Most Popular Chengdu (High Speed) Railway Maps & Train Station Maps 2024

Known as “the Land of Abundance” and home of Giant Pandas in west Sichuan Basin, Chengdu is a major railway hub and a crucial gateway city in southwestern China. It serves as the starting point for Chengdu-Dujiangyan and Chengdu-Mianyang-Leshan Intercity High Speed Railways, Chengdu Chongqing High Speed Railway, Xian Chengdu High Speed Railway, Shanghai Wuhan Chengdu High Speed Railway and several future direct high speed rails between Chengdu and Guiyang and Lanzhou. Passengers can also take high speed trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Kunming, Zhengzhou, Leshan, Emeishan, as well as normal trains to Lhasa, Lanzhou, Urumqi, Hohhot, Xining and Shenzhen from Chengdu. Let’s see the most popular high speed train route maps of Chengdu and useful location map of Chengdu Railway Stations.

Popular Chengdu High Speed Rail Routes

Currently, Chengdu has opened high speed trains to Beijing (8 hours ~ 10 hours), Shanghai (11.5 hours), Xian (3 hours ~ 4 hours), Guangzhou, Taiyuan, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Guiyang, Kunming, Nanjing, Changsha, Zhengzhou (Shaolin Temple) and other connected cities, except ordinary rail connections with Lhasa (Tibet), Xining (Qinghai Province) and Lanzhou (Gansu Province) in the west neighborhood. After a comfortable and leisurely trip in Chengdu, see the adorable Pandas, taste the Sichuan tea life and enjoy spicy Hotpot and Sichuan Cuisine, you can transfer to Dujiangyan Panda Valley within half an hour, Leshan Giant Buddha within one hour and Mount Emei within 1.5 hours by intercity expresses. You can contact us to get more detailed schedules, tickets or other available train routes.

Chengdu Railway Station Map

Generally, there are four major train stations in Chengdu: Chengdu East Railway Station (成都东站), Chengdu Railway Station (成都站), Chengdu South Railway Station (成都南站) and Chengdu Xipu Railway Station (成都犀浦站). Chengdu East Railway Station is the one of the important rail transportation hinges in southwestern China, which undertakes hundreds of high speed trains to/off Chengdu on Chengdu Chongqing High Speed Railway, Xian Chengdu High Speed Railway, Shanghai-Wuhan-Chengdu High Speed Railway and Chengdu-Mianyang-Leshan Intercity High Speed Railway via Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. Tourists can get there by buses, taxies, airport express, Metro Line 2 and Line 7. Chengdu Railway Station, often called Chengdubeizhan by locals, is the departure station of Cheng Guan (Chengdu Dujiangyan) Expressway and some traditional railways, like Chengdu Kunming Railway, Baoji Chengdu High Speed Railway and Dazhou Chengdu Railway. Learn more about Chengdu Railway Stations >

How to Plan Your High Speed Train Travel from Chengdu

With cute Pandas, Chengdu is the most livable city with pleasant climate, rich history and culture, famous Mahjong, Hotpot and tea culture in China. While in Chengdu, you are highly recommended to spend 2 ~ 3 days to see the Giant Pandas, relax in Renmin Park with a cup of Chinese tea, explore Buddhism in Wenshu Temple, stroll in Kuanzhai Alley, learn to cook Sichuan dishes in Sichuan Cuisine Museum. Afterwards, you can travel further to Dujiangyan, Leshan and Emeishannearby. Still, you can travel to Xian to marvel at the Terracotta Warriors, to Chongqing to start a Yangtze River Cruise, to Guizhou to watch Huangguoshu Waterfall, to Kunming to visit the Stone Forest… You can choose from our top favourite tours of Chengdu, or make us to customize one if you have more ideas and different likes.

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Recommended Chengdu Tours

Top 3 Chengdu tours chosen by most customers to explore Chengdu in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary,or tailor your own trip now with us.

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