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Dear Echo and the back up team,

Now that Cathy and I have returned home we appreciate even more the wonderful holiday adventure we had in China.

To begin, I must say that this trip to celebrate my 70th birthday has been a revelation and a delight for us both. We could have availed of the services of a well-established travel company in Ireland but we wished to have a bespoke different itinerary to suit us and to be independent of a group for a change. Cathy contacted a few tour groups on line operating in China to discuss our plans, options and costs. We were most impressed with our interaction with you Echo and we appreciated your honest and efficient communications.

Of course we were cautious and concerned when it came to sending payment in advance to a company so far away but we were reassured by some reviews we read on line about China discovery. Your help, information and regular contact made it easy for us to take the steps necessary to progress our plan.

Then we waited to see how the arrangements would come to a reality, wondering if we had made a good choice in your company. Our blind faith and confidence was rewarded with a perfect, smooth and easy series of pick-ups, transfers, accommodation, eating experiences and personal attention from your delightful team of tour guides who were most professional in their dealings with us , in their knowledge and communication and especially in their extra care of us.

The advantage we found in having a guide to ourselves was the attention we received which allowed us to develop a friendly personal rapport with our lovely guides.

Our first Guide and driver arrived on time at the hotel and delivered us to the train station, purchased our tickets and waited with us until we were on the train. This was over a very short period and we were impressed with her service and care to us. Next we were picked up by our guide Jill in Hangzhou. The weather was dull and wet but Jill made it a wonderful experience for us and her good spirits and friendly disposition was a pleasure for us. Jill ensured that we had a good restaurant and explained the menu to us. The choice was excellent and she gave us her phone number in case we had any issues. We appreciated Jills care and attention to all details of the tour and the train travel arrangements to Huangshan. We commend her highly.

We arrived into the safe hands of John who was with us for the next few days. He is a dedicated and enthusiastic guide who gave us so much information on so many aspects of Chinese life and culture. Yellow Mountain is like a fairytale and mystic extraordinary place. We would recommend the other hotel, for future reference, to make the long evening and dining experience enjoyable. John was very thoughtful and caring of our dining needs and ensured that we were so well cared for after our days touring. John is a real professional who understands the needs of his clients. We commend him highly also.

Johnny was our next guide who met us at the airport in Xian. We enjoyed the tour and the excellent lunches all aspects of the tour arrangements were met professionally. This may be outside the brief of the tour guide but having appreciated the extra service of Jill and John previously , our recommendation is for the guide to ensure that the clients have a choice of evening meals as this remains an area of bewilderment for those not familiar with the Chinese cuisine. I suggest a choice of local restaurants with an explanation of the menu, or discussion with the guide as to a good recommendation.

We really enjoyed the cycle around the magnificent wall and we thank Johnny for hiring the bikes for us.

Lisa was the next to meet us with her driver of the impeccable salon car. Lisa was exceptional in her warm good humoured personality. Her supreme professionalism and friendly disposition made the tour so interesting and enjoyable. Furthermore she sent us items in the post after our liquour and fruit knife were confiscated at the station. We cannot praise her enough to thank her for her genuine care of us. We commend her most highly.

All aspects and locations of the tour you arranged for us were most enjoyable and we would certainly avail of the services of Chinadiscovery again without hesitation.

We commend you highly and can recommend you to anyone wishing to have the same positive outcome and holiday we had in your great care.

When I get time to pick out a few photographs, I will send them to you.

Best wishes to you and your team. Please feel free to inform your guides of our great appreciation of their professional service and personal attention to us.

Best regards,

Cyril and Cathy

Cyril and Cathy‚ ‚ Mar. 24, 2018

Dear Vivien,

Hello again!

We thoroughly enjoyed our Yunnan trip. The China Yunnan landscape is spectacular – the Stone Forest in Kunming, the paddy fields in YuanYang, Potasa National Park in ShangriLa and the Ancient Cities of Dali and Lijiang. The guides were all informative and well versed in the history of each city, giving us an insightful account of the way people used to live and trade, folklores from the beginning of time in those places, economic development in history with the formation of the ancient silkroad via the caravan and sea routes.  We also enjoyed the dynamic Yunnan performance in Kunming which artfully encapsulated the beauty and colours of the various tribes in Yunnan. The peacock dance was really the epitome of Yunnan elegance and grace.

Yuanyang’s paddy fields is really the most naturally gorgeous landscape and we enjoyed the 5km walking trail along the paddy fields. The only challenging part is the toilet for ladies and that took bit of getting used to (for my wife) while we were there few days.

We also had some amazing experience in the Dali village. The tour guide arranged for us to enjoy a typical home cooked lunch in one of the houses in the village. It was an honest and down to earth experience as we indulge in the serenity of the village life, enjoying the simple yet delicious food. There is a lovely traditional three tea ceremony at the end of the meal.

We felt top of the world at ShangriLa at 3,600 metres above sea level. Though we took a night to climatized, our 3.3km walking trail the next day at the Potasa National Park was refreshing in the snow. Our guide was warm in hospitality and took us to a very lovely restaurant in the ancient city. There, we had the best hotpot we had in China – far exceeding the hotpot back in the Shangri-La hotel where we were staying in. We really enjoyed the food and hospitality of our Tibetan guide, Mr Padma.

Last but not least, Lijiang is very beautiful and most relaxing for us. The Intercontinental hotel is strategically next to the ancient city and we enjoyed walking on our own in the evening, soaking up the shopping and pub culture in the vibrant city. We highly recommend this itinerary to anyone who is looking for a great holiday in China.

Best regards,


Pang‚ ‚ Mar. 23, 2018

Hi, Mr. Wonder

The first trip to Chengdu was nice and unforgettable. Xie xie for the Chinese New Year gift for us. We bought some panda goods, which remind us the wonderful trip to Chengdu.

1)Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

-> Yes, your response was always prompt and fast. It is the most important factor for travel agencies as travelers always compare several tours.

2)How’s the service of the tour guides during your whole tour?

-> Mr. Guo speaks very fluent English and has wide and broad knowledge regarding the sights we visited. Moreover he was very flexible and because of him, we could avoid terrible crowd of E Mei Shan.  

3)Would you like to recommend our company?

-> Yes, I want to recommend those who understand English.



Eimi‚ ‚ Mar. 25, 2018

Hi Rita!

Thank You! Yes I had a wonderfull day yesterday. Thank You for Your help and I would like to give big thanks to my Guide and Driver yesterday. We were very lucky because it was the first sunny days so the tea harvest already begin so I could sort of join them :). And my guide's knowledge was very wide so there was nothing He could not answer. I can not send You now any photos, because they were taken by camera and not phone, so I need to get home first. Then I will try to send you some pictures.

Thank You again for the wonderfull trip!


Eszter ‚ ‚ Mar. 23, 2018

Hi Ms. Echo,

Greetings from Malacca, Malaysia.

Sorry for the late reply.

Was busy with my mails and errands after returning from Chengdu.

Yes the trip was generally satisfying.... other than the 1day stopover in Chonqching. Because it is a big city with sky scapers everywhere, it is more suited for business travel.

Quilin is a beautiful place and the short cruise was pleasant.

Chengdu is a modern n hype-city and the hotel that we stayed was just great in terms of location n shopping-convenience.

Yes, I will definitely tell my friends about China Discovery company and their efficient services.

And I will use your company again for future China trips.

Thank you Echo for your patience n services.


Janie Yap

Janie‚ ‚ Mar. 23, 2018

Hello Johnson,

1. I've replied below. We have many pictures, and I'll share some with you once I've had an opportunity to go through them all.

Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

Yes, we had no problems in scheduling things.  Response time was very good. We were late in planning this, so it was good to get emails back within a few hours when we were arranging things.

2. How do you comment your tour arrangements

Everything was great.  We saw all of the things we were interested in, and our guides were very informative.  It's also nice to have quick access to the locations by being able to bypass the lines and also to have the driver drop off and pick up nearby.

Our only problem was that we were looking forward to visiting the urban planning museum in Shanghai, but it was closed. We actually were dropped off there before our guide, Melon, realized it was not available to us. I realize this was not her fault, and I felt bad for her, as I could tell she was embarrassed by this.  Other than that, we had no issues and everything was great.  We enjoyed spending time with all of our guides, and the driver was very efficient and we felt safe.

3. Are you willing to recommend our service to your people who also have an interest to visit China?


4. Your general opinion on us?

Would definitely use again. Price was a little high, but the service was great. The guides were all very friendly, spoke English well, and were very informative about things. 

5. Do you have any suggestions on improving our services?

Make sure that the locations we are going to are available.  All were, with the exception of the museum as mentioned above.

6. Can we use your comments of our service, the photos or other images that you took on the tour for our websites, brochures, marketing and publicity? If yes, could you please send us some of your photos by E-mail?

I will, but only if you allow me to review first.  I will send photos as well.


Kirk‚ ‚ Mar. 21, 2018

Hi Wonder,

I'm great, how are you? The cruise was fantastic, thank you for helping me book it! Here is my feedback and you are more than welcome to use it on the website. Unfortunately the only photos I have are with people I met on the cruise and they asked me never to post them online on Facebook or any other site, I hope you understand.

1) Travel consultant was wonderful - so kind and patient and answered all of my questions in a friendly and helpful manner. A truly pleasurable experience: I rarely experience such excellent customer service.

2) Cruise staff were also great. Always polite and attentive and even those who did not understand English did their best to help me with whatever I needed. Everyone was very efficient and accomplished at their jobs.

3) I would 100% recommend this company.

Thanks again, Wonder, I hope you are having a great day.

Best wishes,


Emma‚ ‚ Mar. 21, 2018

Hi Jack,

This morning we are leaving China and heading to Hong Kong for the last leg of our fantastic holiday in China.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you, China Discovery and all the wonderful guides and drivers who helped us make our trip so memorable.

The guides were delightful, and we are very grateful for the invaluable information they provided us, as well as ensuring we had all our needs met at all times.  The drivers were courteous and kept us safe and on time.

So thanks again, hopefully we will be able to use your company again if we ever return to China.

Kind regards!


Deb‚ ‚ Mar. 20, 2018

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