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Lanzhou Xinjiang (Urumqi) High Speed Trains

Connecting three famous treasures in Northwest China, Qinghai, Gansu and Xinjiang, the Lanxin (Lanzhou - Xinjiang) High Speed Railway, or Lanzhou Urumqi High Speed Railway are favored by more and more travelers. The rail line starts from Lanzhou in Gansu Province and terminates in Urumqi, Xinjiang Ugyhur Autonomous Region, stretching about 1,776 kilometers (1,104 miles) via Xining, Zhangye, Jiayuguan and more famous tourist cities en route. Apart from the exploration of ancient Silk Road, tourists could visit World Heritages - Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes and Xinjiang Tianshan, and enjoy a great range of styles of natural landscapes, including beautiful Qinghai Lake, Zhangye Danxia Landform, and Buddhist culture and art in monasteries and ethnic customs and traditions by fast and comfortable high speed trains. Don’t miss the following recommended destinations during the 11 hour’s high speed train travel.

Lanzhou Xinjiang (Urumqi) High Speed Train Schedules

● Lanzhou to Urumqi (Xinjiang)

From To Frequency (day) Operating Hours Duration Detailed Schedule >
Lanzhou West/Lanzhou Urumqi South/Urumqi About 4 D trains About 08:00-11:00 About 11-12 hours

● Urumqi (Xinjiang) to Lanzhou

From To Frequency (day) Operating Hours Duration Detailed Schedule >
Urumqi Lanzhou West/Lanzhou About 4 D trains About 08:00-12:00 About 11.5-12 hours

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Other Recommended Sections on Lanzhou Xinjiang (Urumqi) High Speed Railway

A full high speed train journey of the transverse 1176km-long Lanzhou Urumqi High Speed Railway needs more than 11 hours. Before you continue to move westward areas, you can rest and drop by destinations along the sites, see top sights there and slowly learn those past history and culture in the local, and pick the shining parts of the Silk Road. Please check the train time schedule of each one popular railway section below:

From - To Frequency (day) Operating Hours Duration
Lanzhou - Xining: about 25 D trains about 07:30-21:00 about 1.5 hours
Lanzhou - Zhangye: over 15 D trains about 07:30-18:30 about 3-3.5 hours
Lanzhou - Jiayuguan: over 10 D trains about 07:30-18:30 about 4.5-5 hours
Lanzhou - Turpan: about 4 D trains about 08:00-11:00 about 10-11 hours
Xining - Zhangye: over 15 D trains about 08:30-20:00 about 2 hour
Turpan - Urumqi: over 10 D trains about 09:30-23:00 about 1 hour
Xining - Urumqi: about 4 D trains about 09:00-12:00 about 10 hours
Jiayuguan - Urumqi: about 4 D trains about 12:30-15:30 about 6.5-7 hours

Please Note: This information of time and duration might changes slightly, be free to contact us for the up-to-date schedule.

What to See along Lanzhou Xianjing (Urumqi) High Speed Railway

The highlight of Lanzhou Xinjiang High Speed Railway? Honesty, there is too much charming you will be marveled at. It’s not only an engineering miracle breaking several world records, but also an attractive scenic route leading to the wild Northwest China. Lower your pace, escape from the busy crows, and follow the ancient Silk Road to view different spectacular natural landscape along the route, closely feel the Muslim culture, experience diverse local customs, and witness significant historical relics in grottoes, temples… From this line, you will see how vast China’s territory is, how abundant travel resource China has.


Located on the upstream Yellow River, Lanzhou is the capital and the largest city in Gansu Province as well as a key transportation hub in Northwest China. It used to be an important stop on the Ancient Silk Road as well as the head of the famous Hexi Corridor which connects North China and Central Asia. When transferring in Lanzhou, travelers can have one day tour in Lanzhou to explore the top attractions, including White Pagoda Mountain, Iron Bridge of Yellow River, Yellow River Mother Statues, and Yellow River Ancient Waterwheels Park, and learn brilliant history and culture of Gansu by visiting Gansu Provincial Museum. Moreover, you are also recommended to visit the Labrang Monastery and Binglingsi Grottoes in the nearby Xiahe, two wonderful sites that are highly praised by many tourists.

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Lanzhou West Railway Station

Address: No. 197, West Xijin Road, Qilihe District, Lanzhou, Gansu (兰州市七里河区西津西路197号 - 兰州西站)

Transportation: Lanzhou West Railway Station is the most important train station running both high speed trains (including Fuxin Trains) and normal trains to/off Lanzhou. The station is the terminus of Xuzhou Lanzhou High Speed Railway, departure of Lanzhou Urumqi (Xinjiang) High Speed Railway and Lanzhou Zhongchuan (International Airport) Intercity Railway. It is located about 10km’s driving distance to the downtown and about 10 minutes’ driving to Gansu Provincial Museum. Travelers can take bus No.31, 35, 58, 108 and other lines to downtown area of Lanzhou. Also, you can take Jincheng Sightseeing Bus to Gansu Provincial Museum, Iron Bridge of Yellow River, White Pagoda Mountain, etc.

>> Check more about Lanzhou transportation guide.

Lanzhou Yellow River Mother Status

Lanzhou Yellow River Mother Status

Lanzhou Baita Mountain Park

Lanzhou Baita Mountain Park

Lanzhou West Railway Station

Lanzhou West Railway Station


Xining now serves as the capital city of Qinghai Province and gateway city to Tibetan Plateau. Holding the religious status to Muslim and Buddhism, Xining is also well-known for the vital location on the Silk Road and Tang-Tibet Road in ancient times. If you get off in Xining, you really should spend several days to find the amazing natural scenery and bright cultural and historical legacy of Xining. Ta’er Monastery, one of the “6 greatest monasteries of Gelug” of Tibetan Buddhism is the must see spot for every visitor. Also, you can visit Dongguan Great Mosque, the largest mosque in Qinghai, to feel the harmonious inclusive culture and extraordinary Islamic features. Go to the Qinghai Lake in northwest direction to appreciate the pretty natural views that attracts numerous photographers and travelers, if you got a longer vacation. Afterwards, you may move on and transfer to farther destinations in northwest China or taking a Tibet Train to Lhasa.

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Xining Railway Station

Address: No.128, Middle Huzhu Road, Xining, Qinghai (青海省西宁市互助中路128号 – 西宁站)

Transportation: Xining Railway Station, opened in 1958 and reconstructed 3 times, is the major train station in Xining. It station is the departure point of Qinghai Tibet Railway, a midway stop on Lanzhou Urumqi (Xinjiang) High Speed Railway and the biggest rail hub on Tibetan Plateau. After exit the station, it takes less than 20 minutes’ driving to downtown area and nearly 1 hour to Ta’er Monastery for tourists. Taxi service and parking lots are located in the basement one. If you plan to visit Dongguan Great Mosque, there are lots of local buses available, such as Bus No. 33, No. 1, No.22 and No. 17. Besides, you can take long distance coach from the Bus Terminal at Xining Railway Station to Erlang Jian Scenic Area of Qinghai Lake for about 3 hours, to Chaka Salt Lake for about 4 hours.

Qinghai Taer Monastery

Qinghai Taer Monastery

Picturesque Qinghai Lake

Picturesque Qinghai Lake

Xining Railway Station

Xining Railway Station


Famous for the spectacular Zhangye Danxia Landform with boundless “Rainbow Mountain”, Zhangye is a famous tourist destination in central Gansu, Northwest China, which lies about 500km from Lanzhou. While tracing ancient Silk Road in Zhangye, you should not miss Giant Buddha Temple, where keeps the largest indoor sleeping Buddha in Asia and thousands of cultural boutiques. Of course, you are suggested to visit Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park to marvel at the spectacular petrographic geomorphology Danxia landscape formed from red-colored sandstones and conglomerates. Also, Mati Temple and Muta Temple are recommended places to savor the thick culture of Buddhism, amazing grottoes arts, fine design of temple constructions and so forth.

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Zhangye West Railway Station

Address: Between Minle Road and West 3rd Ring Road, Zhangye, Gansu (甘肃省 张掖市西三环路与民乐路 - 张掖西站)

Transportation: Zhangye West Railway Station is the single high speed train station offering passenger service of Zhangye. It is located about 3km to the city center, about 40 minutes’ driving to Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park. Once getting off, you can take Bus No.6 to the Great Buddha Temple and Muta Temple for 30 minutes, or take a taxi to the two attractions within 15 minutes. To get to Mati Temple, you need to spend about 1 hour and 10 minutes on driving, and about 40 minutes to Zhangye Ganzhou Airport.

Zhangye Danxia Landform

Spectacular Zhangye Danxia Landform

Zhangye West Railway Station

Zhangye West Railway Station

Lanzhou& Xining Zhangye High Speed Trains

With good location and adequate rail transportation link, Lanzhou and Xining not only serve as gateway cities to northwest China, but also vital portal points to Zhangye to catch sight of “Rainbow Mountain” in Zhangye Danxia landscape. For tourism convenience, there are more than 10 daily high speed bullet trains running from both cities to Zhangye from early morning to afternoon. The fast train travel has been largely shortened to about 3 hours from Lanzhou and less than 2 hours from Xining. Check the following train schedules to enjoy your Zhangye high speed train trip!

Lanzhou to Zhangye High Speed Train Schedules

Train Number Departure Station Arrival Station Duration (Dep. – Arr.) Duration Ticket
D2741 Lanzhou West Zhangye West 07:25-10:38 3 hours 13 minutes Second Class Seat: about ¥150.0
First Class Seat: about ¥250.0
D2703 Lanzhou West Zhangye West 08:20-11:35 3hours 15 minutes
D2745 Lanzhou West Zhangye West 08:38-11:45 3 hours 7 minutes
D2711 Lanzhou West Zhangye West 10:40-13:58 3 hours 18 minutes
D2747 Lanzhou West Zhangye West 12:00-15:14 3 hours 14 minutes
D2679 Lanzhou West Zhangye West 13:39-16:52 3 horus 13 minutes
D2751 Lanzhou West Zhangye West 14:10-17:24 3 hours 14 minutes
D2757 Lanzhou Zhangye West 17:30-21:00 3 hours 30 minutes
D2753 Lanzhou Zhangye West 18:27-21:58 3 hours 31 minutes

Xining to Zhangye High Speed Train Schedules

Train Number Departure Station Arrival Station Duration (Dep. – Arr.) Duration Ticket
D2741 Xining Zhangye West 08:43-10:38 1 hour 55 minutes Second Class Seat: about ¥100.0
First Class Seat: about ¥150.0
D2701 Xining Zhangye West 09:16-10:58 1 hour 42 minutes
D2703 Xining Zhangye West 09:46-11:35 1 hour 49 minutes
D55 Xining Zhangye West 10:13-12:08 1 hour 55 minutes
D2711 Xining Zhangye West 12:02-13:58 1 hour 56 minutes
D2751 Xining Zhangye West 15:36-17:24 1 hour 48 minutes
D2673 Xining Zhangye West 18:36-20:38 2 hours 2 minutes
D2757 Xining Zhangye West 19:07-21:00 1 hour 53 minutes
D2753 Xining Zhangye West 20:03-21:58 1 hour 55 minutes

Please note that we only listed some of the trains for your conference. If you want to get more available train timetables, or up-to-date detailed informations about the trains, stations and fares, feel free to contact us.


Notable for the grandiose Jiayu Pass, the largest and most integrated frontier and west starting point of the Great Wall, and traffic fort on Silk Road during ancient times, Jiayuguan is a main stopover place for travelers in Northwest China. It is seated about 212 kilometers from Zhangye, 650km to Lanzhou and Kumul, Xinjiang. Before you heading to Xinjiang, or Dunhuang via Jiayuguan, you can visit Jiayuguan Pass (or Jiayu Pass) to know more history, culture and legend about this first pass of the Great Wall and observe many cultural heritages in ancient tombs. Remember that there are three parts of Jiayu Pass, including Jiayuguan Fort with a Great Wall Museum, the Overhanging Wall and the First Beacon of Great Wall.

Jiayuguan South Railway Station

Address: Hekou Village, Wenshu Town, Jiayuguan, Gansu (甘肃省嘉峪关市文殊镇河口村 - 嘉峪关南站)

Transportation: Jiayuguan South Railway Station mainly serves high speed trains to/leaving Jiayuguan. It’s about 8km driving distance to downtown, 0.5 hours’ riving (about 16km) to Jiayuguan Pass Scenic Area and 0.5 hour (22km) to Jiayuguan Airport. Tourists can get to Jiayuguan from Lanzhou, Xining, Zhangye, Jiuquan, Menyuan, Yumen, Urumqi, Turpan, Kumul, etc. If you prefer the budget local transportation, you can take Bus No.10 or No.12 and then transfer to Bus No.4 or No.6 for around 1.5 hours. Being a stranger to Jiayuguan, taking a taxi is more recommended, because you can save much time and easily get to any attractions nearby.

Jiayuguan Pass

Jiayuguan Pass

Jiayuguan South Railway Station

Jiayuguan South Railway Station

Liuyuan (柳园) - Close to Dunhuang

Faced with Jiayuguan in the east and Kumul, Xinjiang in the west, Liuyuan is a small town in northeast Dunhuang, Guazhou County, Gansu where the Lanzhou Xinjiang (Urumqi) high speed trains passes through. In other words, it is the location of the nearest high speed train station to Dunhuang. For travelers wishing to visit Dunhuang via Lanzhou Urumqi high speed trains, it’s quite convenient to transfer in Liuyuan and continue the exploration of Silk Road in northwest China. Only 2 hours’ driving distance, you could get to Dunhuang, enjoy fancy murals and sculptures in the World Cultural Heritage site - Mogao Grottoes, hear amazing echo from moving sands, see the moon-like fountain rarely existed in desert and many ancient sites like Yumen Pass and Dunhuang Ancient City.

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Liuyuan South Railway Station

Address: Liuyuan Town, Guazhou County, Jiuquan City, Gansu Province (甘肃省酒泉市瓜州县柳园镇)

Transportation: Liuyuan South Railway Station is a small passenger train station located on Lanzhou Xinjiang (Urumqi) High Speed Railway. It is about 4km of southwest Liuyuan Town, 75km from Guangzhou County, and 130km of Dunhuang, 792km to Urumqi and approximately 984km to Lanzhou. If you want to visit Dunhuang by Lanzhou Urumqi high speed train, you should debark at Liuyuan South Railway Station and take a tourist bus to Dunhuang Bus Terminus or directly hire a taxi to Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Echoing Sand Mountain and other major attractions in Dunhuang. However, if passengers arrive at the station in late evening, there would have no bus for transfer. So, taking taxi is the easiest and most efficient way to tour Dunhuang. And it usually takes about around 2 hours’ driving to Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Crescent Lake, Echoing Sand Mountain, etc.

Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes

Giant Sleeping Buddha Sculpture in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes

Crescent Lake

Crescebr Lake in Southwest Dunhuang

liuyuan South Railway Station

Liuyuan South Railway Station


Turpan, the famous “Fire Land of China”, is located in east Xinjiang, about 150 kilometers from Urumqi. It is once one of the vital centers of politics, economy, and culture in the Western Region and a key site on Silk Road. If you plan to have a short stay in Turpan, there are lots of natural sightseeing and wonderful sites, cultural attractions you can visit to feel mixed culture, ethnic customs, multiple geographic landscapes, such as the Karez System,Karez System, Jiaohe Ancient City, Emin Minaret, Flaming Mountains, Grape Valley, and Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves and more.

Turpan North Railway Station

Address: 500m of south Turpan International, Gaochang District, Turpan, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (新疆维吾尔自治区吐鲁番市高昌区吐鲁番机场正南500米 – 吐鲁番北站)

Transportation: Turpan North Railway Station is situated at the southern foothill of Mount Bogda, northwest Turpan, about 15km away from the Turpan downtown area. It usually needs 45 minutes’ drive (nearly 40 km) to Flaming Mountain, 20 minutes’ ride (about 10 km) to Karez system, about 1 hour’s driving to Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves, about 20 minutes to the Grape Valley, and about 30 minutes to Turpan Museum.

Turpan Flaming Mountain

Turpan Flaming Mountain

Turpan North Railway Station

Turpan North Railway Station


Urumqi, means beautiful pasture in Mongol, is the capital city as well as the transport hub and economy center of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It is the inland city with the farthest distance from the sea in the world, developed as a small garrison since Qing Dynasty. It’s really a lifetime experience to tour Xinjiang from Urumqi, view snowcapped mountains, alpine forests, and vast grassland and feel combined minority culture and folks there. You can say it’s the prologue of a fantastic Xinjiang tour. Inside the city area, you can join locals in the Red Hill Park to spend a leisure afternoon, or learn about local history and culture in the Regional Museum. Well, you can't miss the crowding Erdaoqiao International Bazaar to capture the strong regional ethinic culture and life. The beautiful Tianchi Lake won’t disappoint you with the best visual feast. Want to explore something special? Take one day to visit the Southern Pasture where you can experience interesting Kazakhstan culture.

Urumqi South Railway Station

Address: No.135, Nanzhan Road, Shayibake District, Urumqi (新疆乌鲁木齐沙依巴克区南站路135号 - 乌鲁木齐南站)

Transportation: Urumqi South Railway Station is an auxiliary train station in south Xinjiang, located on the conjunction of Lanzhou Xinjiang High Speed Railway and North Xinjiang Railway. The station handles trains departing from Urumqi Railway Station to Kashgar, Kumul, Korla and other cities in North and East Xinjiang and international trains to Almaty and Astana in Kazakhstan. Travelers can take bus No.8, 10, 16, 157, and BRT Line 1 to downtown area of Urumqi. Besides, you could take bus No. 906, 928, or 52 to Xinjiang Regional Museum, No. 927, 52, 902, or 62 to Red Hill Park, etc. If you drive, it would need about 1 hour to Nanshan Pasture, 1.5 hours to Tianchi Lake Scenic Area.

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Urumqi Railway Station

No.1, Gaotie Beiliu Road, Economic & Technological Development Zone, Urumqi, Xinjiang (新疆乌鲁木齐经济技术开发区高铁北六路1号 - 乌鲁木齐站)

Transportation: Put into use in 2016, the Urumqi Railway Station is a new train station which is planned to be built as the biggest station and railway hub in Urumqi and Xinjiang. Now, it is the west terminus of Lanzhou Xinjiang High Speed Railway. There are regular city buses, taxi service, long distance coach and private driving offered at the station. And Bus No. 909, K002 and K003 run between Urumqi Railway Station and Urumqi South Railway Station for around half an hour. In the future, it will also be connected by BRT and subway lines.

Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar in Urumqi

Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar in Urumqi

Urumqi South Railway Station

Urumqi South Railway Station

Urumqi South Railway Station

A Xinjiang to Lanzhou Bullet Train Stopping at Urumqi South Railway Station

Tips for Booking and Taking Lanzhou Xinjiang (Urumqi) High Speed Train

1. Seats choosing & price comparing

There are two kinds of seats offered on the high speed trains from Lanzhou to Urumqi and Urumqi to Lanzhou. On all the D trains, passengers could choose from First Class Seat (the higher class with more comfortable space and facilities - about 900RMB per person) and the budget Second Class Seat (the cheapest class - about 550 RMB per person).

>> Check more about types of seat on high speed trains.

Second Class Seat on Bullet Train

Second Class Seat on Bullet Train

2. Booking & collect your bullet train ticket

To book a Lanzhou Urumqi high speed train ticket, you could choose to book it at the official website: China Railway Customer Service Center or with a travel agency, also you could directly tell China Discovery to book the tickets for you. Besides, you could go to the Railway Station or Designated Ticket Offices to do that.

To collect your high speed train ticket, you could go to the railway station nearby, however, the Self-service Ticketing Machines are not serving foreign people. Besides, you can tell China Discovery to help you to do the collection, which only needs your passport information.

>> Check more about booking and collecting high speed train tickets.

3. How to embark the high speed train and bullet train?

1) Prepare your documents well (valid passport with China Visa); 2) Get to the right train station in advance; 3) Collect train tickets; 4) Read your train ticket; 5) Pass the security control; 6) Pass through Security & Luggage Checks; 7) Find the right waiting room; 8) Cross the ticket checking gate; 9) Get to the right platform; 10) Get on your train. Keep the ticket well, because the ticket will be checked again to leave the station after you get off.

>> Check more about boarding on & getting off a high speed train.

4. Facilities and service

All high speed trains in China are equipped with advanced facilities and good service to make your journey more convenient and comfortable. There are different places you can put your luggage onboard, racks and specialized luggage storage areas. Besides, the air-conditioner train offers you plug under the seats to charge your phone or laptop, sightseeing window to view the outside scenery as well as western-style toilets. There is also available dining area you can get some supplies. Bilingual signs and the broadcast use both Chinese and English so that you don’t need to worry about the communication.

>> Check more about facilities & service on high speed train.

High Speed Train Travel with China Discovery

We China Discovery are very willing to help you with the high speed train tickets booking, tour customization and local guide and transfer arrangement, so you can be able to experience the superb bullet train in style and enjoy all the highlights of your ideal destinations in China without any worry. If you are interested, please feel free to contact our professional travel consultants who are here ready to build your own tour to best suit for your needs and likes.

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