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What to Eat in Qingchengshan, Dujiangyan

While visiting Dujiangyan and Qingchengshan, never miss the four special local food or the Qingchengshan old bacon. They are not only local specialties, but also present the Taoism.

Qingchengshan Old Bacon

Bacon is one of the folk food in Sichuan Provence, which usually eaten in Chinese Lunar New Year. It is usually impregnated by the salt pork after a few days and then smoked through the cypress branches and leaves dry processes. The old bacon of Qingchengshan owns an excellent reputation of all the bacon for its unique flavor and long aftertaste.

Four Specialties on Qingcheng Mountain

Four specialties are all made from the nature food that picked up from Qingcheng Mountain. Taoist always pay a lot of attention to health, the food they made is all good for health with special but delicious flavor.

Dongtian Milk Wine

Dongtian Milk Wine, or Cave Heavens Milky wine, is produced by the local Kiwi fruit, as the raw material, with unique mineral water from Qingchengshan, according to Taoist tradition of refined brewing.

Qingcheng Tribute Tea

Tea of Qingchengshan, kinds of green tea, has nearly 1,000 years of production history, with rich amino acids, tea polyphenols and trace elements. Tea from Qingchengshan used to be the tribute to Ancient Emperors.

Ginkgo Stew Chicken

It is said that, two or three hundred years ago, there was an old Taoist master who had been ill for a long time. There was also a ginkgo tree which was 500 years old on the mountain. In order to cure the old master, a Daoshi was picked up the ginkgos from the ancient tree and stewed them with a hen. After drinking the soup many times, the old master gradually recovered, so this dish, ginkgo stew chicken, becomes a famous dish in this area, because it’s good for health.

Taoist Pickles

Qingcheng Taoist pickels are the local vegetables, like cucumber, cowpea, garlic, radish, and galangal, which have been kept in a special juice for a long time. The juice is mixed with the mountain spring water, salt, pepper and some other preparation.


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