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Culture Fan’s Seeking - Traditional Taoism vs. Tibetan Buddhism

-- Mr. Ronald’s 14-days Long Solo Journey of China

We received an inquiry from Mr. Ronald last year. Having exchanged a few emails, I know Ron is very interested in Chinese culture, like Chinese poems and Taoism. Ron told me he would travel solo and was eager to visit both Wudangshan in Hubei Province and the EBC at Mount Everest in Tibet. So I made an itinerary of 14 days off the normal beaten path but suitable for his interests and needs, and added Chengdu as a transit city to connect Wudangshan and Lhasa with better transfer and great experience. The final and specific itinerary is as follows:

Beijing Arrival

For the long time flight, I arranged the first day in Beijing for Ron to have a rest and adapt to the local time of China.

Wudangshan - Overnight train to Chengdu

As Ron is really fond of Wudangshan, I put the visit of this holy and famous Taoist Mountain on Day 2 and Day 3 during his vacation in China. After breakfast on Day 3, our local guide accompanied Ron to visit the well-known must-see places on this mountain to enjoy its sacred and rich culture of Taoism and fancy natural sceneries, such as the Golden Palace which is the symbol of the whole Wudang Mountain and where the panorama of the mountain with mysterious mists could be appreciated. After that, as Wudangshan is also notable for its large scale of ancient Chinese constructions, our guide gave nice introduction of the Nanyan Temple and Purple Clouds Place to Ron in excellent English to let him know the typical traditional architecture in Chinese styles and their beauty and also learn more about his interested Taoism and more stories and history of this local religion in China, which I thought had really enriched the experience and highlights of his tour in China. The winding Prince Slope was also covered to know the historical story of a price studying there many years ago. And this is the photo of Ron took in front of the ancient and tranquil Purple Clouds Palace in Wudangshan Mountain during his visit there.

Visit to Wudangshan Mountain

Ronald from USA visited Wudangshan in December, Tour customized by Lyn Wang

Wudangshan in China

Wudangshan Natural View in Autumn Season

After the highlighting time in Wudangshan Mountain, the guide escorted Ron back to his hotel to have a short break, and then sent him to the railway station for the special experience of the overnight train to Chengdu.


Our local guide in Chengdu met Ron at the train station and escorted him to the hotel and left the rest time for him to discover the city on his own on the arrival day.

Since our office is located in Chengdu, I also took this opportunity to meet Ron in person. We visited Jinli Old Street to enjoy the traditional old construction of this nationally famous pedestrian street and to buy some souvenirs of Chengdu and Sichuan features. Ron thought that this street was very nice and the exciting atmosphere with many locals frequenting the area was good, furthermore, it was excellent for shopping, and goods there are excellent at reasonable prices. Besides, we had a cup of tea inside Qingyang Temple which is a famous Taoist temple in downtown Chengdu and one of the best places to savor the quiet charm of this religion. The tea house inside Qingyang Temple is also full of life flavor and local characteristics, so it’s a nice place to experience the “laid-back” life style in Chengdu.

China Tour with Chengdu

Ronald from USA visited Chengdu Jinli Old Street in December, Tour customized by Lyn Wang

China Tour with Chengdu

Ronald from USA visited Chengdu in December, Tour customized by Lyn Wang

For Ron’s deep understanding of the history of Chengdu, I arranged the world-hit Jinsha Site Museum during his day tour with Qingyang Temple, so he could enjoy the over 3000-year old precious cultural relics and a series of magical and outstanding skills and culture of people in ancient Shu Kingdom. And Ron commented Jinsha Site Museum as, “Fascinating look at ancient china and the first civilizations. Recent excavations of a 3,000 year old community well laid-out and described.” I feel really happy that he enjoyed his tour in Chengdu city.


Ron began his Tibet tour on Day 6. Our guide in Chengdu said goodbye to his in Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport and the local guide in Lhasa welcomed Ron to start his discovery in his desired land.

As Buddhism and monasteries are the highlights in Lhasa, I arranged the top not-missing places in the itinerary to ignite his experience of this holy city, such as visiting the Drepung Monastery which is the largest and one of the three greatest monasteries in the whole Tibet, watching the interesting Buddhist debate of local monks in Sera Monastery, admiring the holy and world known Potala Palace where to enjoy the full view of Lhasa city, strolling along the old Barkhor Street to see groups of Buddhist pilgrims showing their devout belief and praying in front of the Jokhang Temple

Buddhist Debate in Sera Monastery

Heated Buddhist Debating in Sera Monastery

Potala Palace

Holy Potala Palace in Lhasa City

Shigatse-EBC Group Tour

After enjoying the Buddhist temples in Lhasa, Ron started his exploration of the natural splendors and other essences along the way Lhasa, via Gyantse and Shigatze, to the Mount Everest and back from Day 9 to Day 12.

Considering the Yamdrotso Lake is so fabulous, I arranged it in the tour for Ron to feel its scenery like a shining jewelry. Also, to let Ron cover the best highlights along the way to the Everest, our local guide took him to visit the Karola Glacier that is the most accessible glacier site on the Tibetan Plateau, go to Palkor Monastery to see the typical combined building with stupa and temple, and so forth.

Yamdrotso Lake

Beautiful Yamdrotso Lake

Ron started his highlighting tour of the Mount Everest on Day10. From the Rongbu Monastery that is really tiny, the fantastic view of Mt. Everest could be best seen. I think he might have spent a night at the highest sea level in his life time ever. The on the following morning, Ron visited the EBC, his longing place, and enjoyed the beautiful sunrise and experienced standing at the foot of the highest mountain in the world.

China Tour with Mount Everest

Ronald from USA visited Mount Qumulangma Base Camp in December, Tour customized by Lyn Wang

Furthermore, I also arranged a visit to the Tashilunpo Monastery in Shigatse on Ron’s way back to Lhasa. Since it is one the Six Big Monasteries of Gelugpa in Tibet and also founded by the First Dalai Lama in 1447 with long history and significance, I thought this old Buddhist temple could give another shining spot in his visit.

Flight to Beijing & Departure

After the 8-day Lhasa Gyantse-Shigatse-Mt. Everest Group Tour, at the end of the China visit of Ron, Ron was transferred from Lhasa to Beijing for his returning flight to the USA with some hours discovering the local charm of our capital city and buying some souvenirs.

I guess he really had a good memory in China. And yes, Ron told me everything went well during the tour, and I’m very happy to receive a very positive feedback from Ron after the tour.

Ron is not only a good client, but a nice friend. He gave us many valuable suggestions regarding to our website. We also want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Ron. It’s been a pleasure to serve him and know him as a friend.

Now, Ron is planning his next visit with his family in 2018, and we will be dedicated to arrange a memorable trip to Ron and his family.


" Hi, I'm Lyn, Ronald's travel consultant. Are you interested in Ronald's 14 Days Wonderful China Culture & Religion Tour? Want to know his trip itinerary, accommodation, transportation or other arrangements? Feel free to contact me, and I will be glad to tell you more stunning stories about the places they visitied. Or, if you want to customize a tour on your own, I'm always ready to help at any time. With my passion, knowledge and understanding of the essence of travel, I promise I will try my best to make the tour memorable and meaningful for you. "

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