How to Get from Beijing to Xian 2019

The China’s capital Beijing is located nearly east side to Xian. The distance between Beijing and Xian is 1183 km. Usually, there are three convenient ways to transfer from Beijing to Xian - by flight, by high speed train and by normal train.

How to travel - by flight, bullet train or normal train?

By Flight: the fastest way to get to Xian, only takes 2 hours; the price of flight is higher than the price of train;
By Bullet Train: comfortable, enjoyable and environment-friendly; takes about 5 hours; cheaper than flight;
By Normal Train: the slowest way to reach Xian; crowded on the train; budget and money saving, if you take overnight train, also save one night accommodation fee.

Beijing to Xian map

Flights from Beijing to Xian

It’s no doubt that taking an airplane is the fastest and easiest way to get from Beijing to Xian. It only takes about 2 hours.

There are about 40 flights departing daily from Beijing to Xian. The flights start from Beijing Capital International Airport to Xian Xianyang International Airport. Planes are scheduled leaving from 06:50 to 21:15, so you can choose the flight suiting you best.

Beijing International Airport

Beijing International Airport

Bullet Train from Beijing to Xian

Now, it is becoming more popular to get to Xian by high speed train from Beijing instead of taking flight.

The Beijing to Xian high speed trains (G-trains) run a speed of 250-300km/h. Every day, there are over 10 High-speed trains running from Beijing West Railways Station to Xian North Railway Station. The train trip will spend you about 4-5 hours. Trains are scheduled leaving from 07:00 to 17:37.

Usually, there are three types of seats from the cheapest to the most expensive class - Second Class Seat, First Class Seat and Business Class Seat. You could decide which class seat you want to take according to your budget.

>> Check details about Beijing to Xian high speed train schedules, seats & ticket fares

Beijing West Railway Station

Beijing West Railway Station

Overnight Train from Beijing to Xian

Taking normal train is the most economical way to transfer from Beijing to Xian. The ticket price of the normal train is the cheapest comparing to the flight and High-speed train.

There are about 10 normal trains from Beijing to Xian, including T series trains, Z series trains and K series trains. All these trains run from Beijing West Railway Station to Xian Railway Station. They are scheduled leaving from 14:22 to 22:16. If you take the normal trains, you will spend 12-16 hours on the train.

According to your schedule and itinerary of Beijing Xian trip, the recommended normal trains from Beijing to Xian are Z19, T7, T231, Z43, T41 and T58/T55.

From: Beijing West Railway Station; To: Xian Railway Station

Train NumberDepartsArrivesDep. - Arr.
Z19 Beijing Xian 20:40 - 08:31 11h51m 1200
Z43 Beijing Xian 20:12 - 09:22 13h10m 1283
T231 Beijing Xian 18:50 - 07:43 12h53m 1200
T41 Beijing Xian 14:22 - 05:16 14h54m 1283
T7 Beijing Xian 16:40 - 06:21 13h41m 1283
T55 Beijing Xian 15:19 - 05:30 14h11m 1200
K629 Beijing Xian 18:22 - 11:50 17h28m 1200

The Z19 has no stops along the way, so it is faster than other normal trains. Z43 has stops, but it won’t take additional passenger on the way.

Need to mention here, all these trains have hard sleepers and soft sleepers, and you can get a good rest on the train, and at the same time, you can save one night accommodation fee. If you are in budget, you could take the overnight trains for the cheaper price.

Beijing Xian normal Train

Beijing Xian normal Train

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