Guilin Kunming Railway & Train Maps 2023

Guilin and Kunming are hot destinations that worth to be visit all year around. For thousands of years, Guilin has enjoyed a reputation of "the best mountains and rivers in the world". Typical karst topography constitutes the unparalleled landscape of Guilin. Traveling in this pictorial world, you can encounter with a sense of tranquility that may hard to get in other places. Kunming is about 14 hours’ driving from Guilin. It enjoys a reputation of “spring city”. Aside from the pleasant weather, its dazzling colors, various flowers, rich minority culture and convenient traffic condition also the reasons why thousands of people like there. In the old years, taking flights is the best choice to transfer between Guilin and Kunming. But now, the opening of High Speed Trains enables travelers to travel between the two cities within 8 hours by train, which may cheaper than taking flights.

Guilin Kunming High Speed Train Route Map

Guilin Kunming High Speed Rail is about 1088 km (676 miles) in total. It only passes Yunnan and Guangxi, no other provinces included. Along the way, the High speed Trains take stopover at 8~19 middle stops, including Liuzhou (柳州), Nanning (南宁), Baise (百色), Puzhehei (普者黑), Shilin (石林), etc. The whole journey takes about 7.5 hours. Currently, there are 5 D-trains travel between Guilin and Kunming, including 4 morning trains and one afternoon train. Check the detailed Guilin Kunming High Speed Train route map at below:

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Guilin Railway Station

Location: Xiangshan District, Guilin, Guangxi (广西壮族自治区桂林市象山区 – 桂林站)

Guilin station is located at the junction of Shanghai road and Zhongshan south road. It is the oldest railway station of Guilin, also the closest railway station to the downtown area. Its construction time can trace time to 1938. For the locals, they also call the Guilin Railway Station as Guilin South Railway Station, though the real Guilin South Railway Station is used for freight transportation. With a good location in the downtown area, Guilin Railway Station is quite close to many top city attractions and nearby attractions. Buses and taxi are the mainly used transportation means for traveling around there. Learn more about Guilin Railway Station>

Guilin North Railway Station

Location: No. 6, Zhanqian Road, Diecai District, Lingchuan County, Guilin, Guangxi (广西壮族自治区桂林市叠彩区站前路6号- 桂林北站)

The rebuilt Guilin North Railway Station was put into operation in 2014. It is located about 6.5km away from the downtown area and 9 km away from Guilin Railway Station. Currently, only buses and taxi are available there, the light rail line 1 connects there is under construction. And for High Speed Trains travel from Guilin to Kunming, Guilin North Railway Station is the mainly used departure station. Learn more about Guilin North Railway Station>

Kunming South Railway Station

Location: Xiangyuan Road, Chenggong District, Kunming, Yunnan (云南省昆明市呈贡区祥园街-昆明南站)

Kunming South Railway Station, the large transportation hub of Kunming, has constantly upgraded its facilities to meet the travel needs of passengers since opening. It is also the only railway station of Kunming that have High Speed Trains travel to Puzhehei. From there, you can travel around by taking metro line 1, metro line 4, express buses and taxi.

Useful Guilin Guiyang Travel Maps

Unlike Beijing and Shanghai tours that have more man-made buildings and wonder to explore, Guilin and Kunming tours enjoy more natural and minority culture charms. In order to make a regretless tour over Guilin’s mountains and rivers, you are highly recommended to stay 3~5 days at Guilin. For the “spring city” Kunming, You are highly recommended to stay 3~5 days too, including 1~2 days to explore the beauty of Kunming city and 2~3 days to explore the nearby attractions like Dongchuan Red Land, Stone Forest, Jiuxiang Cave, etc. Kunming also acts as a gateway city of Yunnan. If you have time left, you can make a deeper exploring of Yunnan Province from there. Other popular tourist cities like Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Puzhehei, etc. won’t disappoint you. Check our popular 4 Days Highlights of Guilin, Yangshuo & Longji and 5 Days Kunming, Jianshui & Yuanyang Rice Terraces Tour as reference. Have a look at below useful travel maps of Kunming and Guilin, and make a better plan of your Guilin Kunming Tour. You can also get more Kunming Maps and Guilin Maps from our website.

Other Popular China High Speed Train Routes You May be Interested in

Guilin and Kunming are not the only two cities equipped with convenient High Speed Rail lines. High Speed Trains are also available around most other tourist cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin, Hangzhou, Guiyang, Xiamen, etc. Actually, High Speed Trains have reached over 150 cities of China, making the China exploring faster and easier. Below are some most popular China high speed train route maps, and if you are interested in other map and route information, you can check all high speed train routes and more maps here.

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