Introduction of Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center (Hall) (上海城市规划展览馆), SUPEC in short, is a very famous National AAAA Tourist Attraction. This exhibition center opened in 2000 displays the long-term development, the overall municipal layout at present, and the following urban planning of Shanghai. You will see the amazing transformation of Shanghai that was originally a small fishing village and now surprisingly a super modern world metropolis. With the professional explanation, rich interest and artistic presentation, you can know the history of Shanghai easily and imagine the nice future of this metropolitan in 2020. Moreover, since tens of international exhibitions are frequently held in Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, it gives you a great chance to get close to diverse culture and art.

What’s more, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center has awarded the highest honor in Chinese architectural field, Luban Prize (鲁班奖) for its fancy design in traditional Chinese aesthetics and the modern harmony, which attracts many tourists. You can see a magnolia shaped design element blooming on the top, very fairy with the blue sky and the white cloud.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center Exterior Appearance of Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Display in Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

The whole Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center of 7000 square meters wide has 7 floors to show the historic change and future blue print of Shanghai as well as many excellent international exhibitions.

The Interlayer – Historical & Cultural Change Review

The Interlayer between the first floor and the second in Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is a hall to reflect the giant change of Shanghai during the past one hundred years. While interacting with the multimedia devices, watching the prosperous beauty of Yu Garden for a century, seeing the pictures telling the stories of old Shanghai and the introduction of the 12 historic protection zones in Shanghai, you will know the rich past history and culture of this modern city.

Floor 3 & 4 – Master Plan & Key Projects Vista

These two floors in Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is the highlight in your visit here for it shows the municipal progress in recent years and the vista of the future from 1999 to 2020. On the floor 3, do not miss the large model of the key area of Shanghai downtown. After that, you can see the historical course of the Pudong New Area (浦东新区) during the 1990s through the 4D animation that is the first one without the glasses domestically, and also experience the rapid pace and modern fashion of the charming Shanghai thoroughly after watching the ring-screen 3D animation presentation for near 8 minutes.

Moreover, you can go up to the 4th floor to see the professional plan in detail aspects, like the multimedia system, air harbor, water harbor, residential environment, etc. from which you can feel the lifelike scene of the very beautiful Shanghai in the future. What's fantastic is that you can experience the vivid scenes and feeling in the deepwater port exhibiting area that is decorated with blue sea and azure sky. Also, the urban tourist exhibition area provides a special photographic technique, so you can take a photo with Shanghai city without going outside. In the Residential planning Exhibiting Area, the models of historical buildings in various periods provides boundless imagination of the living environment of Shanghai people. You must agree that it is a great chance and a precious memory.

Floor 1, 2 & 5 – International Exhibitions & Sightseeing

The lobby on Floor 1 shows visitor the models of the main landmarks in Shanghai during each period, and the bright colors emphasize people with the distinct beauty of this city. Together with the second and the fifth floors, Floor 1 is abundant with visitors because of the frequently held exhibitions from more than 10 countries in the world. Strolling on these floors, you can find a great number of rare essences in artistic and cultural fields.

Besides, since the Floor 5 has a circle corridor, it is very enjoyable to appreciate the full sightseeing of the People’s Square through the glass window here.

Basement 1 – “1930 Shanghai – Style Street”

Visiting the Floor B1 at the basement, you will feel like being in the old Shanghai in 1930s. Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center takes advantage of this floor to show people the typical buildings in diverse styles from France, Britain, Japan, Spain, etc. and lanes in Shikumen. It forms the so original appearance at that period that people can find rich flavor of old Shanghai.

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Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center - Old Pictures Old Pictures of Shanghai
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center - Yu Garden Simulate Scene in Old Yu Garden
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center - Pudong New Area Large Model of the Key Area in Shanghai
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center - Shanghai Models Model of Shanghai Main Landmarks
Shanghai French Concession - 1930 Shanghai Style Street Rich Flavor of Old Shanghai on Basement 1

Recommended Route to Visit Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Classic Route

Enter the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center to see the landmark models at Floor 1 and the historical change of the past one hundred years of Shanghai on the Interlayer. Next, go to the Floor 3 to watch the downtown model and the 3D animation to know the big change and next progress to 2020. Then know more about the detail development in each field in Floor 4. Finally, go town to the basement 1 to feel the original flavor of Shanghai in 1930s. (For about 40 min)

In-depth Route

See the landmark models in the lobby in Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center and the historical change in the past 100 years. Appreciate the international exhibitions on Floor 2. Go to Floor 3 & 4 to see the development and future plan during 1999 and 2020 with advanced techniques. Appreciate the view of People’s Square on the Floor 5 and feel and antique feature of old Shanghai on Basement 1 (For about 90 min)

Fee Information & Opening Hour

Entrance Fee: RMB 30/person (stop selling after 16:00)

Opening Hour: 9:00-17:00 (Closed on Mondays; National holidays excluded)

Services in Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Audio guide

Language: Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish.


RMB 200/time (Chinese & English)


Cloak-room, Wheelchairs, baby carriages, barrier-free way, and so on.

How to Get to Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is in the downtown area, very near to the People’s Square and Shanghai Museum, so you can choose different vehicles to get there easily.

By metro

Take Metro Line 1 or 2 or 8 to get off at People’s Square (人民广场站) stop and go out from the Exit 2.

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Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center Map Click to Enlarge Location Map of Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Warm Tips to Visit Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

1. There are some interactive devices in SUPEC, and you can answer questions about the center and Shanghai in English with the devices to both learn more about this city and take a break on the chair.

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