Xiamen Wuyishan Huangshan High Speed Train Route Maps

A Xiamen Huangshan tour is a good chance to explore the beauty and wonder of southeastern China. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) is located 880km (547miles) to the north of Xiamen. There is no direct flight between them. But High Speed Trains make it possible to achieve the journey within 4.5 hours around. At present, there are 7 pairs of G-trains operated between Xiamen and Huangshan. All of them are G-trains. No D-trains and normal trains named after K, T, Z, etc. available.

Check more about Xiamen to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) High Speed Train Schedule 2023 >

Check more about Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) to Xiamen High Speed Train Schedule 2023 >

Xiamen Wuyishan Huangshan High Speed Train Route Map

Xiamen Wuyishan Huangshan High Speed Rail is a section of High Speed rails like Xiamen-Beijing High Speed Rail, Xiamen-Hefei High Speed Rail, Xiamen-Xuzhou High Speed Rail, Shenzhen-Hefei High Speed rail, Xiamen-Qingdao High Speed Rail, etc. Along the journey traveling between Xiamen and Huangshan, High Speed Trains make stopover at 7~12 middle stops, including the railway stations of Wuyishan, from where you can get to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Mountain Wuyi (武夷山). Other stops along the way are Jinjiang (晋江), Quanzhou (泉州), Fuzhou (福州), Nanping (南平), Shangrao (上饶), Wuyuan (婺源), etc. For the details about the route, you can check the below typical route map as reference:

Xiamen North Railway Station

Location: Center Nature Village, Houxi Country, Jimei District, Xiamen, Fujian (福建省厦门市集美区后溪镇岩内村埔中央自然村 – 厦门北站)

Xiamen North Railway Station is located about 10km away from the Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN; 厦门高崎机场) and 28km away to the Gulangyu Island. It was called Xiamen New Railway Station at the beginning. At present, metro line 1, BRT, public buses, tourist shuttle buses and taxi have already covered Xiamen North Railway Station, while the future metro line 4 is under construction.

Wuyishan North Railway Station

Location: Beicheng New District, Wuyishan, Fujian (福建省武夷山市825县道附近 – 武夷山北站)

Wuyishan North Railway Station is located about 3.5km away from the downtown area. It is the closest and the most convenient station to Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area. But among the 7 pairs of High Speed Trains between Xiamen and Huangshan, only 2 of them make stopover both at Wuyishan North Railway Station and Wuyishan East Railway Station, while other trains stop at Wuyishan East Railway Station only.

Wuyishan East Railway Station

Location: Yangdun Village, Beibujiangkou Town, Jianyang District, Nanping, Fujian (福建省南平市建阳区北部将口镇洋墩村 – 武夷山东站)

Wuyishan East Railway Station gets its name because it is located in the southeast of Wuyi Mountain. It was put into service at the same day as Wuyishan North Railway Station. The Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area is about 40 min’s driving from there. The light rail system that will connect there with Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area is under construction. Thus compared with Wuyishan North Railway Station, Wuyishan East Railway Station is not the best choice for the travelers who want to get to the scenic area.

Huangshan North Railway Station

Location: No.2, Yingkesong Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan, Anhui (安徽省黄山市屯溪区迎客松大道北2号– 黄山北站)

Currently, Huangshan North Railway Station is the nearest and most convenient high speed railway station to the Huangshan Scenic Area. With a distance about 45km, Huangshan North Railway Station operates tourist express buses to get the Huangshan Scenic Area directly within about 50 minutes. Taxi and public buses to the downtown area are also available there. Learn more about Huangshan North Railway Station>

Useful Xiamen Wuyishan Huangshan Travel Maps

Xiamen, the seaport city located on the coast of Fujian Province, is a garden city on the sea that offering spectacular scenery and pleasant tree-lined beaches to be visited. To explore the beauty of Xiamen, you are suggested to spend a brief 2~3 days’ tour over there. High Speed trains between Xiamen and Huangshan make it easy to transfer from the seaport city Xiamen to the mountain city Huangshan. Along the way, the trains also make stopover at the Mount Wuyi. For the details about how to plan a Xiamen Wuyishan Huangshan tour, you can check our most popular 6 Days Xiamen Nanjing Tulou & Yellow Mountain Amusing Tour and 5 Days Xiamen, Nanjing Tulou & Mount Wuyi Discovery Tour as reference. Below are some tourist maps, you can also check more Xiamen Maps and Huangshan Maps from our website.

Other Popular China High Speed Train Routes You May be Interested in

High Speed Trains of China have caused great attraction over the world. Actually, China now has the world’s longest High Speed Rail network, which is longer than that of the other country combined. Almost every single tourist city has running High Speed Train, including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin, Guizhou, Kunming, Xiamen, Harbin, and else. Below are some popular High Speed Train Route Maps, you can also get more High Speed Train Route Maps and City Map from our website.

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