How to Get from Xian to Beijing

Some travelers want to take trips to Xian from Beijing, while some would like to take Xian Beijing vacations. If you are planning a Xian Beijing tour, you are in the right place to get clear ideas about how to transfer from Xian to Beijing.

The ancient capital Xian is located in Shaanxi province, southwest of Beijing. The transportation between the two cities is convenient and easy. Travelers could reach China’s Capital - Beijing from Xian by flight, by high speed train and by normal train.

Xian to Beijing map

Xian to Beijing Flight

From: Xian Xianyang Airport
To: Beijing Capital International Airport

Taking a flight is a popular way to transfer from Xian to Beijing. Every day, there are over 40 direct flights from Xian to Beijing. It takes less than 2 hours. Planes are scheduled from 08:00 to 23:00. Travelers could take the most suitable one according to your schedule and budget.

Transfer Tips: Xian Xianyang Airport is 41 kilometers northwest of Xian City center and 13 kilometers northeast of the center of Xianyang. Travelers could take airport shuttle bus or taxi to reach the airport.

Xian North Railway StaXianyang International Airporttion

Xianyang International Airport

Xian to Beijing High Speed Train

From: Xian North Railway Station
To: Beijing West Railway Station

Now, more and more travelers choose to take high speed train from Xian to Beijing. It is a very impressive and comfortable way to transfer. Also, it is cheaper than by taking flight.

Every day, there are over 10 G trains running from Xian North Railway Station to Beijing West Railway Station. It is quite fast, taking about 4.5-6 hours. The bullet trains are available from 09:03 to 18:05. Three types of seats with different prices are provided on high speed trains: Second Class Seat, First Class Seat and Business Class Seat. You could choose the right one according to your schedule and interests.

>> Check details about Xian to Beijing high speed train schedules, seats & ticket fares

Xian North Railway Station

Xian North Railway Station

Xian to Beijing Normal Train

From: Xian Railway Station
To: Beijing West Railway Station

Taking a normal train from Xian to Beijing is the cheapest way to transfer. It is also the slowest way, and travelers need to spend about 12-16 hours to reach Beijing. The normal trains including Z series trains, T series trains and K series trains. Most of them are the overnight train which means travelers would spend one night on the train that it could help save one night accommodation fee. To suit you the best, we suggest you taking Z44, Z20, T232, T42 and T56/57.

Train NumberDepartsArrivesDep. - Arr.
Z44 Xian Beijing 19:15 - 08:26 13h11m 1279
Z20 Xian Beijing 19:30 - 07:00 11h30m 1200
T232 Xian Beijing 17:44 - 06:08 12h24m 1200
T42 Xian Beijing 19:36 - 09:16 13h40m 1279
T8 Xian Beijing 22:47 - 12:28 13h41m 1279
T56/T57 Xian Beijing 20:17 - 10:15 13h58m 1222
K1364 Xian Beijing 14:17 - 05:34 15h17m 1199

Z20 is the Xian Beijing train without stops. So it is the fastest normal train, taking 11.5 hours. Z44 is the train with a few stops, but it won’t take additional passengers along the way. If you choose to take an overnight train from Xian to Beijing, these two are the most recommended trains.

For more Xian Beijing transfer information and suggestions, please feel free to ask our professional travel consultants. Also, if you are looking for private transfer service from Xian city center to Xian Xianyang Airport, Xian North Railway Station and Xian Railway Station, just contact our travel consultants. They are here ready to help to make you a worry free Xian Beijing trip.

Xian Railway Station

Xian Railway Station

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