Things to Do in Shenzhen

Although Shenzhen is a young metroplis, it will give you a big suprise when you put your first step on this energetic city.

As a coastal city, Shenzhen is a great place for resort and vacation. It has long, soft and beautiful sand beach, such as the Dameishan and Xiaomeishan. There are not many ancient relics here, but the wise Shenzhen people have built up many modern attractions, such as the famous Window of the World, Splendid China, Happy Valley, etc. These places are suitable for all ranges of people to visit.

The locals also created their own spectacular culture, such as Dragon Dancing Show, Ethnic Arts Show, Lychee Festival, etc.

Shenzhen Travel Map

Window of the World

No.1: Window of the World

Type: Amusement/ Theme Parks, Landmarks/ Points of Interest

Recommended Lenth of visiting: 1-2 hours

It is a Miniature park which combines history relics, nature wonders and culture together. In this park, you have chance to many great world famous attractions, such as the Mahamuni Pagoda of Mandalay, Angkor Wat of Cambodia, Eiffel Tower, London Tower, Roman Colosseum, Sydney Opera House, etc.

Shenzhen Museum

No.2: Shenzhen Museum

Type: Museums

Recommended Lenth of visiting: 2-3 hours

As a comprehensive museum, it has more than 20,000 pieces of cultural relics, such as the specimens of paleobioligical fossils dated from 100 million years, ancient history and art treasures, showing 5,000 years of civilization of China and important historic materials about the development history of modern and contemporary Shenzhen.

China Folk Culture Village

No.3: China Folk Culture Village

Type: Amusement/ Theme Parks, Tours, Performances

Recommended length of visit: 2-3 hours

China Folk Culture Village is near to the west side of the Splendid China. It is the first large cultural tourism zone which combines art, folk culture and architecture of ethnic groups in China. There are 22 villages of 22 ethnic groups. All of them are built by a proportion of 1:1. There are daily performances of ethnic folk culture, handcrafts arts. During festivals, China Folk Culture Village becomes the “party world”. Here, travelers can experience the authentic ethnic culture comprehensively.

Splendid China

No.4: Splendid China

Type: Amusement/ Theme Parks

Recommended Length of Visit: 2-3 hours

“One step to learn China history, on day to visit all in China”. This is the slogan of the Splendid China. Splendid China is the largest miniature park in the world. It is located along the Shenzhen Bay, right next to the China Folk Culture Village. It is renowned as “Lilliput of Shenzhen”. It houses 82 miniature attractions of China’s great attractions on a giant map by a proportion of 1:15. These miniatures are divided into three kinds: ancient buildings, natural sites, folk culture.

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