinli Ancient Street, drink Chinese tea in People’s Park, watch a wonderful Sichuan Opera show, visit serene Wenshu Monastery. Side trips from Chengdu to Mount Qingcheng in DujiangyanLeshan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei in Leshan, and Sanxingdui Museum in Guanghan are recommended when you have more time to discover the World Heritages near Chengdu.

1~4 Days Chengdu Tours with UNESCO World Heritage sites

Usually, tourists will leave for 3 to 4 days to visit Huanglong National Park and Jiuzhaigou Valley together.

7 Days Sichuan Discovery Tour

You can have a classic private tour or an in-depth hiking trip. You can return to Chengdu to continue your China tour from Jiuzhaigou to other destinations in China, maybe Qinghai and Gansu.

3~7 Days Qinghai Tours | 4~8 Days Gansu Tours

8 Days Qinghai Gansu Jiuzhaigou Land Tour

Travel with China Discovery

If you book a tour from China Discovery, our skilled driver and knowledgeable guide will pick you up at the airport or railway station and escort you to your hotels, restaurant, the pier and other tourist destinations. You won’t need to worry about the complicated transportation anymore and just focus on sightseeing. >>Contact us now

Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou Train Chengdu: Hometown of Pandas
Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou Train Picturesque Jiuzhaigou Scenery

High Speed Train Tips

Class of Ticket

On high speed trains from Chengdu to Xian, there are three kinds of tickets are provided, including Business Class Seat, First Class Seat and Second Class Seat. Second Class Seat is the most budget level you will share a row space with other passengers. First Class of Seat is more comfortable and quiet for those who prefer a good rest on the way. If you would like to try the most luxury and superior train travel experience, the Business Class Seat better than the business level on airplane will shock you beyond expectation. Check all types of seats on China high speed train>

Book, Collect, Alter and Cancel

Foreign tourists can book train ticket online or ask help from ticket agency, or buy the tickets physically at the train station with your valid passport. One thing you should remember is to book the ticket as early as possible, especially in peak tourist seasons. After collecting the tickets, please read carefully about the train number, departure date and station to make sure you won’t miss the train. If you want to cancel, alter your train tickets, you are required to bring your passport to the ticket counter and make the adjustments. Check details about How to Book, Collect, Alter, and Cancel Train Tickets>

Board & Get off

1) Prepare your documents well (valid passport with China Visa); 2) Get to the right train station in advance; 3) Collect train tickets; 4) Read your train ticket; 5) Pass the security control; 6) Pass through Security & Luggage Checks; 7) Find the right waiting room; 8) Cross the ticket checking gate; 9) Get to the right platform; 10) Get on your train. Keep the ticket well, because the ticket will be checked again to leave the station after you get off. Check details about How to Board & Disembark a Train>

Baggage Allowance

China train travel with luggage is much easier than taking flight, for you don’t need to check luggage separately. Each passenger with a train ticket is allowed to carry luggage in certain weight and volume, but without limitation of amount and types. Though there are written regulation and rules about the luggage allowance, in practice, passengers can take as much luggage as you can if only you handled them properly. Check detailed Baggage Allowance & Policy to Take China Train>

Facilities and Service

All high speed trains in China are equipped with advanced facilities and good service to make your journey more convenient and comfortable. There are different places you can put your luggage onboard, racks and specialized luggage storage areas. Besides, the air-conditioner train offers you plug under the seats to charge your phone or laptop, sightseeing window to view the outside scenery as well as western-style toilets. There is also available dining area you can get some supplies. Bilingual signs and the broadcast use both Chinese and English so that you don’t need to worry about the communication. Check All Facilities & Service on China Train>


Recommended Sichuan Tours

Top 3 Sichuan tours chosen by most customers to explore Sichuan in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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Baopingkou, the 20-meter-wide channel on the left, is said to cost 8 years to finish

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