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Hangzhou High Speed Trains

Because of the holding of 2016 G20 Summit, Hangzhou catches the eyes of international friends. Apart from a charming tourist city, Hangzhou is also an intersecting point of busy rail corridors in China. A high speed rail connects metropolis Shanghai with the beautiful Hangzhou closely. And no matter you want to visit Suzhou before or after your Hangzhou trip, a high speed train will send you there. Some travelers choose to take a 5.5 hours’ speed train to the Capital of China - Beijing after the China water town leisure tour.

All in all, Hangzhou has well developed high speed train network, you could reach the most of major destinations of China from here. All are fast and convenient, clean and comfortable!

High Speed Trains from Hangzhou

Hangzhou East Train Station and Hangzhou Train Station are used for high speed train stations. From these two stations, there are more than 170 bullet trains to the major cities of China like Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Xian, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu and more.

Hangzhou High Speed Rail Map

High Speed Trains from Hangzhou to Shanghai

Hangzhou Shanghai High Speed Train

Hangzhou Shanghai High Speed Train

The Shanghai-Hangzhou High-Speed Railway, also known as Huhang High-Speed Railway is a high-speed rail line in China between Shanghai and Hangzhou. The line is 202 km in length and designed at a speed of 350 km/h. This line shortened travel time between the two cities to about 70 minutes.

The Schedules of Hangzhou Shanghai High-speed Trains

Every day, there are about 118 G-trains and 20 D-trains from Hangzhou (either Hangzhou East or Hangzhou Railway Station) to Shanghai (Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Shanghai Railway Station), available from 06:10 to 23:59. As fast as 45 minutes, some G-trains can take you from Hangzhou to Shanghai. By a D-train, you can also arrive within 2 hours. Prices are cheap and cost about 49 ~ 93 Yuan for 2nd Class Seats.

Suggestions for Hangzhou Shanghai Rail Trip

The best way to travel between Hangzhou and Shanghai is by high speed train. It is recommended that you could take 5 to 6 days Shanghai-Hangzhou-Shanghai round trip by high speed train.

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Hangzhou Suzhou High Speed Trains

Bullet Train from Hangzhou East

Bullet Train from Hangzhou East

As two popular tourists’ destination in China, Hangzhou and Suzhou are well connected by high speed trains. During 08:18 to 20:43, there are 19 G-trains and 4 D-trains serving from Hangzhou to Suzhou (Suzhou Railway Station and Suzhou North Railway Station). These trains can bring tourists to Suzhou within 2 hours.

The Schedules of Hangzhou Suzhou High-speed Trains

Hangzhou East – Suzhou: G7372, G7564, G7572, G7586, G7356, G7576, G7592, G7376, G9510, G7584, G7588, G7582, G7350
Hanghzou East – Suzhou North: G7386, G44, G7600, G7590, G7596
Hangzhou – Suzhou”: G7354

Hangzhou East – Suzhou: D3142, D3136, D3126, D2286

Suggestions for Hangzhou Suzhou Rail Trip

All the high speed trains will pass Shanghai. Hangzhou and Suzhou are the paradise on earth always regarded as the best destinations for Shanghai side trips. If you have enough, just cover both Hangzhou and Suzhou in your Shanghai trip by high speed train.

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Hangzhou to Beijing Bullet Trains

Hangzhou Beijing High Speed Train

Hangzhou Beijing High Speed Train

The Hangzhou Beijing high speed rail route is also welcomed by travelers. Every day, there are 14 G trains from Hangzhou to Beijing. The earliest train G34 departs at 07:10 and arrives at 13:05 while the last bullet train G44 departs at 16:15 and arrives at 23:01. Almost in each hour, there is one or more train. The whole journey takes no more than 6 hours and 46 minutes. The duration of the fast high speed train G20 even reaches to 5 hours.

The trains are equipped with Business Seats (1966 RMB), First Class Seats (1048.5 RMB) and 2nd Class Seats (686 RMB). The Second Class Seats are enough to offer you a delight and comfortable journey.

Hangzhou Xian High Speed Trains

High Speed Train is also available from Hangzhou and Xian, which saves you more than 10 years. In total, there are 4 G-trains running between Hangzhou East Railway Station to Xian North Railway Station, including G1874 (07:15-14:49, 7h34m), G1882 (08:27-16:06, 7h42m), G1894 (11:20-18:39, 7h19m), G1894 (16:35-23:18, 6h46m). With comfortable condition and high speed, a growing number of tourists tend to travel by high speed trains. If you are interested in a Hangzhou Xian tour by high speed train, feel free to contact us.

More High Speed Train from Hangzhou

High Speed Trains from Hangzhou

High Speed Trains from Hangzhou

Want to travel by high speed to other charming cities of China? There are bullet trains running service to Nanjing (1 hour and 20 minutes), Wuhan (5 hours), Zhengzhou (6.5 hours), Xiamen (6 hours and 40 minutes), Nanchang (5 hours), Changsha (8 hours), Shenzhen (10 hours and 40 minutes), Chengdu (14.5 hours) and more.

If you are interested in a China high speed train tour package from or to Hangzhou, please select from our recommended High Speed Tours, or just contact our travel consultants, they will help your tailor make the itinerary and arrange the train ticket and accommodation quickly and professionally.

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