Xian Xining High Speed Railway & Train Map 2021

Take a high speed train to the west! You will be touched by the natural wonders along the way to Xining in Qinghai. Qinghai Lake, Taer Monastery, Dongguan Mosque, etc. are all available to be presented in front you and your lens. Besides, to enjoy some top historical sites and culture is more than just perfect to know better of China, this outstanding and grand country in Asia. By the bullet trains, you can simply transfer between Xian and Xining for only around 4.5 hours. Usually, there are over 10 daily D trains serving during day time between those two provincial capital cities. Get on the high speed train, and the unbelievable Terracotta Warriors and Qinghai Lake are closer for your enjoyment.

>> Check detailed Xian to Xining Train Schedule

>> Check detailed Xining to Xian Train Schedule

Xian Xining High Speed Train Route Map

Xian Xining high speed railway has been opened in 2017. To benefit tourists and local citizens, the railway is constructed from Xian North Station to Xining Station, both very convenient to get to downtown. This railway passes Baoji, Tianshui, Dingxi, Lanzhou, and so forth, and is measured for about 756 kilometers totally. Please check the detailed Xian Xining High Speed Train Route Map at below.

Xian North Railway Station (西安北站)

Xian North Station is situated at Yuanshuo Road, Weiyang District, Xian (西安市未央区元朔路), which is about 20 kilometers to Xian downtown and needs about 1 hour to the Terracotta Warriors and the city center area including the Muslim Quarter by car. From the city center, you can take the Metro Line 2 at Bell Tower to get to the station for about 30 minutes. Besides, airport buses, local public buses, etc. are also available here for your transfer. Learn more about Xian North Railway Station >

Xining Railway Station (西宁站)

Xining Railway Station is very close to Xining city downtown and located at No.128 Middle Huzhu Road, Xining City (青海省西宁市互助中路128号). From this station, you could transfer to your hotels or the top popular attractions without effort. Usually, to Dongguan Mosque and Ma Bufang Residence which are also in the downtown area, it would need about 10-15 minutes by taxi. And if you want to go to Taer Monastery, it would take about 1 hour. To Qinghai Lake, it usually would cost 2.5 hours.

Note: if you have any questions about the local transfer and train stations in Xian and Xining, please directly contact our Travel Consultant for help!

Useful Xian and Xining Travel Maps

Xian is one of the Top 10 World Great Ancient Capitals recording the history in the past thousands of years in ancient China. To learn the essences of this antique and charming city, we recommend you plan 2-3 days so that you would have enough time enjoying all the top historical and cultural highlights, including Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Ancient City Wall in Ming Dynasty, Shaanxi History Museum, both giant and little Wild Goose Pagodas, and so on. Of course, you would also spare some moments tasting the mouthwatering snacks of Shaanxi flavors. And for Xining, the vital place on the ancient Silk Road, you can arrange 3-6 days to appreciate the natural view at Qinghai Lake, visit Ma Bufang Residence and Dongguan Mosque, and enjoy the Buddhist belief and the featured colorful buildings at Taer Monastery, Rongwu Monastery, Labrang Monastery, etc. You could check the useful Xian maps and Xining maps to know details about their highlights and locations at below.

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In addition to Xian and Xining, there are still over 150 other cities can be reached by high speed trains and many of them are popular tourist destinations as well, like Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Huangshan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuhan etc. Click the following maps to know more favored rail lines and you can check more China High Speed Train Routes Maps and High Speed Train Cities Maps here.

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