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Three Gorges-The Most Attractive Highlight of Yangtze Cruise

The Yangtze Three Gorges is a great valley with the most splendid landscape in the Yangtze River and it is one of the ten most famous scenic sites of China. Extending from White Emperor City in Fengjie County, Chongqing Municipality to Nanjin Pass in Yichang, Hubei Province, The Three Gorges consists of Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge, with a full length of 193 km.

The Yangtze Three Gorges presents a scene of boundless variety with the magnificence of Qutang Gorge, the elegance of Wu Gorge, the rapid of Xiling Gorge as well as the primitive simplicity and the mysteriousness of the Lesser Three Gorges, and Shennong Stream, which flow into the great valley. The whole landscape is picturesque everywhere, and what more, each scene is related to a wonderful fairy tale or a moving legend which will kindle your meditation on the remote past.

As one of the birthplaces of the Chinese civilizations, the gorge region has also given birth to a splendid Neolithic culture - The Daxi Culture. And the valleys were once the battlefields during the period of the Three Kingdoms, where countless heroes displayed their talent. Besides, a great many well-known historical sites such as White Emperor City, Fengdu Ghost City and Nanjin Pass, add charm to the landscape.

You are welcome to the Yangtze Gorges to enjoy the charming landscape and splendid culture as well as the colorful folkways.

Qutang Gorge
Qutang Gorge on Yangtze cruise
Wu Gorge
Wu Gorge on Yangtze Cruise
Xiling Gorge
Xiling Gorge on Yangtze Cruise
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