6 Days Guizhou Ethnic Minorities & Villages Photography Tour

Miao & Dong Minority Villages in Southeast Guizhou


In Southeast Guizhou, you could shoot the ancient minority villages and the Miao and Dong people you’ve never seen before!

Are you attracted by a primitive way of living that which is totally different from the city life? Do you want to escape the hustle and bustle life and get into the quiet and peaceful rural villages? Do you anticipate to meet ethnic minority who has their own history and culture? Then, come to Southeast Guizhou to the Miao and Dong minority kingdom. They live in stilt houses, wear traditional costumes, care nothing outside their hills, celebrate their own festivals in interesting ways...It is worth spending several days exploring a different world by touching the lovely people in Kaili, Rongjiang, Congjiang etc. Go and shoot now!

This Guizhou ethnic photography tour can be customized depending on which sites you want to visit, what photos you want to take, and on the weather condition when you go. Feel free to tell your interests and ideas to your personal travel consultants!

Basic Photography Info

Travel Route: Guiyang / Kaili / Xijiang / Rongjiang / Congjiang

Travel Length: 6 Days

Tour Code: CD-PTSGT-06

Tour Type: Customizable Private Tour

Departure: You Choose (you may plan it according to the best season and time.)

Itinerary Details Day by Day

Day 1 Guiyang Arrival & Kaili

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Welcome to Guiyang, the Capital of Guizhou Province.

Your local guide and driver will meet you at the airport / train station and then transfer to Kaili (2.5 hours). The rest of today is free on your own to explore the capital of southeastern Guizhou. Stay overnight in Kaili.

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Day 2 Kaili - Xijiang (B)

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After breakfast, begin your photography tour to Miao ethnic villages. Your first stop is to visit Qingman Village, where the women wear a kind of traditional short-skirt. In a local household, you could see and take photographs of the traditional way of dying cotton material.

Later, proceed to Shiqiao Miao Village. In Shiqiao, you’ll capture the old people still keep their old tradition of making special paper with trees’ bark by hand, which could be dated back to 700 years in Guizhou.

After the tour in Shiqiao, transfer to Xijiang Miao Village. It is the largest Miao Villages in Asia, with more than 1000 Miao households. Walk on the paved road and shoot the Wind and Rain Bridge, stilt houses, dance performance by Miao people, beautiful terraces and fields and other scenes. In this evening, get on the viewing deck to shoot beautiful night view of Xijiang.

Qingman Miao Village
Day 3 Xijiang - Rongjiang (B)

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In the morning, catch the best time and shoot the quiet side of Xijiang Miao Village. Later, transfer to Upper Langde Miao Village. When you arrive at Langde Village, you’re welcomed by the 12 courses of “block-way” rice wine, and then shoot the traditional Miao-style stilt houses enjoy sweet Miao folk songs.

Later, drive to Datang Miao Village which is known for Short Shirt Miao. You could shoot the local Miao women who wear “miniskirts” as short as 10 centimeters. You could also enjoy and participate in the local dance in the village square.

After the Miao villages’ exploration, drive to Rongjing County and stay overnight there.

Panoramic View of Xijiang Miao Village
Day 4 Rongjiang - Congjiang (B)

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After breakfast, drive to Congjiang. Along the way, shoot in Chejiang Sanbao Dong Village, the largest inhabiting region of Dong ethnic. Enjoy the Dong’s primitive ways of living, Sanbao drum tower, Sama Temple, marvelous Banyan trees to know more Dong people’s history and culture.

After the visit, transfer to visit Zhengchong Dong Village to take pictures of the remarkable Zengchong Drum Tower, the oldest and best-preserved Dong drum tower in China.

After the Dong villages’ exploration, drive to Congjiang County. Stay overnight in Congjiang.

Chejiang Dong people's village
Day 5 Congjiang - Zhaoxing (B)

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In the morning, you’ll visit the Basha Miao Village, a hidden kingdom occupied by the legendary Basha Miao people. Enter the Last Gunmen’s Tribe in China and enjoy the Lusheng performance by the men, rice wine presented by the girls, Welcome Ceremony with Guns, Adult Ceremony, Reed-pipe Wind Dance and more. (Note: you need to pay extra fees to enjoy some activities performed by the Miao. Please discuss with your travel consultant or tour guide whether you want to enjoy it or not.)

In the afternoon, transfer to visit Bapa Dong Village and Huanggang Dong Village to enjoy the best-preserved lifestyle, customs, folk residence and festivals.

Then, drive to Tang’an Dong Village, the most primitive Dong village in China. If you like, hike from Tang’an Village to Zhaoxing to shoot Dong villages, terraced paddy fields (2 hours). Stay overnight in Zhaoxing.

Shaving Hairs with Sickle in Basha Miao Village
Day 6 Zhaoxing - Congjiang Departure (B)

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After breakfast, visit Zhaoxing Dong Village, one of the largest traditional Dong minority town in Guizhou. Feel like the clock is being turned back when shooting the 5 Drum Tower, 3 Wind and Rain Bridges, visiting the local market and enjoying the famous Dong Grand Song and traditional local Dong dances.

Later, drive back to Congjiang (within one hour) where you can take high speed train or bus for your next destination. (Note: Congjiang Railway Station as one of Guiyang - Guangzhou high speed train stations, is perfect for you to transfer to Guilin or Guiyang easily.) Service end!

Zhaoxing Dong Village
6 Days Guizhou Ethnic Minorities & Villages Photography Tour Map

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Southeast Guizhou Photography Guide

Basha Miao Village Guizhou Miao Ethnic People Lusheng Festival in Guizhou

The Miao people are one of the most fascinating ethnic minorities in China. It is also the largest ethnic group in Guizhou. The Miaos are generally mountain-dwellers and their homes are wooden structures on stilts, with balustrades. A large Miao village can contain over 1000 families, with dwellings covering an entire mountain slope in overlapping rows and lines. The Dong ethnic group mainly lives in Congjiang, Rongjiang, Liping, etc. Their lifestyle is distinct and high-rise drum towers and roofed bridges are landmarks of their settlements.

Best Sites for Photography

Miao Ethnic Minority Villages

Enter into the Miao villages, you’ll see the Miaos dress in gaily embroidered silk costumes and full arrays of silver ornaments, including horned crowns, haripins, combsm earrings, bracelets and necklaces. There are several typical Miao villages covered in your Guizhou photography tour. They are Xijiang Miao Village and Basha Miao Village and other Miao villages. Please check them and find the top things to shoot in each village.

Xijiang Miao Village

Surrounded by mountains, Xijiang Miao Village is with 1300 households built on the terrace, with Baishui River flowing through. Photographers once getting into the village will see the Wind and Rain Bridge, stilt houses, Miao people in traditional clothing. Every day, there are performances like Miao dance arranged in the morning and afternoon. Photographers could take panoramic view and night view of Xijiang Miao Village on the viewing deck. It is good to go and shoot in the morning around 08:00 and in the late afternoon and evening.

Xijiang Miao Village

Basha Miao Village

The legendary Basha Miao people live in Basha Miao Village. Basha Miao people are the only authorized civil gunmen and the last “barbarians in China”. You could shoot the following scenes: Basha men stand in front of the village and playing Lusheng, use the gun shoot into the sky three times, men shave their hair with only the top left and combed in a bun, Lusheng dance in Lusheng Hall, etc. All the Basha Miao cultures and village life scene will come into your pictures.

Basha Miao Village

Dong Ethnic Minority Villages

The Dong people live by streams. Over the streams they build various styles of bridges, the most well-known being the roofed bridge called “Wind and Rain Bridge”. The drum tower is the landmark and center of Dong village. Most Dong houses are two-storey wooden building with corridors. The first is floor is domestic animals and the second floor is the living area. In this photography tour, you’ll shoot in the famous Zhaoxing Dong Village and other Dong villages in Rongjiang and Congjiang.

Zhaoxing Dong Village

Zhaoxing Dong Village is the biggest Dong Village in China. Clusters of stilt houses dot its tree-clad slopes, with a clear stream flowing through the village. Zhaoxing Dong Village is divided into five sections, with each section built one drum tower. These five sections represent benevolence, justice, courtesy, wisdom and faith. Photographers could shoot the five drum towers, Wind and Rain Bridge, Dong stilt buildings, and also capture the Kam Grand Choirs scene.

Zhaoxing Dong Village

Best Season for Photography

To visit Miao and Dong minority villages and enjoy the featured ethnic activities and performances, it is better to come during the festivals. Actually, Miao and Dong ethnic groups have festivals all the year around. The most famous ones are Lusheng Gathering in 11th-15th of first lunar month to enjoy Lusheng dance, antiphonal singing and bullfighting; Sisters’ Meal Festival in 15th-16th of third lunar month in Taijiang County to eat sisters’ rice, join in drum dance, play Lusheng and date; Miao New Year in 12th-13th in first lunar month to enjoy Lusheng playing, bullfighting, bronze drum beating and horse racing.

Tips from Our Experts

1. Xijiang Viewing Deck

It takes 10 minutes by walk from Xijiang Miao Village to its viewing deck across the mountains. Instead of walking, you could choose to take sightseeing bus to reach the viewing deck. Extra fees should be paid for the bus.

2. Xijiang Morning Photography

The best time to shoot Xijiang is in the morning around 08:00. At this time, you could capture the misty and mysterious Xijiang.

3. Xijiang Evening Photography

At night, every household at Xijiang Miao Village will turn on the light. The whole village will light up and it is very good to take photographs of the night view. It is better not put tripod in the plank road which is not steady for photographing.

4. Basha Photography

It is good to use telephoto lens to shoot the unique Basha Miao cultures and performances.

5. Bullfighting

It will be a little dangerous to shoot bullfighting and please make sure you are in safety distance. Don’t get too close to the bullfighting place for the water buffalo are ferocious.

6.Transfer Tips

It is good to get Guiyang by air and transfer to Kaili in southeast Guizhou by private car. Need to mention here, the Guangzhou-Guiyang high speed trains will pass Congjiang, Rongjiang, Guilin, Yangsuo that you could transfer to next destinations by train easily.

For more photography advice in Southeast Guizhou, you can feel free to contact us and we are here ready to help!

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