Hong Kong High Speed Bullet Trains

Hong Kong, the “Pearl of the Orient” and one of the top ideal tourist destinations in China, also has joined into the China High Speed Network in 2018, so your Hong Kong China tour can not only be connected by flights, but also work by high speed trains. Due to the opening of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Railway, Hong Kong, the superb world metropolis, is linked with many places in mainland China by high speed trains with speed and comfort. Thus, if you feel it boring seating in the aircrafts, you could totally and decisively choose the bullet trains to / from Hong Kong to enjoy the convenient transferring way and multiple types of sceneries along the rail.

Hong Kong to China Bullet Trains

As the accessibility of Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong High Speed Rail, Hong Kong high speed trains are available for lots of people in China and all around the world. At present, there are many daily high speed trains depart from Hong Kong, and among them, there are nearly 35 trains to Guangzhou (广州), about 80 trains to Shenzhen (深圳), about 2 trains to Foshan (佛山), etc. Besides, Hong Kong high speed trains also run to Beijing (北京), Shanghai (上海), Guilin (桂林), Hangzhou (杭州), Kunming (昆明), Guiyang (贵阳), Wuhan (武汉), Changsha (长沙), Zhengzhou (郑州), Xiamen (厦门), Shijiazhuang (石家庄), and so forth.

Furthermore, all high speed train between Hong Kong and Guangzhou use the new type of train named Vibrant Express, which offers comfortable and humanized facilities and functions for the new experience of people in Hong Kong and from other places.

Updated Important Notice: After a new train plan operating in China since July 10, 2019, Tianjin (天津), Chongqing (重庆), Xiong'an New Area (in Hebei Provicne) and more cities start opening high speed bullet trains to Hong Kong, making Hong Kong further connected with total 58 train stations in mainland China. Train travelers thus have more choice and better travel routes to plan for a Hong Kong bullet train journey. (Updated in July 2019)

Popular Hong Kong High Speed Rail Routes

Since high speed trains from Hong Kong will run to many cities in mainland China, there are some popular high speed train routes for your experience of the new bullet trains, and appreciate the natural, world, historical and other highlights along the way and in the destinations.

● Hong Kong Guangzhou High Speed Trains

Railway Stations: Hong Kong West Kowloon Terminus (香港西九龙总站) - Guangzhou South (广州南)

Distance: 142km (88miles)

Duration: about 47 minutes - 1 hour 10 minutes

Mainly for the business development of Guangdong Province and Hong Kong SAR, the Hong Kong Guangzhou High Speed Rail also passes Shenzhen, and Guangdong cities. Over 30 pairs of trains offer service every day, and usually Hong Kong to Guangzhou trains depart during about 08:00-23:00 and Guangzhou to Hong Kong trains leave between around 07:00-21:30. As the fast bullet trains take only usually about 1 hour, and at least 47 minutes, to travel between to two places, travelers could transfer easily to enjoy the historical and cultural relics of Lingnan region and taste the delicious food of Cantonese flavor.

Hong Kong Guangzhou Vibrant Trains

Vibrant Trains is the new kind of bullet trains only put into use for Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong High Speed Rail, that is to say passengers taking trains between Guangzhou and Hong Kong can catch the chance to experience the new and cool train with more car room and more facilities and equipment.

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Guangzhou Yuexiu Park

Guangzhou Yuexiu Park

● Hong Kong Guilin High Speed Trains

Railway Stations: Hong Kong West Kowloon (香港西九龙总站) - Guilin west (桂林西)

Distance: 583km (362miles)

Duration: about 3 hours 20 minutes

Expected by many tourists, Hong Kong Guilin high speed trains can change your precious only transferring way by flights, which take you to see the splendid landscape of Karst landform in Guilin with leisure experience on the way to admire the wonders created by nature. Just immerse yourself into the wonderful world like a painting and enjoy its classic scenic spots including Yangshuo, Longji Rice Terraces, Li River, Elephant Trunk Hill, etc. So far, there 2 pairs of bullet trains running between Hong Kong and Guilin every day. From Hong Kong to Guilin, you can take the train at about 12:00 and reach Guilin West Station at around 15:30; from Guilin to Hong Kong, the earlier train departs at about 12:30 at Guilin West and arrives in Hong Kong West Kowloon at around 16:00, with a whole journey less than 3.5 hours.

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Guilin Li River

Guilin Li River

● Hong Kong Shenzhen High Speed Trains

Railway Stations: Hong Kong West Kowloon (香港西九龙总站) - Shenzhen North (深圳北) / Futian (福田)

Distance: 35km (28miles)

Duration: about 14~20 minutes

This railway section will take you to visit Shenzhen to see its outrageous fast development and natural landscape in the city area. Also, as it is a major transferring city to other destinations in mainland China, a lot of people choose to first arrive in Shenzhen and then transfer to many ideal tourist lands by high speed train at Shenzhen North Station. Frequent trains are provided between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Every day, over 90 pairs of trains run along Shenzhen Hong Kong High Speed Railway. From the early morning till late night, you can choose a bullet train to transfer. Hong Kong to Shenzhen trains usually serve during 07:00-22:30, while Shenzhen to Hong Kong trains run from around 07:00 to 22:50 at night.

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Shenzhen Window to the World

Shenzhen Window to the World

● Hong Kong Beijing High Speed Trains

Railway Stations: Hong Kong West Kowloon (香港西九龙总站) - Beijing West (北京西)

Distance: 2,440km (1,516miles)

Duration: about 9 hours

This railway links Hong Kong with the capital city Beijing. At present, there is 1 daily train from Hong Kong West Kowloon to Beijing West at around 08:00 and only 1 from Beijing West to Hong Kong West Kowloon from about 10:00. Running for about 9 hours, the bullet train takes you to enjoy the vibrant modern excitement in Hong Kong and also the rich royal generous quality in Beijing to admire its Great Cities, Forbidden Palace, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Beijing Hutongs, etc. Besides, as this railway also passes by Guangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, and other cities in south and north China, you can also enjoy more culture of history in the middle way.

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Beijing Mutianyu Great Wall

Beijing Mutianyu Great Wall

● Hong Kong Shanghai High Speed Trains

Railway Stations: Hong Kong West Kowloon (香港西九龙总站) - Shanghai Hongqiao (上海虹桥)

Distance: 1,650km (1,025miles)

Duration: about 8.5 hours

These two major prosperous cities also are linked by the high speed trains, which need about 8 hours & 17 minutes to cover the total railway of about 1650km long. This one of the top most popular high speed railway is really recommended to have a try, since it will take you via Hangzhou. And to experience such charming railway path, you can choose the only one train from Shanghai Hongqiao to Hong Kong at about 14:00, or the only train from Hong Kong to Shanghai Hongqiao at about 11:00 in the late morning.

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The Bund in Shanghai

The Bund in Shanghai

More China High Speed Trains to / from Hong Kong

Apart from the above mentioned Hong Kong high speed train routes, there are some other popular cities connected with Hong Kong by the new and fast bullet trains, such as Hangzhou (7.5 hours), Kunming (7.5 hours), Guiyang (5.5 hours), Wuhan (about 4.5 hours), Xiamen (about 4-4.5 hours), Changsha (about 3.5 hours), Chongqing (7.5 hours), Tianjin (10 hours), Fuzhou (about 5-5.5 hours), Zhengzhou (6.5-7 hours), Nanchang, Shantou, Shijiazhuang, etc. You can choose to visit those destinations at will.

If you are interested in a China high speed train tour package from or to Hong Kong, please select from our recommended Hong Kong High Speed Tours, or just contact our travel experts, they will help you tailor make the itinerary and arrange the train ticket and accommodation quickly and professionally.

West Kowloon Station in Hong Kong

West Kowloon Station is the new and only high speed train station in Hong Kong. The terminus covers a land of about 11 hectare and the total construction floor area is about 400 thousand square meters wide, which makes it the world largest underground railway station. In such large station, passengers will not only go through all the procedures including tickets, security check, train waiting and boarding, etc. but also can appreciate the sightseeing of Victoria Harbor through the sky walls of glass.

How to Check In / Out at West Kowloon Terminus?

Passengers taking high speed train to or from Hong Kong will go through both the entry and exit procedures in West Kowloon Terminus (西九龙总站), which is known as ““Co-location Arrangement (meaning one port for entry and exit procedures)”.

For passengers from mainland China to Hong Kong:

Get Off the Train - Go up to the Hong Kong Entry Floor on B2 - Go through Mainland China Exit Procedure - Go through Hong Kong SAR Entry Procedure - Check Train tickets & Check Out

For Passengers from Hong Kong to mainland China:

Buy Train Tickets - Ticket Checking - Go down to the Hong Kong Exit Floor on B3 - Go through Hong Kong SAR Exit Procedure - Go through Mainland China Entry Procedures - Go Down to the Platform on B4 For Train Embarkation

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Hong Kong West Kowloon Terminus West Kowloon Terminus Location
(Click to Enlarge)
Hong Kong West Kowloon Terminus Check In & Out in Hong Kong Station
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