8 Most Beautiful High Speed Railways in China


In the past twenty years, China has constructed more than 25,000 kilometers (15,534.3 miles) of high speed railways to connect its provinces and cities on the vast land. More than 150 cities and town can be reached by high speed trains which are modern, well-quipped, comfortable and fast. The newest generation of China’s high speed train - Fuxing Trains even travel at a speed up to 350 kilometers per hour. For tourists, their ways of travel also have been changed by the convenient high speed trains. It seems the bullet trains are not just transportations to destinations, but also a very stylish way to experience China – sitting in the modern and comfortable coaches, meeting different peoples, enjoy beautiful landscape passing by outside the windows…

As you may know China is full of diverse things to see and experience, so is the China’s high speed railway network. Cities, towns and rural areas are only the small parts of all the things you can see. It’s way beyond your imagination. Riding a train through Gobi and deserts? Running through tunnels in mountain range of snow? Seeing endless Karst mountains from train window? Getting off your train to visit a wild and ancient ethnic village? Taking a bullet train to the white and soft beaches? … All these imagination can be true in China.

Below are 8 magnificent high speed railway which have not only fabulous landscape on route, but also connect the most beautiful destinations in China.

1. Shanghai to Kunming High Speed Railway – the Spring Train

With a total length of 2,253km (1,400 miles), Shanghai Kunming High Speed Rail is the longest East-to-West high speed rail in China, as well as one of the most beautiful railways in China. It starts from Shanghai city, goes westwards via some of the most beautiful provinces in southern China with deltas, plain, hilly regions, mountainous regions and plateaus to feast your eyes.

You can directly take a bullet train head to Kunming within 10.5 ~ 12 hours. Currently there are 4 daily G-trains running from Shanghai to Kunming between 7am~11:30am. We strongly recommend you break the Shanghai Kunming train trip into several short journeys.

Rail Lines Train Number (From/To) Timetable Duration Tickets
Major Stops
G1371, G1373, G1377, G1375 07:22 - 11:15 3h 54min - 4h 12min Second Class: 879.0
First Class: 1475.0
Business class: 2765.0
Hangzhou, Changsha, Guiyang

Shanghai - Hangzhou

Spend two days in Shanghai to explore its highlights: some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, exotic the Bund, Shanghai Museum, beautiful Yu Garden, narrow alleyways, leisure bars… then take a morning high speed train to Hangzhou (about 1hour) to savor at the picturesque West Lake and taste a cup of authentic Longjing Tea. It time allows, a half day trip to a classical China water town is strongly recommended.

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Hangzhou - Changsha

Keep on your Shanghai Kunming train trip with a 4.5 hours’ bullet train ride to Changsha, a modern, energetic city, known mainly for sights relating to Mao Zedong. Spend a day to enjoy its magnolia-lined streets and riverine aspect, or extend a short trip to Shaoshan, the birth place of the Chairman Mao. If you have 4 or more days, you can even have a trip to Zhangjiajie to enjoy the avatar world.

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Changsha - Kaili

Located in southwestern China, Kaili has a lot of lovely and stylish villages of different ethnic groups, including Miao, Dong, Mulao, She, Bouyei, Shui, etc. Xinjiang Miao Village is thought to be one of the best of its kind, and known for its treasures - festivals, paddies, mists, wooden houses, water buffalo, the art works. From Changsha, you can easily get to Kaili within 3 hours by high speed train. There are more than 25 bullet trains available every day.

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Kaili – Kunming

The last part of your Shanghai Kunming train trip is a leisure time spent on board from Kaili to Kunming, the Spring City. The scenery along the journey is magnificent - grandiose plateau, cloud-wrapped mountains, deep valley, rural villages… After arrival at Kunming, you will find this city is rather a new start of your trip than the final destination. From Kunming, you have multiple trips to go – Yuanyuan Terraces, Lijiang Ancient City, Shangri-La…

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China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

The Bullet Train is Heading to Hangzhou

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

Zhangjiajie National Park Avatar World

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

Ethnic Group of Miao in Kaili, Guizhou

2. Urumqi to Lanzhou High Speed Railway – the Ancient Silk Road Train

Ancient tourists and trade caravans on the Silk Road spent several months traveling from Kashgar, Urumqi and Turpan to get to Xian. Walking and riding camels were the only ways. Nowadays, it takes less 12 hours to get to Lanzhou from Urumqi as the operation of the Lanxin (Lanzhou - Xinjiang) High Speed Rail which links Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region to Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu Province. It stretches 1776 kilometers (1103.5miles) through 3 provinces in northwestern China, including 795 km in Gansu, 268 km in Qinghai and 713 km in Xinjiang. It is the first long-distance high speed railway for exploration along ancient Silk Road.

Traveling on a train on Lanxin High Speed Railway, you will be treated a visual feast of many magical landforms – desert, gobi, snow mountains, plateau range, sea of rape flowers, rainbow mountains…

The whole train journey from Urumqi to Lanzhou takes about 11 to 12 hours with short stops in midway stations, including Xining, Zhangye, Jiayuguan, Liuyuan, Hami, Turpan, etc. Currently there are 4 D-series high speed trains departing in the morning from Urumqi, and get to Lanzhou every day in the evening. Overnight train is available, but they are slow normal Z-series trains (max speed 160km/h). We strongly recommend you break the trip into several short journeys instead of getting to Lanzhou from Urumqi in a single day. There are too many landscapes waiting for you to stop at and explore.

Rail Lines Train Number (From/To) Timetable Duration Tickets
Major Stops
D56, D2706, D2712, D2708 08:19 - 11:39 11h 26min - 12h 1min Second Class: 554.0
First Class: 887.0
Business class: None
Turpan, Jiayuguan, Zhangye, Xining

Urumqi - Turpan

Both Urumqi and Turpan are very popular tourist destinations in Xinjiang. Before taking a train to Turpan, you can have a two days trip in Urumqi to wander the Bazaar, local park and go to enjoy awesome landscape at the Heaven Lake. Turpan is about 1 hour 15 minutes’ train journey from Urumqi. It is an oasis town, geographically the lowest place in China at 154m below sea level. There are about 15 trains to choose each day. You can take an early morning train so that you have plenty of time to visit sites in Turpan, such as Jiaohe Ancient City, Bezeklik Caves, Flaming Mountains, etc.

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Turpan - Liuyuan (Dunhuang)

After the Turpan trip, you can take a train to visit Dunhuang, the brightest star on the ancient Silk Road. There are many sites to explore in Dunhuang, such as Mogao Grottoes, Yumenguan Pass, Yangguan Pass, Ruin of Great Wall, etc. Besides, the magnificent desert and gobi views attract hundreds thousands of people to visit every year. You are suggested to stay about 1~2 day there. The high speed railway only reaches Liuyuan Station, where you have to exchange to a 2 hours’ driving to Dunhuang city. There is an overnight train can take you to reach Dunhuang city directly but it’s a normal K-series train which costs about 14 hours for the ride.

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Liuyuan (Dunhuang) - Jiayuguan

Jiayuguan is the home of the western end of the Great Wall. It symbolically marked the northwestern end of the territory of ancient China. One day is enough to cover all the best highlight of this destination – the fortress, museum and ancient Great Wall ruins. To get to Jiayuguan from Dunhuang, you can take a bullet train at Liuyuan Station (out of Dunhuang city), or choose the slower trains departing from Dunhuang Railway Station in the city. You can also directly drive about 5 hours from Dunhuang city (with an excursion to Yulin Grottoes).

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Jiayuguan - Zhangye

From Jiayuguan, the railway races southwest through the famous Hexi Corridor, and get you to Zhangye where you can spend one or two days to view the otherworldly rainbow mountains at Danxia National Geopark, visit the wooden Giant Buddha Temple and go to see the spectacular Mati Temple (Horse Hoof Temple) Grottoes. It takes only about 1.5 hours to get to Zhangye from Jiayuguan by bullet train. There are nearly 15 trains you can choose between 8am~7pm. In clear days, you can see some beautiful snow mountains and red valleys after leaving Jiayuguan.

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Zhangye - Xining

You are advised to make a stop at Xining to explore Tibetan culture before getting Lanzhou. Xining is the capital city of Qinghai Province. It is near to Taer Monastery, one of the most influential Tibetan monasteries in China, and known for its many impressive murals, barbola embroidery and its famous yak-butter sculptures. Qinghai Lake is another highlight you can’t miss in Xining. The part from Zhangye to Xining is the most beautiful part of the whole railway. There are about 15 trains to choose each day which takes less 2 hours to Xining from Zhangye. Magnificent snow mountains (spring and winter), vast land of Rape flowers (July and August), beautiful birch forest leap to your eyes as your train run across the Qilian Mountains, where the elevation is up to 3607 meters above sea level, making Lanxin as the highest high-speed railway in the world.

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Xining - Lanzhou

Xining to Lanzho is the last part of Lanxin High Speed Railway. There are about 20 bullet trains you can take to Lanzhou from Xining every day with durations around 1.5 hours. Lanzhou itself is not a very popular tourist city. It is rather a stopover to catch train and flights to other destinations, such as Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, etc. You can stay a day to recover from the long train journey at the city. Don’t miss its famous hand-pulled Lamian noodles.

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China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

A Bullet train is ready to go

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

Beautiful railway near Urumqi

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

Qilian Snow Mountains

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

Zhangye Danxia Landform Park

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

Passing through rape flower fields

3. Guangzhou Guilin Guiyang High Speed Railway – the Karst Landscape Train

Guangzhou Guilin High Speed Railway is a very stunning railway which connects Guangzhou, one of the largest cities in China, with Guangxi, famous for limestone Karst landscapes, and Guizhou, known for its beautiful villages of different ethnic groups. It has a total length of 857 kilometers (even shorter than flights between Guangzhou and Guiyang), including 207.5 km in Guangdong Province, 348.5 km in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and 301 km in Guizhou Province.

Guangzhou Guilin Guiyang High Speed Railway is widely praised as one of the most beautiful rail routes in China. The line runs from Guangzhou through Foshan, Sanshui and Zhaoqing in the densely populated Pearl River Delta and heads northwesterly to the famed karst land of Yangshuo and Guilin and then continues to Sanjiang. The line enters Guizhou at Congjiang and passes Rongjiang, Sandu, Duyun to Guiyang in the center of Guizhou Province. It runs at an average speed of 250 km/h that the travel time between Guiyang and Guangzhou is about 5 hours.

If your final destination is Guiyang, you can directly ride a train to Guiyang from Guangzhou. Well, it time allows, you can plan several days to have a fantastic train trip with stops at Guilin, Yangshuo, Sanjiang, before getting to Guiyang. Currently, most of the trains to Guiyang from Guangzhou will stop at Yangshuo, Guilin, Sanjiang, and some other beautiful places along the railway. Usually there are more than 30 trains available every day.

Rail Lines Train Number (From/To) Timetable Duration Tickets
Major Stops
G2932, G2926, G2922, D1862, D2804... 07:00-18:10 4h 14min - 5h 51min Second Class: 267.5
First Class: 321.0
Business class: 802.5

Guangzhou - Guilin

Which city is the most convenient gateway to Guilin, the paradise of travelers? We would say - Guangzhou. Geographically Guangzhou and Guilin are only about 500km from one to another. It is now a very fashionable to take a high speed train from Guangzhou to Guilin, which is fast, fun, comfortable and scenic. More than 30 bullet trains depart from Guangzhou to Guilin every day. (Check Guangzhou to Guilin train schedule) During the 2.5 hours’ train journey, your eyes will be deluged with the overwhelmed amazing countryside and karst mountains view as your train leaving Guangzhou, and entering the land of Guangxi.

You can spend a day in Guangzhou to see its modern and historical sites, then take a train to Guilin on the Day 2. After arrival at Guilin, have a half day trip in the city, then take a cruise to Yangshuo on the Day 3. Day 4 is for you to continue your trip to Guizhou. If you want to see the Rice Terraces in Longji, spare out an extra day.

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Guilin - Congjiang - Zhaoxing - Rongjiang

In just an hour’s train ride, you will arrive at Congjiang. Not very far Congjiang is Zhaoxing and Rongjiang. These 3 places are recommended to be visited to together in a brief tour of 2 to 3 days. There are several of the most beautiful and wild ethnic villages of the whole province at this region, including Basha Miao Village, Zhaoxing Dong Village, Jidao Miao Village, etc.

How to plan

Take a train to Congjiang from Yangshuo for the first day. Arrive at Congjiang Railway Station, then go to visit Zhaoxing Dong Village and drive to Congjiang County for accommodation. Visit Miao villages in Congjiang County and Rongjiang County on the Day 2. If you want to explore more villages, add an extra day.

Rongjiang - Guiyang

The last part of your train trip will be the 1.5 hours short ride from Rongjiang to Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou. There are about 20 trains running between these two destinations every day. After arriving Guiyang, you can spend a day to have a good rest, or spend several days to explore other parts of Guizhou, or fly/take train to other destinations in China.

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China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

The train is heading to Guilin from Guangzhou

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

Stunning Guilin Karst landscape

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

The Train is passing by a Miao Village

4. Xian Chengdu High Speed Railway - the Panda Train

The Xian Chengdu High Speed Railway starts from Xian North Railway Station, runs southward through Guanzhong Plain, Qingling Range, Hanzhong Plain, Bashan Range, then enters Sichuan Basin, and connects to Chenngmianle (Chengdu-Mianyang-Leshan) Intercity High Speed Railway, and stops at Chengdu East Railway Station. There are 17 stations along the 643km’s railway line. It’s a wonderful train ride, bring you many different kinds of landscapes to you in brief 4 hours - scattering northern villagers who are cultivating in water farm fields, lofty Qingling Mountains, luxuriantly green mountains in Qinling, oblique faults in Guangyuan, vast sea of Rape Flowers in Jiangyou, interlaced railways and highways in Chengdu…

There are currently 36 pairs of high speed bullet trains (including 14 G-series trains and 22 D-series train) running between Xian and Chengdu from early around 7am to 19pm.

Rail Lines Train Number (From/To) Timetable Duration Tickets
Major Stops
D1911, D1913, G2201, G2203, D1901... 07:05-19:07 3h 13min - 4h 25min Second Class: 263.0
First Class: 421.0
Business class: 789.0

How to plan Xian Chengdu trip by high speed train

We suggest you plan a longer trip to see and experience more in a leisure way: 2 or 3 days to visit the Xian highlights, such as Terracotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall, Historical Museum, Muslim Quarter, etc., then take a high speed train to Chengdu to enjoy a relaxing stay of 2 days - visit pandas, hunting for food, exploring Giant Buddha…

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China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

5. Xiamen Wuyishan Yellow Mountain High Speed Railway- the Landscape Train

The high speed railway connecting Xiamen, Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) and Wuyishan is the highlighting part of Beijing Fuzhou High Speed Railway. It’s a superb sightseeing route which connects the beautiful coastal city Xiamen with two very stunning mountains in China - Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) and Wuyishan. All three destinations are unique, and provide diverse culture and sceneries to explore.

High speed train is the most recommended way to connect Xiamen, Huangshan and Wuyishan in a single trip. It’s fast, money-saving and enjoyable. Besides, the schedules are usually flexible.

Rail Lines Train Number (From/To) Timetable Duration Tickets
Major Stops
G322, G242, G324, G356, G1670... 07:19- 15:00 4h 15min - 4h 38min Second Class: 315.0
First Class: 525.0
Business class: 982.0
Fuzhou, Wuyuan, Wuyishan

Xiamen - Wuyishan

The high speed railway between Xiamen and Wuyishan starts mostly from Xiamen North Railway Station (several from Xiamen Railway Station), run fast northeastward along the beautiful coasts of Xiamen city, then turns into northwestward at Fuzhou City, and heads to Wuyishan. After about 3 hours ride, you will arrive at Wuyishan region. Please note there are two railway stations to get off the train: Wuyishan North is the better choice than Wuyishna East. The former station is closer to the city and Wuyishan Mountain, and usually provides more choices of transfers to downtown.

How to plan Xiamen and Wuyishan tour

Xiamen is the most attractive city in Fujian Province. So don’t push yourself to catch your train to leave too soon. Generally, you should spend at least 2 days there: one day to explore the World Heritage Site Gulang Yu (鼓浪屿), an small island full of crumbling colonial villas, cultural relic Hulishan Fortress and South Putuo Temple. If you have two more days available, you can go to have a photography tour to shoot the spectacular Xiapu Mudflats. Then take a train to Wuiyishan City.

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Wuyi Mountain near Wuyishan City is a World Cultural & Natural Heritage Site with beautiful rivers, waterfalls, mountains, wild forests and a great number of precious brilliant ancient site and relics, such as Hanging Boat Coffins on the cliffs, 2200 Years Old Ancient City in Han Dynasty, Wuyi Palace Built in the 7th Century, etc. Two days are needed to cover the best highlights of Wuyi Mountain.

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Wuyishan - Huangshan

Huangshan is located about 250km north from Wuiyishan. The high speed railway between two destinations is very scenic. Your train will pass by beautiful farmlands, peaceful white-and-grey villages surrounded by green hills, lovely towns, etc. March is the best time to enjoy a train ride from Wuyishan to Huangshan when the vast land of rape flowers along the railway bloom. Currently, there are about 15 bullet trains running from Wuyishan to Huangshan. Your Wuyishan trip usually finishes in the noon of the second day, so you can choose the trains departing in the early afternoon to Huangshan.

How to plan Huangshan tour

Huangshan City is famous for its Yellow Mountain and Chinese-ink-painting-like villages. Firstly, spend two days to see the idyllic views on this most beautiful mountain in China – archetypal peaks, twisted pine trees, tranquil valley, magnificent sunrise and sunset… Then plan a day to explore the elegant Huizhou-style villages in Hongcun and Xidi which are listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. They are charming and unhurried portrait of bridges, lakeside views, narrow alleys, traditional hall with ornate carvings. This 3-day trip is the most classic itinerary.

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China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

The train is passing rape flower fields in Wuyuan

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

The train is passing through mountains

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

World Heritage Site Mount Wuyi

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

Yellow Mountain is the most beautiful mountain in China

6. Shanghai Hong Kong High Speed Railway – the Leisure Coastal Train

China has a coastline over 18, 000 kilometers which connect many of the most of the largest and richest cities in China, including two of Asia’s most electric megacities - Shanghai and Hong Kong. Along the coastline, there is a brilliant high speed railway - Shanghai Hong Kong Railway, which is 1,623 km long, and full of places to explore. It stretches from Shanghai, the largest city in China, goes along the coastal rails via Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen, to Hong Kong, the bright international start.

The trains depart from colossal Shanghai, run southwestward to Hangzhou, known for its beautiful West Lake, then pass through the lush and lovely coastal cities of Zhejiang – Shaoxing, Ningbo (close to Putuoshan), Yandangshan, Wenjiang, then enter into Fujian province. In Fujian Province, the train first arrives at Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province, then keeps travelling onwards to Xiamen, a city has nice beaches and islands. Before getting to the border of Hong Kong, the train will passé the vibrant city of Shenzhen in Guangdong, which is known as the technology capital of modern China. The train will stop at the border between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, from where it’s easy to ride a taxi or subway to get to the island of Hong Kong. The high speed railway directly reaching downtown of Hong Kong has finished in the early month of 2018, and is supposed to operate during September of 2018 when travelers can even take a train to Hong Kong from Shanghai without stops.

Rail Lines Train Number (From/To) Timetable Duration Tickets
Major Stops
D2283, D2281, D3107, D2285, D3125, D2287 07:46-11:24 11h 26min - 11h 58min Second Class: 568.0
First Class: 1909.0
Hangzhou, Ningbo, Xiamen

Shanghai to Hangzhou

Hangzhou is located about 160km southwest from Shanghai. There are more than 120 bullet trains running from Shanghai to Hangzhou (a train every 5 minutes at average). The fastest one costs only 45 minutes to complete the whole ride. The trains goes on the plain, pass through rural villages and towns of different size. After about 30 minutes’ train ride, you will see many tea plantation fields. That’s when you are getting to Hangzhou.

How to plan Shanghai Hangzhou tour

Usually, you can stay 3 days in Shanghai: one day for arrival, and two days for sightseeing. A classic Shanghai city tour is to visit Shanghai Museum, Yu Garden, Shanghai Tower, Nanjing Road and the Bund in a day, and visit Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, Wukang Road City Walk in a half day, then take a high speed train to Hangzhou in the afternoon.

The MUST-SEE sites in Hangzhou are conveniently located in the city area. There are not many drivings and walkings involved. Generally speaking, you are advised to spend one day exploring city highlights, such as the West Lake, Linyin Temple, Tea Plantation, then spend a half day to explore a water town near Hangzhou, Wuzhen or Xitang.

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Hangzhou to Ningbo

Ningbo is a sub-provincial city in northeast Zhejiang province, about 155km (1 hour)’s bullet train ride from Hangzhou. You can make a stop here to take an excursion to Putuoshan to visit the ancient holy Buddhist temples, sacred sites related to the Goddess of Mercy in Buddhism, also enjoy the beautiful island and see views. It needs 1 and a half days to explore the highlights of Putuoshan. There are more than 100 bullet trains to Ningbo from Hangzhou every day. You can take a morning train which departs around 7am, then get off at Ningbo, and drive to Putuoshan. In the next day, after a half day’s exploration, return back to Ningbo to catch your train to Xiamen.

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Ningbo to Xiamen

The coastal city Xiamen in Fujian is about 800km from Ningbo, approximately 5~6 hours’ train ride which is very pleasant as there are too many sceneries you can enjoy along the railway – clean China towns, bridges, flyovers, sea… There are about 30 trains on the schedule every day. You are suggested to take a train in the afternoon after your tour in Putuoshan so that you can reach Xiamen in the late afternoon.

How to plan Xiamen trip

Two days trip is the ideal plan in Xiamen with one day to marvel at the Tulou (the earth round buildings) of Hakka people, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one day to enjoy a leisure city tour at Gulangyu and other places of interest in Xiamen. If you want to see something very spectacular, add two more days to take photography of Mudflat in Xiapu.

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Xiamen to Shenzhen

The railway distance from Xiamen to Shenzhen is around 514 kilometers, with durations from 3 to 4 hours. There are up to more than 70 trains you can choose to take to Shenzhen from Xiamen with about 6~8 midway stations to stretch your legs (2~5minutes).

Shenzhen is the youngest metropolis in China. It’s a miracle in China’s economy development. Used to be a community of several shabby fishing villages about 30 years ago, but now Shenzhen is regarded as the one of the largest and wealthiest cities in China. You can stay just a night there, then transfer to Hong Kong, or spend a day to explore its modern and new museums, art galleries, etc.

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Shenzhen to Hong Kong

The high speed railway from Hong Kong to Guangzhou via Shenzhen is supposed to operate in some time in August of 2018 when you can transfer to Hong Kong from Shenzhen in minutes without mazy border check-ins. Before that, you have two ways to get to Hong Kong from Shenzhen: 1) Hire a vehicle and drive you to Hong Kong from the city; 2) Take subway to Futian Border, then take MTR to Hong Kong.

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China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

Skyscrapers view from Shanghai Tower

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

West Lake in Hangzhou City

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

the Goddess of Mercy Statue at Putuo

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

Gulangyu Island in Xiamen

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

Modern and clean Shenzhen City

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

Take Hong Kong MTR to Island

7. Hainan Island Circular Train

Hainan is a floating island on the South China Sea between Guangdong Province of China and northern Vietnam. A circular high speed railway was opened in 2015, known as the world’s first circular high-speed railway line. It’s a very wonderful experience to take a high speed bullet train to revolve around the island to enjoy the pleasant landscape of bright beaches, coconut trees, tropical plants, blue sea, and villages of ethnic groups… You can even see the South China Sea clearly as you riding through some of the rail lines which run parallel with the island’s coastline.

Rail Lines Train Number (From/To) Timetable Duration Tickets
Major Stops
D7301, D7327, D7106, D7118, D7167... 06:50- 22:10 1h 26min - 2h 53min Second Class: 100.0
First Class: 160.0
Business class: None
Wenchang, Qionghai, Bo'ao, Ledong

The Hainan Island Circular High Speed Railway (about 650km long) starts from Haikou, on the northern seashore of the island, runs along the eastern railway and reach Sanya on the south, then goes along the western railway and return to Haikou in about 5 hours. There are more than 60 trains departing from Haikou, but not all of they will follow the circular railway because the eastern line from Haikou to Sanya via Wenchang (文昌), Qionghai (琼海), Boao (博鳌), Wanning (万宁), is the busier and more popular than the western railway. In Wanning, you can find some of China’s few surfable beaches. But Sanya is the final destination you should go. It has the best beaches and resorts.

How to Plan a Hainan circular trip

You can start your tour from both Haikou and Sanya. But Sanya is the biggest highlight while Haikou is more about arrival hub in Hainan without many interesting attractions. You can spend less time in Haikou, then travel along the eastern railway to Sanya. If time allows, spare out one day to stop at Qinghai to feel the countryside landscape and rural living, one more day to Wanning, the best place to surf in Hainan.

In Sanya, all you need to do is to try your best to relax and play. Yes, that's right! When you take a vacation in places like Sanya, you have eager to enjoy comfortable room, cozy bed, spa, swimming, massage, sunbath, and sea sports games. Sanya has them all. Highlights include Yalong Bay, Tianya and Haijiao, Li and Miao Villages, Kwangyin Statue, Luhuitou Peninsula, etc.

To escape the hustle and bustle of the eastern coast, you can go to enjoy some peaceful time in the beautiful places along the western coast - enjoying the lush and green mountain and forests in Ledong, visiting peculiar boat-like houses in Dongfang, observing what is the fishing work like in Baimajing (白马井) …

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China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

Running along the coastal line of Hainan

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

Passing through farm fields

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

Beautiful Sanya City

8. The Harbin Ice Festival Train

China’s northeastern region, shortly known as Dongbei, has a glorious history in the development of China’s industry, including railway. It was one of the places which had railways as well as high speed railways in China. Besides the industrial culture, Dongbei is also famous for having the most beautiful snow and ice landscape in China. Harbin, the city of snow and ice in Heilongjiang Province, has an elaborate festival of psychedelic ice and snow sculptures to hold in every January and February when is also the best time to enjoy snow landscape near Harbin.

One can travel to Harbin by high speed train from Beijing, with 6 (sometimes more) trains every day. The railway stretches as long as about 1,330km , with 14 stations along the line at Beijing, Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin, etc. The train leaves Beijing, runs southeastward, and enters the suburb of Tianjin, then turns northeast along the Bohai Gulf coast, makes stop at Beidaihe, a popular resort with one of China’s few beaches.

Leaving Beidaihe, the train keeps traveling northeastward to reach Shenyang, the capital city of Liaoning Province. Here you can get off your train to stop for a night stay if you think 7 hours’ train ride to Harbin is too much. From Shenyang, the train only has to ride 1.5 hours to arrive Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province where has a railway to Huichun near the borders of Russia and North Korea, known as the most beautiful high speed railway in Dongbei region. To get to Harbin, you have to spend 1 more hour on the train.

How to Plan a Beijing Harbin trip by high speed train

Before taking a high speed train to Harbin, you can plan a 4 days’ tour in Beijing, generally one day to visit Tian’anmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, one day to hike the Great Wall, one day to visit Temple of Heaven, Hutong, and hunt for food and goods. Then you can board a train which departs in the morning, so that you won’t be late after arriving at Harbin.

While in Harbin, you can also plan a tour of 3 or 4 days - 1 or 2 days to join the annual Harbin Ice and Snow Festival to see magnificent and massive sculptures of snow and ice, and take party in exciting winter activities; 2 days to explore China Snow Town, reputed as the no.1 snow town in China. It will satisfy all your imagination and desire with gorgeous panoramic view of the snow village, white forest…

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China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

Passing through the land of snow

China (High Speed) Train Travel Guide 2024

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

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