Beijing Guilin High Speed Train & Rail Route Map 2024

China has lots of looks to show its diversity, and the most obvious feature comes to the contrast of tough northern China and soft southern China, just like Beijing and Guilin. As an ancient capital with over 800 years’ history, Beijing has numerous grand imperial architectures built in spectacular style, but in Guilin, countryside scenery of karst landforms and peak forest presents an idyllic world in every tender heart. Conveniently, you can have a joined tour package of both, while resting yourself on a daytime high speed train from Beijing to Guilin. Later, you can travel further to Guiyang from Guilin by taking a 2.5 hours' high speed train, a Karst landscape journey ranked one of the most beautiful rail routes in China. (Read more China's Top 8 Beautiful High Speed Railways>)

For the moment, there are 2 pairs of high speed trains running between Beijing and Guilin. G529 and G421 trains leave from Beijing in the morning and arrive in Guilin at late evening, so do the two returning trains (G422 and G530). All the trains takes around 11 hours.

Beijing Guilin High Speed Train Route Map

Beijing Guilin High Speed Railway is one of the longest railways in China, connecting Beijing and Guilin (Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region). The railway starts from Beijing West Railway Station, and stretches 2,110km (1,311miles) to Guilin Railway Station, crossing Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Wuhan and Changsha within 6 provinces. The total train journey needs 8 hours 3 minutes to 11 hours 14 minutes. Besides, this railway line extends 368 km longer to south China and finally ends in Nanning, capital of Guangxi. As a major gateway city of the Maritime Silk Road, Nanjing offers convenient transportation to Southeast Asian countries, which you can use to travel far and more. Check (Beijing Guilin high speed train schedule 2024 >.