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Kunming Zhengzhou High Speed Train

Traveling from Kunming, southwest China to 2067km away Zhengzhou to enjoy a Shaolin Kung Fu tour has been easily realized by the advanced high speed trains. The whole journey takes only 8 to 10 hours, largely shortened from 26 hours of the normal slower K trains and Z trains.

Besides, this long high speed rail from Kunming (昆明) in Yunnan Province to Zhengzhou (郑州) in Henan Province is regarded as a route with very beautiful landscape, since the bullet trains run passing a series of popular tourist destinations with various highlights, such as Wuhan (武汉), Changsha (长沙), Kaili (凯里), Guiyang (贵阳), Anshun (安顺), and so forth. Passengers boarding a Kunming Zhengzhou high speed train can explore diverse minority culture, encounter Chinese Kung Fu and enjoy different sightseeing, culture, history and funny activiteis along the way.

Kunming Zhengzhou High Speed Train

Foreign Tourists Boarding High Speed Trains at Zhengzhou East Railway Station

Kunmning Zhengzhou High Speed Train Schedules

● Kunming to Zhengzhou

From To Frequency (day) Operating Hours Duration Detailed Schedule >
Kunming South Zhengzhou East Over 5 G trains About 07:30-11:30 About 8-10 hours

● Zhengzhou to Kunming

From To Frequency (day) Operating Hours Duration Detailed Schedule >
Zhengzhou East Kunming South Over 5 G trains About 08:30-13:30 About 8-10.5 hours

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Other Recommended Sections on Kunming Zhengzhou High Speed Railway

Passing through 5 total provinces (Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan, Hubei and Henan Provinces), the Kunming Zhengzhou high speed trains stop altogether nearly 20 stations along the route. For transportation and tourism convenience, besides the starting and final stations of Kunming and Zhengzhou, the stopovers are mainly located in capital cities of each province and popular destinations, including Guiyang, Changsha, and Wuhan, etc. Rest yourself and visit some of the cities to seek more charming faces of China if time permits. Let’s see the duration and number of trains of some hot routes at following:

From - To Frequency (day) Operating Hours Duration
Kunming - Guiyang about 40 G trains about 07:00-21:00 about 2-2.5 hours
Kunming - Kaili: over 10 G trains about 07:30-16:00 about 3-3.5 hours
Guiyang - Kaili: over 35 G trains about 06:30-21:00 about 0.5 hour
Kunming - Changsha: nearly 20 G trains about 07:30-16:30 about 5-6.5 hours
Kunming - Wuhan about 5 G trains about 07:30-16:00 about 7-8 hours
Changsha - Wuhan: about 100 G trains about 07:00-21:30 about 1.5 hours
Guiyang - Changsha: over 40 G trains about 07;00-20:00 about 3-3.5 hours
Guiyang - Wuhan: over 10 G trains about 08:30-18:00 about 4-5 hours
Guiyang - Zhengzhou: nearly 10 G trains about 08:30-14:00 about 6-7.5 hours
Changsha - Zhengzhou: about 50 G trains about 07:00-19:30 about 3-4 hours
Wuhan - Zhengzhou: over 80 G trains about 07:00-21:00 about 2-2.5 hours

Please Note: This information of time and duration might changes slightly, be free to contact us for the up-to-date schedule.

What to See along Kunming Zhengzhou High Speed Railway

As one of the most beautiful high speed railways in China, Kunming Zhengzhou High Speed Railway offers a series of different types of natural landscapes with fame, excellent cultural and historical sites, interesting and treasurable human highlights for all friends coming from and whole world land. You could take your time to get the most essence of each attraction along the way. Let’s see what to expect in each hot destination on the route first ahead of time, or check useful guide of train stations, transportation tips for reference.


Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province, is called Spring City with pleasant weather and fantastic sceneries all year round. The warm climate, stunning natural scenery and colorful ethnic culture are the most impressive highlights of Kunming. Besides, it is often used as gateway city to Dali, Shangri-La, Lijiang and other hot destinations of Yunnan. During your short stay in Kunming, you could visit the Stone Forest to observe the amazing landscape of Karst landform, wander in the Kunming Green Lake, relax on the Western Hill and join in the local leisure daily life. Driving 3 to 4 hours northward from downtown, the Dongchuan Red Land is a favored place to enjoy the gorgeous splendor of collision of colors and harmonious composition of lines.

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Kunming South Railway Station

Address: West Foothill of Bailongtan Mountain, Wujiaying Street, Chenggong District, Kunming, Yunnan (云南省昆明市呈贡区吴家营街道白龙潭山脚之西 - 昆明南站); driving about 31km to the downtown

Transportation: Kunming South Railway Station, completed in December, 2016, is the most frequently used high speed train station in Kunming. Located on Shanghai Kunming High Speed Railway, Chongqing Kunming High Speed Railway, Nanning (Guangxi) Kunming High Speed Railway, the station operates more than 100 trains to other cities, including Dali, Guilin, Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc. After getting off, there are many buses, taxies, long distance coach and subway (Kunming Metro Line 1) available for transferring. It takes about 1.5 hours’ driving to Stone Forest, 1 hour’s ride to Kunming Green Lake, Western Hill and Jingxing Bird and Flower Market and about 4 hours’ driving to Dongchuan Red Land.

Kunming Zhengzhou High Speed Train

Kunming Stone Forest

Dongchuan Red Land

Dongchuan Red Land

Kunming South Railway Station

Kunming South Railway Station


Guiyang, capital city of Guizhou Province, is known as a “Forest City” and an excellent summer resort in southwest China. Every year, the lush green plants, diverse ethnic culture and coolness climate attracts numerous visitors. If you stop in Guiyang, 1 to 2 days would be enough for a classic Guiyang city tour. In downtown, the Jiaxiu Tower is the landmark and a historical site, whose night view is stunning. Besides, the Qingyan Ancient Town in south suburb of Guiyang is a good place to know more local history and old architectures and arts. Nature loves shouldn’t miss the Qianling Park to see wild monkeys, Huaxi Scenic Resort to view the beautiful natural landscape of flowers and streams. If time permits, extend your Guizhou travel to more natural and cultural sites around Guiyang, including the Huangguoshu Waterfull, Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, Chishui Danxia Landform and so on.

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Guiyang North Railway Station

Address: East side of Jiaxiu North Road, Guanshanhu District, Guiyang, Guizhou (贵阳市观山湖区甲秀北路东侧 贵阳北站); about 9kms’ driving distance to downtown.

Transportation: Guiyang North Railway Station is a huge and major railway pivot in Guiyang and southwest China. The station mainly deliver high speed trains on Shanghai Kunming High Speed Railway, Guiyang Guangzhou High Speed Railway, Chongqing Guiyang High Speed Railway and Chengdu Guiyang High Speed Railway. On arrival, tourists can take Guiyang Urban Rail Transit Line 1, public buses or taxies to get accommodate and to attractions in Guiyang, for example Bus No.264 to Jiaxiu Tower. If you take a taxi or drive, it needs about 20 minutes to Qianling Park, 40 minutes to Huaxi Scenic Resort, 1 hour to Qingyan Ancient Town and so forth.

Kunming Zhengzhou High Speed Train

Guiyang Qingyan Ancient Town

Kunming Zhengzhou High Speed Train

Guizhou Miao Minority Dancing

Kunming Zhengzhou High Speed Train

Guiyang North Railway Station


Kaili is a very hot minority destination in Guizhou, east of Guiyang with its fascinating Miao Villages and best-reserved Miao style customs and culture. By around half an hour’s high speed train trip, you can conveniently travel from Guiyang to Kaili. Among all the villages, Xijiang Miao Village is the most prestigious and largest one that constructed with thousands of wooden stilted architectures, bridges and featured local dancing. Meanwhile, you can also explore pretty countryside views around, or find some less-known Miao villages to catch a glimpse of the distinctive Miao people, for example their the dressing, festival, old customs and special food. The Upper Langde Miao Village is also a fantastic attraction surrounding Kaili. And the Dong villages are also top recommended spots you should visit to appreciate the diversity of Chinese nationalities and how primitive and unique those minority culture are.

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Kaili South Railway Station

Address: Jinhui Avenue, Kaili, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou (贵州省黔东南苗族侗族自治州凯里市金汇大道 - 凯里南站)

Transportation: Opened in June, 2015, Kaili South Railway Station is a passing station on Shanghai Kunming High Speed Railway. From this station, the train travel from Kaili to Guiyang just takes 0.5 hour, and the same time to Sansui (三穗) of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Tongren (铜仁) - the location city of Mount Fanjing, a newly UNESCO World Natural Heritage property. To get to the Xijiang Miao Village by taxi or drive, the journey needs about 1 hour. Besides, there are several local bus routes you can take to transfer to downtown area.

Kunming Zhengzhou High Speed Train

Kaili Xijiang Miao Village in Kaili

Kaili South Railway Station

The First Fuxing Train (Shanghai to Kunming G1373 Train) Stopping at Kaili South Railway Station


Serving as a key railway transportation hinge in south China, Changsha, the capital city of Hunan Province, is usually dropped by tourists for its convenient transfer status on Beijing Guangzhou High Speed Railway. This city is the central place to experience Huxiang culture (湖湘文化) with the Mawangdui Han Tombs, Yuelu Academy and a gateway city to Zhangjiajie. The spicy and hot Hunan Cuisines maybe a heart-pounding challenge for visitors interested in Chinese food. For an essence Changsha tour, the Hunan Museum is the must-go site to view large collection of precious exhibitions, learn the quintessence of culture and history of Hunan. The Mawangdui Han Tombs, one of the World’s 10 Greatest Ancient Tombs with rare treasures, is the highlight inside the museum, for you can see various kinds of relics of silks, paintings, bamboo and wooden wares, etc. made in early Western Han Dynasty. Moreover, you could visit the Orange Island, Yuelu Mountain, Yuelu Academy (one of the four Great Academies in ancient China) to enjoy nice sightseeing and significant history of Changsha. Looking for the really Pandora? The Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is situated about 5 hours’ driving distance from Changsha. And getting to the Mount Hengshan (衡山) in south side takes about 2.5 hours’ driving.

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Changsha South Railway Station

Address: Huahou Road, Lituo Village, Yuhua District, Changsha, Hunan (湖南省长沙市雨花区黎托乡花侯路 - 长沙南站)

Transportation: Changsha South Railway Station is a primary high speed train station in Changsha. It is a connecting station on Beijing Guangzhou High Speed Railway and Shanghai Kunming High Speed Railway, which located about 10 km to downtown Changsha. With good transportation system, tourists can easily visit the major attractions in city center. You can take Changsha Metro Line 2 from there to Orange Island Park (getting off at Orange Island Station), Yuelu Academy , Yuelu Mountain (at Yingwan Town Station), and Mawangdui Mausoleum (at Wangjiali Plaza), etc. In addition, there are bus lines, taxi service available to transfer to major scenic spots in Changsha. If you will go to Changsha Huanghua International Airport, you can take airport bus (Airport Line 3) for about half an hour.

Kunming Zhengzhou High Speed Train

Changsha Organge Island

Hunan Museum

Mintianquan (An Ancient Bronze Wine-vessel) in Hunan Museum

Kunming Zhengzhou High Speed Train

Changsha South Railway Station


As capital city of Hubei Province in middle reaches of Yangtze River, central China, Wuhan is reviewed as Eastern Chicago, the “River City” connecting nationwide through its well-integrated system of water, land and air transportation. It is a famous national historical and cultural city, birthplace of China’s democratic revolution and important cradle of the Chu Culture. The top recommended sights in Wuhan are historic figures and culture heritage. With over 1700 years’ history, Yellow Crane Tower, one of the 3 famous towers in Jiangnan area during ancient China, is the iconic site you should pay a visit to enjoy the sightseeing of the Yangtze River and feel the historical and poetic flavor. Other major attractions like Hubei Provincial Museum, Guiyuan Temple, East Lake Scenic Area, and the Ancient Lute Platform are also recommended for visitor to knwo more history and culture about Wuhan. Expect a Taoist Martial tour on Mount Wudang? There are a couple of daily bullet trains you can take for around 3.5 to 4.5 hours. > Read more about Wuhan to Wudang Mountain Trains

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Wuhan Railway Station

Address: Baiyun Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan, Hubei (湖北省武汉市洪山区白云路- 武汉站); about 16kms' driving distance to the downtown.

Transportation: Wuhan Railway Station is one of the three major train stations of Wuhan, together with Wuchang Railway Station and Hankou Railway Station and all the three stations have daily bullet trains to Wudang Mountain (at Shiyan Railway Station). The Wuhan Railway Station is a specialized high speed train station located on Beijing Guangzhou High Speed Railway and three intercity railways between Wuhan and Jiujiang (in Jiangxi Province), Wugang and Huangshi (in Hubei Province). From the station, you can take Metro Line 4 to the Yellow Crane Tower, Hubei Provincial Museum, Guiyuan Temple, and Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, etc. And taking a local taxi is also a good way to travel in and around Wuhan. Independent travelers may use long distance coach to visit surrounding cities of Wuhan from the bus terminal at the station.

Kunming Zhengzhou High Speed Train - Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower

Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower

Wudang Mountain

Foreign People Learning Martial Art at Wudang Mountain

Kunming Zhengzhou High Speed Train - Wuhan Railway Station

Wuhan Railway Station


Lies on downstream Yellow River, Zhengzhou (capital city of Henan Province) is a primary transportation hub in central China, a famous tourist destination with two World Cultural Heritages, rich cultural and historical relics as well as one grand cradle of Chinese civilization. It is often chosen by most domestic and international tourists to transfer to 80km-away Shaolin Temple and Mount Song (嵩山) to experience a Shaolin Kung Fu Tour and Buddhist spiritualization. In Zhengzhou, tourists can also visit Henan Museum to know more profound history and culture of ancient Henan and China via a huge number of antiques, visit Songyang Academy to grasp great achievements of Chinese Confucianism teaching and observe lots of featured ancient cities and architecture complex. After finishing your Shaolin Kung Fu Tour, you can rest on comfortable high speed trains and travel to other popular destinations in the west, like Luoyang (Longmen Grottoes) withi

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Zhengzhou East Railway Station

Address: No.199, Xinyi Road, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, Henan (河南省郑州市郑东新区心怡路199号 - 郑州东站)

Transportation: Zhengzhou East Railway Station is a huge high speed train station in Zhengzhou, offering high speed train passenger service between Beijing and Guangzhou, Xuzhou and Lanzhou and intercity train between Zhengzhou and Kaifeng. If you want to take a taxi or drive to tour downtown and nearby sites from the station, it takes about 30 minutes to Henan Museum, nearly 2 hours to Mount Song and Shaolin Temple. To leave the station, you can take Zhengzhou Metro Line 1 to downtown, or by local buses and taxies. And there are fast high speed trains and airport express running between the station and Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport.

Kunming Zhengzhou High Speed Train - Zhengzhou Shaolin Temple

Zhengzhou Shaolin Temple

Kunming Zhengzhou High Speed Train - Shaolin Pagoda Forest

Shaolin Pagoda Forest

Kunming Zhengzhou High Speed Train - Zhengzhou East Railway Station

Zhengzhou East Railway Station

Tips for Booking and Taking Kunming Zhengzhou High Speed Train

1. Seats choosing & price comparing

On Kunming Zhengzhou high speed trains, there are three types of seats: the "Business Class Seats" like the first class seat in an aircraft and the most comfortable and expensive, with the price of about 2,800RMB per person, the "First Class Seats" of the middle class of about 1,500RMB per person and the "Second Class Seats" of the most economical class of over 900RMB per person.

>> Check more about types of seat on high speed trains.

Second Class Seat on Bullet Train

Second Class Seat on Bullet Train

2. Booking & collect your bullet train ticket

To book a Kunming Zhengzhou high speed train ticket, you could choose to book it at the official website: China Railway Customer Service Center or with a travel agency, also you could directly tell China Discovery to book the tickets for you. Besides, you could go to the Railway Station or Designated Ticket Offices to do that.

To collect your high speed train ticket, you could go to the railway station nearby, however, the Self-service Ticketing Machines are not serving foreign people. Besides, you can tell China Discovery to help you to do the collection, which only needs your passport information.

>> Check more about booking and collecting high speed train tickets.

3. How to embark the high speed train and bullet train?

1) Prepare your documents well (valid passport with China Visa); 2) Get to the right train station in advance; 3) Collect train tickets; 4) Read your train ticket; 5) Pass the security control; 6) Pass through Security & Luggage Checks; 7) Find the right waiting room; 8) Cross the ticket checking gate; 9) Get to the right platform; 10) Get on your train. Keep the ticket well, because the ticket will be checked again to leave the station after you get off.

>> Check more about boarding on & getting off a high speed train.

4. Facilities and service

All high speed trains in China are equipped with advanced facilities and good service to make your journey more convenient and comfortable. There are different places you can put your luggage onboard, racks and specialized luggage storage areas. Besides, the air-conditioner train offers you plug under the seats to charge your phone or laptop, sightseeing window to view the outside scenery as well as western-style toilets. There is also available dining area you can get some supplies. Bilingual signs and the broadcast use both Chinese and English so that you don’t need to worry about the communication.

>> Check more about facilities & service on high speed train.

High Speed Train Travel with China Discovery

We China Discovery are very willing to help you with the high speed train tickets booking, tour customization and local guide and transfer arrangement, so you can be able to experience the superb bullet train in style and enjoy all the highlights of your ideal destinations in China without any worry. If you are interested, please feel free to contact our professional travel consultants who are here ready to build your own tour to best suit for your needs and likes.

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