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What to Eat in Mount Emei

Since Emei city is very close west to Leshan city, there are many Leshan snacks in Emei, such as the Tofu Jelly and Ye’er Bar. Belonging to Sichuan cuisine, food in Emei is also hot and spicy. But there are still some special things to eat or drink in Emei Mountain area, because of the unique nature environment and religion.

What to Eat and Drink

1. Vegetarian Feast

Vegetarian Feast
The vegetarian dishes are not only in the shape of meat, but also resemble their flavor.

The famous vegetarian Feasts of Mt. Emei, made by Buddhist monks, are served in Baoguo Temple, Wannian Temple and Fuhu Temple. All the dishes are made of vegetarian foods, such as grey noodles, vermicelli, melons, beans and vegetables, by steaming, boiling, stir-frying or stewing.

Why vegetarian food?
The Buddhism believes that taking vegetarian food may cleanse one’s heart, limit his desires, as well as strengthen his health. So Buddhist monks are particular about vegetarian food.

The time for meals in Temples of Mount Emei is 7:00-7:30 for Breakfast, 11:00-11:30 for Lunch and 6:00-6:30 for dinner. The prices are different in temples. It is usually 10-20 RMB for one dish. While having meal in a temple, please don’t waste any food.

2. Zhuyeqing Tea ( Bamboo Green Tea )

Zhuyeqing Tea
The zhuyeqing looks like new bamboo shoots in the glass.

Zhuyeqing, one of the famous teas in China, is a kind of natural, green health care food. This tea grows in the areas of Mout Emei at the altitude from 800 to 1200 meters, such as the area around Wannian Temple and Qingyin Pavilion.

The name “Zhuyeqing” is given by Marshal Chen Yi in 1964, when he visited Mt. Emei, for the tea looks like the leaves of bamboo, glossy green in color. The flavor is fresh and sweet with a hint of brisk bouquet in the aroma, which earns world praise.

In 1990s, Zhuyeqing ( Bamboo Leaf Green ) was registered as a trademark by Zhu Ye Qing Company, and it becomes one of the largest trademarks in Chinese tea industry.

At present, there are many so-called Zhuyeqing. But only very few of them are real. The tea harvested before Qingming Festival ( Tomb Sweeping Day) is supposed to be the best, which is also called “New Tea”.

Where to eat

1. Snack Streets

Snack Streets
The Delicaty Street is located in Emei Emeishan City, South Building, next to the White Dragon.

There are two most famous streets where you can find a wide range of the popular snack and local dishes of Emei city. One is the “Delicacy Street” in the downtown, and the other is the “Emeishan Street of Famous and Special Snacks” in the Baoguo Temple Scenic Area at the foot of Mt. Emei.

2. Snack Counters in Mt.Emei

Snack Counters
A snack counter along the way from wanniansi to qingying pavalion.

Several Snack counters are opened around Wannian Temple, Qingying Pavilion area. You can buy some local snacks there and while taking a rest during your hiking tour. But the price of the food on the mountain may be higher than that of the food down the mountain.


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