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Zhengzhou High Speed Trains

Well known for the Hometown of Shaolin Kung Fu, Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan Province as well as one of the top ancient capital cities in China. It also serves as a major railway transportation hub in central part of China. Lots of important high speed railways join at Zhengzhou, making it “ the Heart of China Railway Network”, including Zhengzhou Kaifeng Intercity Railway, the very long Beijing Guangzhou High Speed Railway, Zhengzhou Xian High Speed Railway and Zhengzhou Xuzhou High Speed Railway (east section of Xuzhou-Lanzhou High Speed Railway).

Starting from Zhengzhou, travelers can take high speed train tours to many tourist cities, or get to Zhengzhou from those cities. The fast, clean, comfortable and advanced high speed trains can take you to Beijing in the north, Xian and Luoyang in the west, Guangzhou, Kunming, Guiyang, Wuhan, Changsha in the south, to the metropolis Shanghai, beautiful Hangzhou in Eastern China with one single day train journey.

High Speed Trains from Zhengzhou

Ranking as the third largest high speed rail junction city in China, Zhengzhou runs more than 120 high speed trains to destinations in different directions. Except Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou still connects with Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Lanzhou, Taiyuan, Wuhan, Changsha, Qingdao, Xiamen, Fuzhou, and Nanchang and so on. Moreover, there are intercity high speed railways running between Zhengzhou and Kaifeng, another famous ancient Chinese capital, and Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. Check our Zhengzhou high speed rail routes, schedules and find the most suitable line to the city you want to visit.

Zhengzhou High Speed Rail Map

Popular Zhengzhou High Speed Train Routes

Among all connected destinations, Beijing, Shanghai and Xian are most popular than other routes, not only for the iconic attractions in those cities, but also for the great convenience and short-distance travel needed. Select from the route below to enjoy your China Kung Fu tour by high speed trains.

● Zhengzhou Xian High Speed Train

Railway Stations: Zhengzhou/Zhengzhou East (郑州/郑州东) - Xian North (西安北)

Distance: 523 km/325 miles

Duration: 1 hour 49 minutes ~ 2 hours 28 minutes

Zhengzhou Xian High Speed Railway, 505-kilometer-long, is the middle segment of Xuzhou Lanzhou High Speed Railway and the first high speed railway running at a speed of 350/h in central and western China. It starts from Zhengzhou, goes westward to Luoyang, Sanmenxia City and Weinan City and ultimately arrives at Xian in Shaanxi Province. The trains on this rail line cuts the travel time between the two destinations from over 6 hours to just 2 hours.

Currently, both high speed trains and bullet trains are available between Zhengzhou and Xian. Travelers can take over 70 high speed trains (G & D trains) travelling from Zhengzhou to Xian, from 07:10am to 21:37pm. G25 (21:32-23:21) is the fastest train that just needs less than 2 hours. G1941 (21:37-23:33) is the last train arriving at late midnight. You’d better choose a daytime train, since it’s more convenient to transfer to downtown and your hotel during the time. If you like, you can stop at Luoyang Longmen Station for well-known the Longmen Grottoes and Huashan North Station to experience the thrilling and exciting hiking trail at Mount Huashan.

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Zhengzhou Xian High Speed Train

Zhengzhou Xian High Speed Train Map

Zhengzhou High Speed Trains

Taking High Speed Trains to Zhengzhou to Enjoy China Kung Fu Tour

● Zhengzhou Beijing High Speed Train

Railway Stations: Zhengzhou East/Zhengzhou (郑州东/郑州) - Beijing West (北京西)

Distance: 693 km/431 miles

Duration: 2 hours 25 minutes ~ 3 hours 36 minutes

Zhengzhou is located on the Shijiazhuang-Wuhan section of Beijing Guangzhou High Speed Railway and is easy to reach by high-speed trains to/from Beijing. Every day, there are nearly 60 high speed trains departing from Zhengzhou to Beijing, arranged between 06:42am and 20:41pm. Among all the trains, G1564 (06:42-10:13) is the first train which takes about 3.5 hours, and G558 (20:41-23:34) runs the last, arriving at Beijing nearly midnight hours. The G588 train (10:17-12:42) is the fastest train leaving Zhengzhou to Beijing, a good choice for travelers.

When booking tickets, passengers should figure out which station you’ll be and how long you should take, because both Zhengzhou Railway Station and Zhengzhou East Railway Station have high speed trains to Beijing. (Warm Tip: Trains departing from Zhengzhou Railway Station takes longer travel time than Zhengzhou East Railway Station.)

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Beijing Zhengzhou High Speed Train

Beijing Zhengzhou High Speed Train Map

Beijing West Railway Station

Beijing West Railway Station

● Zhengzhou Shanghai High Speed Train

Railway Stations: Zhengzhou East / Zhengzhou (郑州东 / 郑州)- Shanghai Hongqiao / Shanghai (上海虹桥/上海)

Distance: 986 km/613 miles

Duration: 4 hours 29 minutes ~ 5 hours 31 minutes

Shanghai is located in southeast Zhengzhou, crossing Anhui and Jiangsu Provinces. Nowadays, the featured metropolitan skyline of Shanghai is no more a dream far away from the birthplace of Chinese Kung Fu, but an easy and fast journey which can be easily realized by a half day high speed train travel.

For traveling from Zhengzhou to Shanghai, there are over 20 high speed trains are offered for a lot of visitor home and abroad. The trains are running from 07:33am to 18:08pm, all reaching to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. G370 (07:33-12:02) departing from Zhengzhou Railway Station is the earliest and the fastest train to Shanghai. The last train – G1942 leaving from Zhengzhou East, travels more than 5 hours and arrives at Shanghai at nearly midnight. There is another overnight bullet train D308 (22:32-06:26) going from Zhengzhou to Shanghai for about 8 hours.

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Zhengzhou to Shanghai High Speed Train

Shanghai Zhengzhou High Speed Train Map

Zhengzhou Shanghai High Speed Train

Dazzling Evening Skyline of Shanghai

● Zhengzhou Luoyang High Speed Train

Railway Stations: Zhengzhou East/Zhengzhou (郑州东/郑州) - Luoyang Longmen (洛阳龙门)

Distance: 143 km/89 miles

Duration: 36 minutes ~ 46 minutes

Luoyang lies west of Zhengzhou and locates between Zhengzhou and Xian. Only half an hour’s high speed train travel on Zhengzhou Xian High Speed Railway, travelers can drop by Luoyang from Zhengzhou, one of the great ancient capitals of China to witness Buddhist art in Longmen Grottoes, learn more Buddhist history in White Horse Temple – the first temple in China before reaching Xian.

Every day, there are nearly 60 high speed trains departing from Zhengzhou to Luoyang from 07:10am to 21:16pm. The first G2201 train leaves Zhengzhou East Station at 07:10 in the morning and arrives in Luoyang after 36 minutes’ riding. The last train is G1899 train that starts from Zhengzhou at 21:16pm and gets to Luoyang before 22:00pm. According to different rail lines connected, tourists could still extend China high speed train trip to Xian, Huashan, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Lanzhou, Chongqing and else cities.

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Zhengzhou Luoyang High Speed Train

Second Class Carriage on Zhengzhou Luoyang High Speed Train

Luoyang Longmen Grottoes

Luoyang Longmen Grottoes - One of Top Buddhist Art Treasury in China

● Zhengzhou Guangzhou High Speed Train

Railway Stations: Zhengzhou East/Zhengzhou (郑州东/郑州) - Guangzhou South/North (广州南/广州北)

Distance: 1605 km/997 miles

Duration: 5 hours 27 minutes ~ 7 hours 7 minutes

With short distance and high speed train travel, Pingyao Ancient City in Pingyao, Shanxi Province is a popular destination from Beijing, especially for travelers who are interested in Chinese ancient culture and history. Every day, Beijing has 2 high speed trains and 1 bullet train running from Beijing West Railway Station to Pingyao Ancient City from 08:05 to 15:29. All the trains take nearly 4 hours. G627 train is the earliest train departing at 08:05am and arriving at 11:59am, and D2005 train is the last train that costs 10 more minutes than the two G trains. If time permits, travelers are suggested to book train tickets of the D train, because the tickets are much cheaper and the train journey is almost the same.

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Guangzhou Zhengzhou High Speed Train

Guangzhou Zhengzhou High Speed Train Map

● Zhengzhou Kunming High Speed Trains

Railway Stations: Zhengzhou East (郑州东) - Kunming South (昆明南)

Distance: 2067 km/ 1284 miles

Duration: 8 hours 10 minutes ~ 10 hours 33 minutes

As one of the longest and beautiful high speed rails in China, the Zhengzhou Kunming High Speed Railway links Zhengzhou and Kunming via less than a day train tour. It spreads from middle to the southwestern China, passing through Wuhan, Changsha, Kaili and Guiyang. From this railway, tourists can take fast, most advanced high speed trains to explore minority culture in Kunming, view various landscape en route, and transfer to Dali, Puzhehei and other destinations in colorful Yunnan Province.

Generally, Zhengzhou delivers 5 daily high speed trains (all are G trains) from Zhengzhou East Railway Station to Kunming South Railway Station. Passengers can choose from one of the five trains between 08:30am to 13:20pm based on your itinerary. The second train G403 (10:33-18:43) is the fastest train with duration of about 8 hours. And G405 train (13:20-22:34) is the last train travelling over 9 hours. The other three trains all takes more than 10 hours. It’s better to buy tickets of early morning trains, for the long train journey will bring you to Kunming in the afternoon and even during night hours.

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Zhengzhou Kunming High Speed Train

Kunming Stone Forest - Great Karst Landscape in Yunnan

Zhengzhou Intercity High Speed Trains to Xinzheng International Airport & Kaifeng

Except those long distance high speed train routes, there are also two main intercity high speed railways serving Zhengzhou: Zheng Ji (Zhengzhou - Xinzheng International Airport) Intercity Railway and Zheng Kai (Zhengzhou - Kaifeng) Intercity Railway.

Zhengzhou - Xinzheng International Airport: There are 33 C trains running from Zhengzhou Railway Station or Zhengzhou East Railway Station to Xinzheng Airport from 05:18am to 21:10pm every day. The whole train time is less than 20 minutes. Now only Second Class tickets(price: ¥11.0~14.0) are available.

Zhengzhou - Kaifeng: Every day, Zhengzhou sends more than 37 G & C trains to nearby Kaifeng betwen 05:57am to 21:37pm. The G trains (with three kinds of ticket: First/Second/Business Class Seats) runs faster but with a higher price than the C trains.

Visit our Zhengzhou Transportation Guide to help you plan your Zhengzhou tour!

Zhengzhou Luoyang Kaifeng Location Map

Location Map of Zhengzhou, Luoyang & Kaifeng

More High Speed Trains from Zhengzhou

Besides the above popular high speed rail routes, the high speed train network provides fast train service from Zhengzhou city to the many other popular tourist cities and destinations in China, such as Chengdu (16 trains for 6 ~ 7 hours), Chongqing (8 trains for 8 ~9 hours), Hangzhou (9 trains for 4.5 ~5.5 hours), Nanjing (106 trains for about 1.5 hours), Huashan (3 trains for nearly 7 hours), Guiyang (15 trains for about 8.5 hours), Kaili (11 trains for 11.5 hours),Lanzhou (1 train for 11 hours), Wuhan, Changsha, Shenzhen, Taiyuan, etc.. You could enjoy high speed train trip to the city you want to visit. Just tell what you like, and we’ll do the rest.

If you are interested in a China high speed train tour package with Zhengzhou, please select from our recommended Zhengzhou High Speed Tours, or just contact our travel experts, they will help you tailor make the itinerary and arrange the train ticket and accommodation quickly and professionally.

Which Station to Go in Zhengzhou?

Zhengzhou totally has four train station used for high speed train passenger service, including Zhengzhou East Railway Station (郑州东站), Zhengzhou West Railway Station (郑州西站), Zhengzhou Railway Station (郑州站) and Nanyangzhai Railway Station (南阳寨站). Among them, Zhengzhou East Station (location: No.199 Road, Xinyi Road, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou 郑州市郑东新区心怡路199号) delivers the largest number of high speed trains from Zhengzhou to other cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin and so on. Check details about Zhengzhou Transportation Guide

Zhengzhou East Railway Station Zhengzhou East Railway Station

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