Chengdu Guilin Railway & Train Maps 2024

Chengdu Guilin High Speed Rail is the major part of Chengdu Guangzhou Rail. Except Guilin, the whole Chengdu Guangzhou journey passes through Chongqing, Zunyi and Guiyang before arrives at the last Station Guangzhou. This route makes a closer connecting of cities located in South part of China.

Chengdu and Guilin are both hot tourist cities of China. The history of Chengdu can be traced back to 3200 years ago. Culture and History elements can be easily found when traveling this “old city”. In nowadays, Chengdu is widely known for its lovely pandas, leisure lifestyle and numerous nearby UNESCO World Heritages Sites. “East or west, Guilin is the best”. Though the history of Guilin can be traced back to 12,000 years ago (the Neolithic Age), Guilin enjoys more popularity by its wonderful scenery rather than the history and culture. Along the Chengdu Guilin journey, travelers can have a deep feeling of Chinese charm, including the history, culture and beautiful scenery.

Chengdu Guilin High Speed Train Route Map

With a total length about 1059 kilometers (658 miles), the Chengdu Guilin High Speed Train Railway runs though Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang and finally arrives at Guilin. The whole journey takes approximately 7 hours.

All the High Speed Trains depart at Chengdu East Railway Station and arrive within the same day of departure. After a deep communication with the lovely pandas in Chengdu, travelers can still have enough time to take the High Speed Trains to Guilin in the afternoon. For the travelers back from Guilin to Chengdu, the last High Speed Train departs at 16:00 and arrives at 23:23.

Check more about Chengdu to Guilin high speed train schedule 2024 >

Check more about Guilin to Chengdu high speed train schedule 2024 >

Chengdu East Railway Station

Location: No.4, Qingyijiang Road, Chenghua District, Chengdu, Sichuan (四川省成都市成华区青衣江路4号-成都东站)

Chengdu East Railway Station, which also known as the High Speed Railway Station, is a vital transportation hub of southwest China. It is connected with the center of Chengdu by metro lines, buses and taxis, which make travelers easy to get there from any other places of Chengdu. Learn more about Chengdu East Railway Station>

Chengdu East Railway Station is the only available Railway Station for High Speed Trains travel from Chengdu to Guangzhou via Guilin. Thus it will save a lot of time to find the exact railway station for the newly coming travelers.

Guilin Railway Station

Location: Xiangshan District, Guilin, Guangxi (广西壮族自治区桂林市象山区 – 桂林站)

Guilin Railway Station also commonly known as Guilin South Railway Station (桂林南站) by citizens of Guilin. It is the first High Speed Railway Station of the three Provinces of Southwest China including Yunnan Province, Guizhou Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. 14 bus lines are available at Guilin Railway Station, making it the most convenient Railway Station to travel around Guilin from there. Check more about Guilin Railway Station>

Every day, only two trains depart from Chengdu East Railway Station will arrive at Guilin Railway Station. All the trains depart in the morning, with a duration time about 7 hours. Due to the few number of available tickets, travelers who want to arrive at Guilin Railway Station are highly recommended to book the tickets as early as possible.

Guilin West Railway Station

Location: Dingjiang Villege, Dingjiang town, Lingchuan County, Guilin, Guangxi (桂林市灵川县定江镇定江村庄上村- 桂林西站)

Guilin West Railway Station is the newest railway Station of Guilin. Unlike Guilin Railway Station that settled within the city center, Guilin West Railway Station stands 11.5 kilometers (7.14inch) far from the center. With beautiful natural scenery settled around, travelers can have a brief understanding of what Guilin is like after arrived at Guilin West Railway Station.

Guilin West Railway Station acts as a vital High Speed Train station of guiguang railway. Actually, Guiyang, Guilin and Gunagzhou can be connected by a straight line on a Chinese Map. Though only no.22 and no.303 buses are available to travel around from Guilin West Railway Station, it will be as convenient as Guilin Railway Station after the metro line 1 and line 6 finished.

All the High Speed Trains travel from Chengdu will pass through Guilin and finally arrive at Guangzhou. And among the Trains, about 9 High Speed Trains will make a stopover at Guilin West Railway Station, with the first train available at 6:53 and last train available at 14:14.

Useful Chengdu Guilin Travel Maps

Chengdu and Guilin are both tourist cities located in the south part of China. The life in the two cities is totally different from that in Beijing and Shanghai. People enjoy more peace and leisure there. Usually you are recommended to spend 1~2 days to explore Chengdu and 4~6 days to visit its nearby attractions. 3~5 days are needed to explore the beauty of Guilin. If you are planning a Chengdu Guilin tour or a separate tour over the two cities, you can check the following maps as reference. If you are interested in more map information, you can also get more Chengdu Maps and Guilin Maps from here.

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China has world’s largest and still expanding High Speed Rail network, stretching over 25,000 kilometers (15,534 miles). By taking High Speed Train, you can get to almost every city of China including the tourist cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Huangshan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuhan etc. Check the below most popular China high speed train route maps, and find the perfect suit route for yourself. If you are interested in other route or cities, you can check all high speed train routes and more maps here.

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